Dilaudid Addiction - Hydromorphone Abuse

Dilaudid Addiction - Hydromorphone Abuse

Hydromorphone a Potent Analgesic Drug

Hydromorphone (hydrochloride) is a narcotic chemical that's used to treat moderate to severe pain. This narcotic is derived from morphine and works on the central nervous system to decrease pain but can be extremely addictive. The marketed brand name for Hydromorphone is Dilaudid which also goes by; dust, juice, dillies, smack, D, and footballs by those that abuse this painkiller.

There are many different types of prescription pain medications on the market and each of them are produced and manufactured to treat specific types of pain. Hydromorphone (Dilaudid) is used if the patient requires an opioid analgesic. An analgesic simply means anesthetic which decreases and takes away pain. It's important to understand that prescription painkillers are very dangerous to abuse so never take more than is prescribed to you, never share prescription pain medications, never mix pain relievers, and never mix them with alcohol or other narcotics and drugs.

In 2007 it was noted that prescriptions for products that contained Hydromorphone had increased by 228% from 1998 to 2006. Hydromorphone abuse continues to grow throughout the United States. Because Hydromorphone is potent and addictive a Dilaudid user can build tolerance to the drug in a short period of time especially when abusing this narcotic drug.

Many people abuse Hydromorphone, Dilaudid and other pain medications because they calm down anxiety; they relax the individual and produce euphoria. When prescription pain medications are abused in large doses the effects above are heightened and they also experience respiratory depression and sedation. Individuals who want to experience euphoria and high's abuse pain pills as well as other narcotics and substances just for the 'experience' and no other reason. Eventually dependency is inevitable if they're a chronic user.

Some of the ways Hydromorphone pain medications are available for abuse include:

  1. Forged prescriptions
  2. Many people go from one doctor to another for multiple prescriptions for Hydromorphone drugs such as Dilaudid. Many people abuse the prescription pain pills themselves and others sell them on the streets or to family and friends.
  3. Dishonest pharmacists and physicians have been known many times to write out unlawful prescriptions contributing to the diversion of Hydromorphone pain medications.
  4. Armed robberies which include breaking into homes, pharmacies and doctors' offices to obtain Dilaudid and other Hydromorphone products.
  5. Nursing home break-ins
  6. Most anything can be found shopping on the internet from fraudulent pharmacies.

Dilaudid and Hydromorphone Dependency

Since pain pills like Dilaudid are powerful, potent and addictive a person using or abusing Hydromorphone products will build up a tolerance to the pain killers in a short amount of time especially if they're being abused. Because of the high potential for abuse and dependence Dilaudid and other Hydromorphone narcotic drugs are classified as Schedule II controlled substances.

Mixing Pain Killers With Alcohol

It is very dangerous to either combine Dilaudid and other Hydromorphone drugs with alcohol or any other toxic and dangerous drug. Many people mix pain killers with alcohol which not only increases the risk of respiratory failure but can also lead to heart failure and death.

Even if a person is taking prescription painkillers from their doctor they should never mix them with any other drug or alcohol without consulting their physician first. Many people taking pain pills legitimately become dependent and innocently form addictions to their pain medications. As hard as it is, discuss this with your physician because the risks involved when self-medicating are just not worth it.


Serious Dilaudid Side Effects

  1. Light headedness and vomiting
  2. Cardiac arrest
  3. Depression of the circulatory system
  4. Shock
  5. Respiratory depression and difficulty breathing

Hydromorphone Acute Overdose Symptoms

An overdose of Hydromorphone should be taken very seriously. The symptoms of an overdose to Hydromorphone include:

  1. Their skin may be cold and clammy.
  2. Possible coma
  3. Possible confusion, dizziness weakness, and drowsy
  4. Unconsciousness
  5. Decreased blood pressure
  6. Weakened pulse
  7. Lips and fingernails are blue in color due to respiratory and breathing problems. Breathing is labored, shallow and possibly breathing stops.
  8. Acute and severe overdoses of Hydromorphone can result in death.

Hydromorphone Addiction Treatment

Chronic abuse of pain pills is very serious and requires medical attention for many people who are trying to overcome their addiction to pain killers. If you are a chronic user of Hydromorphone products, Dilaudid or any other pain medication you need to seek professional help, never stop taking pain pills all at once if you are a chronic user. Many times medically assisted detoxification is necessary due to the serious and severe symptoms prescription pain pill dependency can cause.

Behavioral Therapy is necessary for most people when attempting to overcome this serious dependency. Drug addiction counseling and therapy are excellent tools and will help you get through this difficult time, this form of treatment will also help prevent relapse while working toward recovery.

It doesn't matter why a person became addicted and dependent on Prescription Pain Pills, if this addiction goes untreated it will only get worse. Many people not only abuse prescription drugs when they're dependent, they eventually combine alcohol or other drugs to dull their emotional and physical pain. This is devastating not only to the prescription drug abuser but to their loved ones and friends as well.

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