Computer Duster Abuse and Withdrawal Symptoms

Computer Duster Abuse and Withdrawal Symptoms

Computer duster, also known as "canned air" is a product that is used to clean air out of delicate computer parts. It is also commonly abused as an inhalant drug, especially by teenagers and adolescents who will do anything to get high regardless of the consequences. Inhalants make up a broad range of different drugs featuring volatile vapors that are inhaled in through the nose and the trachea.

Inhalants are drugs that are taken in via volatilization rather than through inhaling following heating or burning. As an example, toluene and amyl nitrite are considered to be inhalant drugs but marijuana, tobacco and crack are not considered to be inhalant drugs.

Inhalants come in many different forms. There are inhalants that are used for medical purposes such as nitrous oxide, there are illicit inhalant drugs such as ketones and nitrites, and there are regular everyday household items that can be huffed or inhaled, such as computer duster for example.

What is Huffing All About?

Huffing is all about breathing in a substance that you believe will get you high. People can huff a wide variety of different substances. While substances like paint and paint thinner are most commonly considered when it comes to huffing, canned air or computer duster is another harmful substance that teens and adults alike are huffing in order to achieve a high. When someone is desperate to achieve a high by any means necessary, they will resort to any tactics that they can find. If you have a can of air or computer duster in your home, then there is always going to be a chance that someone in your home will use it improperly, possibly with deadly ramifications.

Most people incorrectly believe that "canned air" is exactly what it claims to be: a can of compressed air. Unfortunately, what people are not aware of is the fact that computer duster products contain a chemical propellant, a refrigerant product. When you inhale this chemical, it fills up your lungs and pushes out all of the good oxygen which is why you get a buzzed, dizzy and light headed feeling. When you huff canned air, it decreases the amount of oxygen that can get to your brain and your heart, so not only can this addictive substance seriously harm you, but it can actually kill you as well.

Computer Duster Abuse

"Dust off" products are most commonly abused by adolescents and teens. The reason for this is because teens who are looking to abuse substances are going to try to get their hands on anything they can in order to achieve a high. Because you can buy a can of compressed air from a variety of different types of stores without requiring identification in most circumstances, an under aged child can easily buy a can for their computer, then "huff" it when nobody is looking at home. A can of compressed air is going to look completely normal on a shelf or desk, and very few people would see it and immediately think "my teen is abusing Computer Duster".

One of the leading manufacturers of these products, Falcon, who is responsible for "Dust Off," is crusading against inhalant abuse by posting information on their website about the severity of using this product improperly. Inhalant abuse is an illegal process, and it is capable of causing serious injury as well as being fatal when the product is used improperly.

Getting Help for Inhalant Abuse

If you are abusing any substance, legal or illicit, you need to find the right type of help in order to deal with the problem. There are drug rehab facilities in your local area that are designed to treat huffing. While a huffing substance abuse problem is not the same as an addiction to a substance like heroin or cocaine, this type of action can still become addictive over time and can cause serious long term harm to your body and your brain.

The right drug rehab facility in your local area is going to provide a two-fold recovery process. The first step is detox, which will help you remove the drug from your system. The second step is rehabilitation, which involves changing your thinking about drugs and helping you develop a healthy, sober lifestyle. This two-fold approach to recovery is going to make all the difference in helping you to overcome your substance abuse problem involving computer duster products. You can start getting the help that you need as soon as you find a rehab facility that meets your needs.

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  1. Addict

    Nice informative blog, thanks for sharing.

  2. Addict

    My bf just died at age 34 after huffing. Apparently they found 22 cans in the car. Please don't get hooked on this!

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