Drug Addiction and Pregnancy

Drug Addiction and Pregnancy

When a woman is struggling with drug addiction during pregnancy, that drug used affects more than just her it affects her fetus as well. The drugs can also have devastating effects on the child when he or she is born. Drug addiction and pregnancy should be treated as a very serious issue.

A mother taking illegal drugs during pregnancy increases her risk for the following:

  • Anemia
  • Blood and heart infections
  • Skin infections
  • Hepatitis
  • Other infectious diseases

She also is at greater risk for sexually transmitted diseases.

Most drugs cross the placenta the organ that provides nourishment to the baby. Some can cause direct toxic, or poisonous effets and create a child who is born with a drug addiction. During pregnancy, a woman needs to take active steps to combat her drug addiction, if not for herself, but for the good of her unborn child. While most drugs don’t necessarily cause deformities, what they can do is stunt the growth of the child leading to low birth weight and having a baby born already addicted to drugs.

Once that child takes his or her first breath, they begin the painful process of withdrawing from drugs. This puts stress on the baby’s organs and provides for a very unhappy life. As much pain as an adult goes through during withdrawal, the pain is compounded for a helpless child. A urine lab test performed on a woman during her pregnancy called a chromatography can detect the presence of many drugs including marijuana and cocaine.

Marijuana use during pregnancy is linked to behavioral problems in the child and cocaine can bring on premature delivery and even stillbirth. Drug addiction is a very complex mental condition as well a physical one. During pregnancy, it becomes a serious health risk both for the mother and the baby. After birth, you may find yourself having troubles coping with the stress of a newborn. You may have difficulty dealing with your baby’s needs such as feeding and diapering.

So what can you do if you are dealing with drug addiction during pregnancy?

This can be problematic, especially if the child is not planned.  The best thing you can do is consult with a physician on the best way to stop using drugs immediately. Sure, this will cause severe physical symptoms, but those generally subside within a few weeks. Get yourself into some type of addiction treatment program and get addiction counseling. A pregnancy is exciting, but when you are struggling with drug addiction, it can be painful. You owe it to yourself and you owe it to your child to beat your drug addiction and have a healthy pregnancy.

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    We have an expert with our organization/website that deals with opiates and pregnancy. She is awesome! If you need some help/info/support.....please stop by and check it out! There's also a wonderful support forum as well. smooooooch.......Carol


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      For the last month I stayed clean from heroin completely and I gave birth at 36 weeks. They tested me and my baby's urine and we were both clean but his meconium was positive for opiates. Social services were already involved because I was on methadone so they called the clinic I was at and found out about my 2 dirty drops. My son was beautiful and perfectly healthy besides the withdrawals which started around day 2. He was put in the NICU unit and I was there all day every day. Social services stressed out so much because I knew they were going to take my baby. It didn't matter that I was clean a month before he was born and the whole time after that. But because of those two times I used when pregnant they said I had to sign over guardianship to my mom and me and my boyfriend have to move out tomorrow because we can't live with our own baby! We go to court tomorrow and my baby comes home tomorrow from the hospital as well. I'm glad that he gets to at least come home to our house because otherwise he would go to foster care. I have never been so upset, sad and depressed in my life. I don't want my son to grow up not knowing his own parents or liking my mom more. I hate even thinking that she will be the one doing everything for him and we only get to visit him for an hour each day. It's such bullshit. This is the worst thing that could ever happen.

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        its not like once the women finds out shes pregnant she decides to start using drugs to hurt her unborn child! The women are already addicted and once your addicted and you have an unplanned pregnancy most doctors would agree that in comparison the results could be much more damaging and sever if the mother gets thrown in jail and forced to quits cold turkey, sending herself and fetus into full withdrawal. Doing so, depending on where you are at in the trimester can instantly cause dealth/ stillborn or cause premature labor, often resulting in death or miscarriage. Where as if the mothers are forced to receive treatment and be monitored than can be prevented. it is truly hard to think once born the baby may suffer withdrawal, however at least if they do so out of the womb, they cn get the proper medical attention and monitoring they need. it is still your baby of course you should be able to take it home. they should obviously make the mom or parents to seek help with addiction and have someone come in such as a case worker to monitor the environment and make sure everything is okay but I also know about this first hand unfortunitly.i was addicted to methadone and my baby had to be monitored and stay in hospital for 5 days after but fortunately they saw I was getting help and that I was a great mom and they left us alone. I hope everything worked out for u n the end hun. very difficult situation.

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    This is a very informative blog post. Unfortunately, an addict will not just stop using because they are educated. Many women use through out their whole pregnancy. Most addicts find it hard to believe that they could go one day without a fix. An addicted in active addiction will give up everything they love for that next fix or high. I know I did. No matter how much I wanted to stop I just couldn't. To normal people this sounds crazy. I believe that it is important for addicts to be understood. We can recovery together and learn from each others experience, strength and hope. We are not alone.


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    My sister is 18 and we think she is pregnant she is addictied to pain killers is there anything I can do to get her help

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      Yes there is an option but I'm not sure how it works if you are still addicted to pain killers. I was addicted 5 yrs ago to Vicodin really bad but now am clean about 5 yrs and have a 4 month old. I've been on suboxone for the last 4-5 yrs and while pregnant they put me on subutex. My son came out perfectly healthy and I had a good pregnancy too even though I was worried to death the entire time. When u first detox though they put you on many drugs so I'm not sure how it works while pregnant but let her know she can get help. I was so thankful for my help and never ever will go hack down the road of addiction

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      I used and made meth for years. I also only had my female issues 2-3 times a year. I was in the middle of making a batch of dope and felt something fluttering in my stomach. I stopped what i was doing and wouldn't do anymore dope all night. The next day i took off to the hospital and the pregnancy test was positive. then i found out i was 5 and a half mo. my heart just sank. I didn't tell the Dr. about the cooking, but i did tell them " you got to check me out because I have been doing A LOT of dope. I quit cold turkey and was rushed to Iowa City several days later because of the withdraw being so bad and because I was pregnant. My Jakobb is 8 years old now. One of the smartest kids in his class, and very loving, but he has uncontrollable anger issues and has had to be on ADD meds long before most kids, i think he was 3. He still has some issues that he can't control like making noises and just other weird little things.He has been kicked out of 1 school already, the teachers felt bad, and so did he. He was crying to them "I just can't control it." off meds he can't sit still for even 2 seconds. You can't imagine the severity of it. somersaults, just really bad. I love him he's so smart, but can't help thinking I ruined this little boys life. Some say I saved him by quitting when i did, but i should never have been in that place in my life at all. I guess my point is it's never too late to quite when your pregnant. Don't give up on yourself because your quitting on 2 people. And I am a better person today because I did!

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        I am currently going through what you went through. I do not have regular cycles. I felt something move in my stomach and freaked me out so I went to the ER and they say I'm 5 months. Oh my gosh I've been shooting meth on and off the whole time. I'm so scared I've hurt my baby. I'm also terrified they are going to test my baby when he's born. I have quit cold turkey with no problem. But I'm scared the damage is done and what if I tell a doctor and they take him. Should I just not tell and pray they don't take him. I won't be doing drugs but now what do I do I can't stop thinking and, worrying. I've, been reading on what things, I should be expecting in each week. Is it possible I'm further along than they assume I am by the measurements from the sono they did in the WE? I wanted to thank you for sharing story.

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          I was wondering if you've had your baby yet and if he/she's okay? Please help! My situation is identical to yours and I'm scared they're going to take my son when he comes. Any feedback is greatly appreciated.

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    My name is jamie and i'm addicted to methadonme and vicodon. Ineed help fast i cant take it anymoe, om in so much pain that i cant stand it no more do you know what i mean please help me!!!!!!!!!

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      Jamie Lane...email me right now!!! This is Bryon from Jonesboro!!!!

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        I am 22 years old and 14 weeks pregnant. I have been addicted to opiates and was on a drug called suboxone. With this miracle drug I have been happily sober for two years and this drug has given me my life back and I was even able to stop medications I have been taking for depression and anxiety since I was a child. I found out I was pregnant and my doctor put me something called subutex which is basically the same thing without the opiate blocker. He told me that withdraws could hurt the baby and even lead to miscarriage. I really wanted to be off of everything right now and i may try to tapper down over time but my main concern is that no one knows anything about it including my ob/gyn and that I am the first patient with this stuff. I would like to know what I really need to be concerned with like withdraws for my baby and breast feeding. I just want the best for my child. any suggestions?

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          It is important to let your obgyn know because there are certain hospitals equipped to handle higher risk pregnancies. I am in recovery for heroin and know many women in your situation who have had healthy, full term babies. They always have to get on a program such as suboxen/subutex or methadone as the withdrawal can cause a miscarriage. Also most doctors experienced with such pregnancies will actually increase an expectant mothers dose as they often experience some withdrawals as their baby grows. Although the situation is not ideal it is far from a rare occurrence so their are many people in the health field that can help you deliver a full term healthy baby-they can't help without knowing. If you are worried about cps, as most women are, they might ask you some questions in the hospital but if you are truly relying on suboxone only they will be no more than a small nuisance in the very beginning. If you don't tell you obgyn you will not be medicated properly yourself while you are in the hospital and then you will risk the chance at relapse which will be the worst of all possible situations. Plus your baby might experience minor withdrawals and will need to be monitored. Most often the babies are released in 3 days but occasionally they might need 2 extra days of monitoring. You need to do what is best for you and your baby. If you are uncomfortable with your particular obgyn knowing ask the doctor you go to for suboxone to recommend an obgyn who is familiar with the special circumstances you find yourself in. Best of luck to you and your little one. Remember no one can take your baby from you if you do the proper things now. Also there are sites on breast feeding that deal with these issues. In particular I have read about methadone(as that is what saved my life) and I was surprised to find that the recommendation is to breast feed even when you take methadone. According to this site and other professional opinions the benefits of breast feeding far out weigh the negatives of not, even when methadone is involved. As far as suboxen I would discuss this with your doctor or try and find a doctor who knows of this issue. Best!

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            Can you or anyone else who is reading this, tell me what happens to the fetus if its the father who is on methadone or suboxone? is there any real harm done to the baby? i really hope there is someone out there that can truthfully answer and educate me as well.

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              I don't know anything for certain, but I would assume that there could be some effects, as the child will also be getting their genes. I would definitely ask a doctor/counselor about that though...
              I don't know anything for certain but this is what a friend of mine heard in a radio show:
              While a woman was pregnant, she continued having sex with her partner (which is OK to do, not the problem here) who was using marijuana. This would chemically mix with the semen, be absorbed by the mother and consequently, the fetus. When the baby was born, the doctors thought that the mother had been using cocaine because the baby was going through withdrawal though it turned out to be the marijuana. Even though the mother wasn't the one using, it still effected the child.
              The thing to keep in mind is that what goes into the mother's body is also going into the babies body, so it is important to be aware of what she is consuming.

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                Yes she should keep in mind that what a mother consumes the baby consumes but to say that the baby got weed in his system because the mother had sex with the father who was smoking weed and it traveled through his sperm into the mother into the baby...HAHAHA I don't think so. I work in the medical field as a Midwife and I have NEVER heard such a thing...

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              Unfortunately my last pregnancy was with my husband who was all pulled out on all sorts of pain killers and I had no clue he was doing it when I got pregnant. I don't do drugs and kept myself healthy and my beautiful baby girl was born @ 40 weeks and 2 days and was 8½ lbs and 21" long. No defects no issues. Perfectly healthy, smart and beautiful. She's days away from her first birthday and is doing amazingly well! There may b a slight possibility of issues in that situation, but as long as u take care of yourself the baby should be fine! Hope this helps and good luck!!!

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            So say if you were in your 19th week and you take one 30mg roxy a day, since it is not a high dosage could I just quit cold turkey? I'm scarred deathless of telling my doctor that I have had this problem. Reason being I have been told a few different stories. One being that I would have cps on me and my baby would be taken temporarily. However I have also been told that if I was to go in and be honest with my doctor and let them know what is going on and let them be aware that I have a problem and I'm needing help, and I do all that I am supposed to would they take my baby from me??

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          I was pregnant twice and on the subutex program and my first son was born with immature lungs and in the hospital for almost a month and then a year later I got pregnant with my little girl and she was the joy of my life because I had my tubes tied so I knew she would be my last I got my self down to a quarter of a subutex a day and she thank the Lord was born healthy and didn't have to have any meds for withdrawal but at 4 months old she died of SIDS and I wouldn't have linked the two together except my sister a year before my little girl was born had a little boy who did go through withdrawals and was in the hospital about 2 weeks and when he came home he died of undetermined causes and I'm starting to wonder how many more babies are passing away from mothers being on this program.I know this is not been studied as well as other programs and it's better if the mother is taking nothing but the reality is lots of mothers do and we need to give them a SAFE alternative for them and their children and if I had known this I would have either went for another program or the two week detox and got myself off subutex in the early stage of pregnancy because how I found my baby no mother should have to go through that, now my goal is to get sober from suboxone and stay that way and have my tubes untied but I am checking into this subutex related deaths among infants that are just wrote up to SIDS or undetermined because if this is whats causing those deaths then no one should be given it during pregnancy.

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            I will be 34 weeks pregnant this Saturday. I am on 24mg of subutex daily for scoliosis; chronic back pain acquired after a car accident 15 years ago. It took my husband and I 8 years to get pregnant. I see a OBGYN, Maternal Fetal Medicine and Pain management doctor regularly. They are all happy with the pain control I am receiving, the baby's development and do not want to make any changes to the amt of subutex I am currently on. After reading your story I am terrified that something is going to happen to my baby. I saw my Pain management MD yesterday whom said that breastfeeding would be OK as well. She said that the baby would only receive small doses of the medication, via breastfeeding, and that this may help him with any withdrawals he may experience; also that as he weans off the breast milk, he will wean off the drug. There are so many articles to read- can you suggest any other articles/stories of this happening with any other babies? I am so very sorry that this happened to you and your sister. Good luck with your sobriety.

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              By now you have had your baby. What was your & baby outcome?

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          hi my names heather and am an addict. i am 28 years old and have 3 kids i was addicted to heroin and found out i was pregnant was using while trying to get into see a doctor there were so many waiting list it took a while i finally got on it but i had lost the baby. very devastating. then i found out i was pregnant again 2 months later so i switched from suboxen to subutex my doctor did tell me the warnings but he also told me that there is less withdrawal with subutex the mathidon any ways i took subutex through my whole pregnancy. they did keep me in the hospital a little longer then normal just to monitor the baby but she was fine mild to no with drawls. and now she is 1 1/2 and the smartest little girl ever. hope this helps

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          Just to add a little information. Subutex still has the opiate blocker which is the bupenorphine. What it does not have is the Naloxone which blocks the euphoria of getting high off the bupenorphine.Naloxone doesn't allow you to take more and feel more of a buzz from it. Also you can not shoot up Suboxone because of the Naloxone. The Subutex does block the euphoria of the opiates and you can take a million of them and not feel anything. however if you take too much of the subutex or shoot it up you can get high off of it. I have been on Subutex for a year now and read up on it and also talked to my addictionologist about the differences. I don't shoot this medicine up or take it inappropriately cause in all understanding most insurance wont pay for the medicine and its 8 dollars a pill for the generic version. if i wanted to continue to get high i would have stuck with the Vicodin but just pointing out that your post on Subutex is incorrect.Sorry

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        I took one hit of spice and I'm eight months pregnant. They are going to take my daughter after I give birth and no I am not addicted to it. I was just being pressured by 12 of my friends. Please answer this I'm so afraid I'm going to lose my daughter.

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    I'm sad to read that some of you have an addiction but i wanted to let you all know that admitting is the first step, so your on the right path. My mother did crack for more then ten years and with the help of the ten step program and prayers she's finally been clean for two years. So if God can turn my mother around, and trust me she was out there in those streets bad. Then it is never to late for any of you. Just remember to get in a program and keep god first and he will make a way for you, you are in my prayers and may God Bless you.

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    A variety of scientifically based approaches to drug addiction treatment exist. Drug addiction treatment can include behavioral therapy (such as counseling, cognitive therapy, or psychotherapy), medications, or their combination.

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    my names Sara and im 20 years old. Ive been addicted to heroin for a little over a year. I just found out that im pregnant and the last time I used was today BEFORE i found out. Im probably only a 5 weeks or less along and have no intentions on continuing to use. I am however extremely worried that ive already damaged the fetus. Since im not so far along do I have a good chance for a healthy pregnancy and baby? please someone respond. I am desperate for some help!!

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      I am in the same boat as sara but i have continued to use. I am only using a small amount and not every day, i haven\'t decided weather or not if im keeping the baby but i want to know what the percentage of risk is if i decided to keep the baby, that is if i stopped using the drug right away, I am just over 6 weeks.

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      Sara, my name is Ashli and I have a beautiful 6 month old as of Nov. 20. I got addicted to heroin in June of 09 and my husband and I of 7 years since we were 17 found out that we were pregnant for the first time ever.
      I was 3 months along and had been using. The doctor said go to treatment because if you detox on the street it will send her into seizures and convulsions.
      so me being an addict I took that as O MY I HAVE TO DO HEROIN TO KEEP HER AND I SAFE. I did heroin through my whole pregnancy. I gave birth May 20 2010 to a completely 100% 4lb 15 oz baby girl.

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        I never did drugs but all my friends did i have a girlfriend who was addicted to herion and almost lost her life.She gave up everything her kids her job her life if you intend on keeping this child please just stop now using a little or alot still hurts the fetus i was in nursing for 20 years so you can use my advice or choose not hopefully you just get help if not for your baby do it for yourself..

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        Since you pee every doctor appointment did they not bring up heroin or opiates in your system during pregnancy? I was on opiates during my pregnancy and I know it has been in my pee but I've been clean during this last trimester so I was wondering if they still take the baby from something that was in your system BEFORE even if it's not now..

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        Hi ashli , my name is also ashley. i am 20 years old and have been addicted to heroin for almost a year now, i am currently 7 months pregnant and been using small amount of heroin everyday. i am worried sick because i know my obgyn has dirty urine from me , and i know cps will be involved..luckily i have my parents who can take custody of my daughter god forbid... i am in the same boat as u were, all my friends been telling me if i stop using my kid will miscarry etc. so i've continued to do it ... i was clean for amonth and a half wen i was 3 months pregnant, but now have been using for 4 months straight . i am trying to get on a subutex or methadone clinic, but my bf insists on me just stopping NOW he says the sooner i stop the sooner its out of the babys system and cps shouldnt be involved.... i dont know what to do, im lost for words. i quit the needle when i found out i was pregannt , but continued to sniff.... plz msg me back i need advice... idk if i should go to an outpatient clinic or just stop completely... i dont withdraw wen i stop for a few days... so idk what to do!! HELPPPP

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      The majority of doctors, who are trained in opiate related pregnancies, will recommend that you get on methadone immediately. The withdrawal you experience can cause you to miscarry. Methadone has a more stable dose, being as it has a 24 hour half life, therefore you are less likely to experience the ups and downs of the high-withdrawal you experience each day with heroin. When you call the clinic in your area make sure to tell them you are pregnant as they will make an emergency appointment for you and forgo all waiting lists. it is the safest thing for your baby. After you give birth you can then concern yourself with withdrawing from the methadone. Also by going this route you can assure you will not experience withdrawals while you are in the hospital after giving labor as you will receive your dose in the hospital. I have seen many woman give birth to healthy 6-9lb babies while on methadone. I have also seen many people have the chance at a life due to it. Including myself-5 years heroin free and in my senior year of college. Best of luck.

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      Omg my name is Bella and I am 28 I have been on the Sunoco for 3 months prior to getting switched to subutex I however had a four day binge and I used roughly 2 bundles in that time and I found out I was about a month pregnant I feel absolutely horrible because I have been clean for three months from the dope but I was immediately switched to the tex and I also used 1 1 mg xanax and I am just worries Ming myself to stealth and my biggest problem at this current time is that my baby daddy would leave me in a heart beat if he knew that I had a 4 day binge can anyone plz give me some piece of mine and I also cldnt tell my obgyn at my first visit bc the baby daddy was with me plz any advice or thoughts would greatly b appreciated. I am just stressing myself out to the max over this and I also can't tell a single soul about.... thanks in advice for any information to ease my mind and my worries of my baby haven withdraws or even an unhealthy baby at t and I am also only using a half of a subutex a day!!!

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    i have done the same thing as jane. i don't think i should keep this baby because i am afraid i have damaged it. someone please, if you have any information please answer. im really afraid to talk to my doctor about this. i wish there was a number you could call for professional info anonymously

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      In regards to Sara's, Jane's, and Ania's babies, the effects of heroin on a baby are extremely detrimental to the fetus. Heroin is an addictive drug that goes into the placenta and to the baby. Due to the very addictive nature of this drug, the unborn baby can become dependent on the drug and suffer many other damages.
      I am unsure of the percentage of having a healthy baby, but I do know that the first trimester, zero to fourteen weeks, are the most crucial weeks to the developing fetus. During this time, the infant will develop limbs and vital organs. During weeks one through four, the baby will develop neural tubes, the brain and spinal cord. These are two very important parts of the human body. Heroin can cause bleeding within the brain of the infant, intracranial hemorrhage, if used while pregnant. Since the brain is already beginning to develop in the first few weeks after conception your baby's brain may have already been affected depending on the amount of heroin used. During week five, the infant's heart begins to beat and the blood is now pumping. Arms and legs are beginning to form. The use of heroin can cause poor fetal growth, thus if used during week five it may have already affected the development of the baby's limbs and heart. During week six the baby's limbs further develop, there is more development of the brain, and the eyes, intestines and pancreas begin to develop. Heroin can also have devastating effects on these body parts.
      Heroin use throughout the entire length of pregnancy can result in some very poor effects. Even though you have only used up to week 6, it probably has already hurt your baby. The first trimester is most crucial in fetal development. However, doctors do not encourage women who use heroin to attempt to stop suddenly because this may put the baby at increased risk of death. I suggest that you consult a health care provider or drug treatment center about what to do. They may suggest taking a drug called methadone. Babies born to mothers taking methadone may also experience withdrawal symptoms, however they can safely be treated in a hospital and they typically do better than babies born to women who continued the use of heroin.
      Other risks of heroin on a baby may depend on the way in which it is taken. If you inject it into your muscle or vein, you may be at an increased risk of having HIV, which can further harm your baby. In this case you may require further treatment.
      Most babies born from women who use heroin suffer from withdrawal symptoms after birth, such as fever, sneezing, trembling, irritability, diarrhea, vomiting, continual crying and occasionally seizures. These babies also are at increased risk for sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS). About fifty percent of all babies of heroin users are born with low birth weight. Many are premature and have breathing problems and are at increased risk of lifelong disabilities, such as learning and behavioral problems.
      It is difficult to say how much your baby has already been affected, but I do suggest talking to your doctor immediately. He or she may suggest starting treatment for you and your developing baby. Also depending on your beliefs they may suggest the possibility of an abortion. It is very important to be honest with your doctor because they need to know the best way to begin treatment for you and your baby. There is still hope to have baby, but you must seek care immediately.

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    I live a secret life as a mother and have been addicted to pain killers for about 10 years. My husband would like to have another child and would love to give him this but I fear there may have been damage to my organs and i live with this every day... i know if I were to get pregnant I could stop......I would like to know~ if there is any damge to my liver or any organ and I stopped using hydrocodone and became pregnant would the fetus be affected still?

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      I was addicted to percocets for YEARS...took up to 12 a day. I used the whole time I was pregnant. I didn't tell anyone that I was an addict, not even my husband.
      My son is now 3 1/2 years old and he is quite a handful. I think that he has AD/ HD as he is extremely hyper and never, ever stops moving or talking.
      I also took percs during my next pregnancy, as well as during the last month of pregnancy took Oxycontin.
      My 2 1/2 year old son is Autistic.
      Are you all listening???
      Please, please don't be an idiot like me. Don't kid yourself into thinking that something that a doctor could prescribe you can't hurt your babies.
      Talk to someone, anyone. Get help.
      Oh, yeah, now I am on methadone, and have never, ever felt better. But it's too late for my kids. My baby will ALWAYS be autistic....

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    have discovered this week that my 19 year old daughter has been smoking heroin for about 2 months and has discovered she is 6 weeks pregnant. she has informed me today that her doctor has told her to continue smoking it until they get her a bed in a detox unit, this could take 2 weeks!!!!!!!!! surely that cant be right

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      I was reading your blog Samantha and saw your question... I am a former heroin addict and have been clean from it since November 6,2006. The detox was the most uncomfortable, painful, and sickening thing I have ever been through. I was extremely sick....Most people experience this. I truly thought I was going to die. So you can imagine how hard that would be on a fetus. I was in a very bad car wreck about 1 1/2 years ago and started taking Dilaudid, which is a very strong narcotic pain killer. 11 weeks ago I found out that I am pregnant. I was concerned about the pills and informed the e.r. dr. He said ABSOLUTELY DO NOT stop taking ANY OPIATE cold turkey. It is very dangerous and there is a HUGE risk of miscarriage. So I continued taking them until I was able to see my o.b. dr. for the first time. My dr. said that was not feasible and he put me on a light Oxycontin. Since I am now in my second trimester I am going to try to quit altogether and deal with the back pain, and only take them IF I NEED THEM. I will be praying for your daughter and her baby, dearly. They are fighting an INSATIABLE demon. But with a good dr. and maybe methadone, depending on the severity of her habit, they can beat this. And never leave out God and the power of prayer. Good luck to you and your family

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    My friends boyfriend was doing drugs when they conceived. She is afraid this will affect the baby....what are the chances/statitics related to birth defects related to the father doing drugs?

  13. Addict

    okay i'm sure we all know or will know by now that the first trimester in your pregnancy is very crucial to the fetus...but also for alot of people they dont find out that they are pregnant until later on..i'm a mother of 4 and soon to be 5..i was only 16 when i found out i was pregnant with my first..i was very irresponsible and i did cocaine,marijuana,acid,and drank daily!! Daily people!! and i didnt find out that i was pregnant until i was 10 weeks!! and she came out healthy as can be..of course i stopped it all after i found out that i was pregnant but for the first 10 weeks of her most important development i was all messed up and addicted to drugs and alcohol...with my second child i was still immature i got a babysitter for my first on the weekends and i drank up until i found out i was pregnant with my second...and i didnt find out until i was 8 weeks with him..and he came out with no defects or anything...some people just dont know that early on sometimes and do stupid things..like drugs..but all you can do it stop once you find out that you are pregnant and hope for the best..take your prenatal vitamins and try to do whats right...if you go to your regualar visits at the docs and have your ultrasounds and eat right then that baby should be fine! come on now, there is no gaurantee that your baby is going to come out perfect no matter what the circumstances are before and during pregnancy..i have known people that didnt even smoke cigarettes and never drank or anything and had a sick child with birth defects and so forth...it just happens..stop while you can..and hope and pray that your baby will be fine..and as for the doctor telling the 19yr old to continue to smoke heroin for another 2 weeks, that is crazy!!! and un called for..there should be other help out there that they can offer her right away for that baby's sake and hers!! a friend of mine had a baby a few weeks ago and she was addicted to lortabs and other pain pills and continued to do them her whole pregnancy..and way too much if you ask me...and her 3 week old baby just passed away today!! and she cant figure out why.. but we all know why!! because of her selfish ways....stop while you can!! Thinmk of that baby!!

    • Addict

      I'm concerned and confused about what to do at this point. I'm 38, have 2 girls 20 & 14, and am pregnant again! I'm a senior at a state university and have been PRESCRIBED Oxycodone for months. I scared to withdraw as it multiplies the pain and CAN CAUSE MISCARRIAGE. That is probably why the doc told her to continue with using until she could get into detox. It sounds crazy, but he probably knew the risks. I'm not sure I want to go through with the pregnancy, I'm afraid the extra weight will cause my pain issues to be worse and I am unsure how to live without medicine for pain as they are needed for me to do my classwork and just to go through my days. I have read here that methadone is OK to use during pregnancy and from what I understand it also is a pain killer? Is this true? I guess I need to tell my doctor who knows I go to pain management, but does not know I am 10-12 weeks pregnant. I was determined to terminate, but today I have had a 'change of heart' so to speak and am thinking I may can make this work with proper care and guidance. My boyfriend loves me, however he is 15 yrs my junior and recently diagnosed with severe mental illnesses. Please help I'm so confused and scared.

  14. Addict

    My cousin used cocaine, oxycoten, marijuana and painkillers throughout her pregnancy. The baby was removed from her care because she was still using and breastfeeding. She has done this 3 times. She refuses treatment and so far the new baby has tremors and cries constantly. I really don't know what to do. She is fighting in court to get the children back, even though neither her or her boyfriend can stay clean and use in the presence of the children. I am trying desperately to either get her help or keep these poor babies from her. I am disgusted by the way the court system works in our county (Crawford Cty PA) as they WILL give her the children back if she can pass 1 drug test. Any suggestions???

  15. Addict

    my sister conceived a child with a male addicted to drugs, crank, coke, etc. My nephew is 13. He has disabilities with school and anger issues. He is currently being treated with adderal. This is just a bandaide.
    What are other options? This has been very difficult on his parents. HELP????

  16. Addict

    I was wondering if anyone knew the risk if your pregnant and your partner does heroin and than has sex with you? does this affect the fetus. also if he uses pain killers. does this do anything to your unborn baby? can anyone help me with this? i have been trying to find answers and i just have not come up with anything.

  17. Addict

    I had been using heroin for 2 years when I discovered I was pregnant. The heroin messed up my menstual cycle so I didn\'t realize I was pregnant until my 3rd month. The guilt I feel was unexplainable. I didn\'t know what to do, no one was aware of my addiction, not even my babies father! I was afraid to tell my doctor for fear CSB would be involved and thoughts of losing my baby kept me from revealing my horrible secret. I continued using, trying to quit on my own, but the withdrawal was unbearable.
    When I was 5 months pregnant I finally broke down and told my mom. She was crushed but also understanding. We went to different addiction specialist for answers. I knew friends that were put on methadone and wanted to find an alternative. I was admitted into a wonderful detox center. They put me on Subutex. I asked many questions and was told withdrawal symptoms are rarely felt by addicted newborns whose mothers were perscribed Subutex compared to mothers taking Methadone. I was also told Methadone has been around and studied a lot longer than Subutex which is why some doctors prefer to prescribe Methodone. I\'m currently 36 weeks pregnant and still taking the medication. I would strongly suggest anyone pregnant, addicted to heroin, after contaacting someone, ask if Subutex is an option. I was also told unlike Methadone, Subutex does not show up in your system as an opiate, so CSB would not be notified. However, if perscribed I still would recommend making sure your doctor is aware.
    Doctors tell me my baby boy is healthy but I can\'t help but worry. I pray everyday for my son to be healthy. I feel for any and everyone who has an addiction. To anyone who seeking answers to help an addict, my advice is to be as understanding as possible. I know to someone sober addiction may seem unrealistic, quiting seems easy. Addiction is an illness and is extremely emotional. I know that the support I recieved from my mother help me so much. Try not to be judgemental, addicts are not bad, horrible people. Listen and help to a certain degree. There is a fine line between helping and enabling. I hope I have been of some help. God Bless.

  18. Addict

    I'm so sad right now, I have a good friend that has become pregnant, knowing and also actively addicted to oxy and heroin. She doesn't share needles thank god and has been in a long term relationship with the same person. They use together. I currently go to the our local methadone clinic. I have begged her and broght her infomation from the clinic. She keeps making up more and more excuses. She was honest with the doctor as far as we know. But, addicts are also good liars. She said the doc told her not to detox while she was pregnant. (But i'm sure he meant cold turkey yuk detox.) He probably suggested weening off of it asap. That would be the only thing i could imagine him saying. Not just flat out saying don't detox cause that could kill the baby. I know personally that weening off of oxy sucks but is do-able...even pregnant because I did that too...then had a miscarriage and blamed myself till this day! What else can I do...I printed a bunch of info off the internet for her boyfriend to give to her. So I'm praying for the best. If you have any suggestions feel free to send them my way. Thanks so much!!! Shelly

  19. Addict

    I have basically same question as you steph im pregnant idk how far yet cause i just found out but i also just found out my boyfriends been doing heroin behind my back and i heard it affects the fetus!! im really scared and dont want a child to have to deal with these issues all their life cause of it!! please help!!

  20. Addict

    Hi, my name is Olivier. I have a niece who has 7 children at least 3 of which were born with addictions. I\'m not sure what my niece was taking at the time she had the babies, but I believe it was heroin, ecstacy, speed, sleeping tablets and maybe she had a go at ice. Her husband has now been incarcirated for break enter and steal using a deadly weapon and causing grevous bodily harm, and has received a four year sentence in Grafton Jail in NSW Australia. Two of the seven children born to my niece were born with chronic addictions to drugs. Two of them almost died at birth through being premmie babies and just because of their chronic addictions. My neice has now lost the care of her children through the department of community services here in NSW Australia and I just want to let everyone know what has happened to 2 of the babies born with drug addictions. One of them is completely unable to process ANYTHING in her head, she\'s failing at school, she\'s unable to take instruction and to be perfectly blunt it appears to have very noticeable brain malfunction, stunted growth, behaviour that is completely out of control, violent, beating into her siblings with hands feet and anything she can find to use as a weapon, and in fact is now causing them injury and putting her siblings at risk of being harmed, mamed or even worse. Her carers are her grandparents, all the children live with their grandparents and their behaviour is spirally out of control, and NO-ONE can do anything to help them. They cannot be physically disciplined because they are in the care of the Department of Community Services, and the little girl is so violent her grandparents are considering moving her out of their house and into foster care with other carers before she hurts her siblings or even her grandparents. Because only the babies born with drug addictions are the ones who have uncontrollable behaviour such as violence, anger, unable to take direction, defiance, smashing up rooms, breaking anything that is valuable and generally disrupting all the other kids, I have to believe that it has been caused BECAUSE they were born with addictions and no other reason.
    Anyone have any response to my comment please feel free to leave it on this site.

  21. Addict

    i am 32 weeks and been suffering from addiction since before pregnancy. it started with marijuana then i stopped because of frequent drug testing at prenatal visits. so i went back to an old addiction, pain killers, because it doesnt take long to get out of your system. im getting near the end and REALLY want to quit and would love to have someone understand and quit with me. i know it sounds stupid, its the internet, but i feel like its the only place i can speak this without as much shame. please, someone help me.
    [email protected]

  22. Addict

    I have quite of bit of knowledge around this area of narcotic use in women and also during pregnancy. I am a past user myself and currently work as a nurse in a program for pregnant women affected by substance abuse in a major hospital. The truth is that detoxing during the first trimester of pregnancy is DEFINITELY not advisable. It sounds strange and some of you may not want to believe that a doctor would actually tell a patient to continue to use but abruptly stopping, or in some cases even weaning off an opiate during pregnancy can cause miscarriage. The most advisable plan is to initiate the patient on methadone or subutex which is like suboxone but without one of the components which makes suboxone unsafe during pregnancy. If a patient wishes to safely wean off an opiate or her maintenance drug i.e. methadone or subutex, it is recommended to do so during the second trimester of pregnancy and in an inpatient setting closely monitored by medical staff. We do it in our hospital but very rarely due to the risk of miscarriage and most women would rather not go through the agonies of withdrawal and choose to wait until after the baby's birth to try and get abstinent. LUCKILY, all studies have shown that heroin itself DOES NOT cause any birth defects or abnormalities in the fetus. What does cause the problem is poor nutrition that addicts usually have, lifestyle choices, possible STDs or Hepatitis, the agents used in "cutting" the heroin, etc. I know, I know, most of you will scoff but it's the truth. The babies are usually born smaller, earlier and go through withdrawal which can range from no symptoms to mild to severe. However, the babies also experience these symptoms of methadone. The benefit is that the doctors and nurses can be aware of the dose the mother was taking and wean and treat the baby more effectively. Street heroin doses and potency vary and it's impossible to judge exactly how much the mother was using. Also, being part of a meth or subutex clinic ensures proper care during the pregnancy, a safer non drug-seeking lifestyle (we hope) and better overall health for the mother and baby. As I said before though, these babies are also born addicted, usually smaller and earlier but can be helped. My advice is to find a hospital in your area that has experience with addictions and pregnancy and where you will get the proper support and guidance. Not all hospitals or medical staff are created equal I fear and getting non-judgemental, up-to-date information and care are very important. The number one cause birth defects and long term problems in infants? Alcohol. Sad but it's legal and people would rather see a woman drink while pregnant than take an opiate when really, the alcohol is much deadlier and proven to cause all sorts of problems in pregnancy. Go figure. Education and information are the keys and unfortunately not enough people are open-minded or care enough to get the real facts and not make their own opinion or suppositions. So to all you women struggling with dependence issues and pregnancy - it can be ok. Be honest with a good doctor, make the right choice of treatment for you and most of all, try not to worry or feel shame. You are a strong beautiful creation of God's and so is the life inside you. Just get help and don't be alone.

    • Addict

      I'm 5 weeks pregnant. I've been using like one bag a day. I went on methadone a week before I found out I was pregnant. I was going to wean myself off the methadone as I'm only using 10ml a day. Now I'm not sure. I don't want to be on any drugs or meds.

  23. Addict

    Ok, im sry it really pisses me off that you say you are addicted and you keep using.... I have two healty girls I was addicted to ecstacy which everyone knows can have coke, heroin, mdma, and other under the counter products. I was so bad off doing it almost everyday then I found out I was pregnant and everything changed, I knew it hurt to stop but my baby was more important to me then any drug. To think that a mother to be can do that to her unborn chld is upsetting and desturbing how dare you use excuse after excuse to try to make what you are doing right, its not. So stop being selfish and check into rehab REALLY. The day your baby is born is suppose to be the greatest day in a womans life not the worst when your baby comes out blind or deaf, or even have a problem that may result in death. For the ladies who are stopping as soon as you find out Good thats Great that yu have the ability not to be selfish im proud and everyone else is to if they knew of your problem. Keep up the good work!! :)One more thing if you use dont have unprotected sex and if you do you should always test before your expected period with one of the early tests just to be safe. Really girls there is not much I can say except if you are expecting its time to grow up how do u expect to take care of a child if you cant take care of yourself! Good Luck to all and have hope for yourself and your babies.

    • Addict

      ecstasy and heroin/opiates are two totally different things....I used ecstasy everyday and stopped no problem(no physical symptoms). heroin was quite a different story. Yes we would all want to see these moms clean, and giving birth to healthy babies yet suggesting they just stop using is irresponsible as withdrawal is the worst thing they could do for their fetus. Yes it seems like the most logical choice until you actually read about the proven data on what withdrawal of opiates can do to a person and fetus. They should most definitely get into a treatment program but one where methadone and subutex is given. I know this is going to sound crazy to most who are uninformed but opiates are actually considered one of the safest drugs for the human body. They cause little organ issues etc. There is a ton of literature on it. What isn't safe is the roller coaster between being high and sick, the constant turmoil of the body when experiencing withdrawals, or the combination of drugs a lot of addicts take(this is when you often see over doses ex heroin(opiate) with xanax (benzodiazepines). The best thing they can do is talk to a doctor who is familiar with these issues. I would recommend a methadone doctor as methadone has been used for decades in pregnancies so these doctors are well versed in the safest things for a pregnant woman and her baby. Subutex, while it has had great outcomes, I fear is to little known or even if successful with pregnancy a lot of the doctors are normal physicians who have taken a special seminar in order to prescribe so they may not be as versed and experienced in the specific needs of an opiate addicted pregnant patient. Also there is usually a limit to the amount of suboxen patients they can have at one time, so I would question the amount of pregnant women they have actually treated personally.

      • Addict

        I agree with the fact that most doctors don't know the effects subutex has babies.Me and my sister were both on the program and both our babies died unexpectedly of SIDS and hers was undetermined so I'm doing research on the amount of SIDS or undetermined related deaths on babies born to mothers that were on the subutex program and we did the program right and told our doctors so I just wonder if this has happened to anyone else and if the methadone program would be better for pregnant mothers because of the unknown of the subutex and babies.

        • Addict

          I INJECTED Subutex throughout my entire pregnancy, BUT I took my prenatal vitamin, got lots of rest, and did not touch a single other drug, and my son came out perfectly fine with not one single withdrawal symptom. I had him at 41 weeks of gestation and he weighed 7 lbs. 5 oz. He is now almost 3 and is up to date with his fine/gross motor skills, speech, etc. He is very well behaved and has not shown any signs of any early behavioral problems or learning disabilities. I am sorry to hear that you and your sister's baby's both died of SIDS, but I wouldn't automatically jump to the conclusion that Subutex was the cause. It could have just been a coincidence or even some sort sort of genetic glitch. There's really no way to tell, but I think that no matter how many studies are done on a certain drug, it depends on the pregnancy. Every mother is different and everyone has there own set of circumstances and sociological, psychological, and physiological factors that can contribute to the outcome of whether a baby is born addicted or not. It is completely different for each and every pregnancy.

  24. Addict

    I am looking for an answer and I can not seem to find one. I just found out I am pregnant. Since then I have stopped taking drugs but for the first 6wks I was pregnant I either did heroin (less than 8x's) or subaxone everyday. Since I have stopped use of all the mentioned above, what are the chances my unborn child is already affected due to my actions of drug use???

  25. Addict

    I feel so guilty! I am addicted to pain killers and am pregnant. I just found out like 3 days ago. I was shocked ny the news and have been abusing them even more. I am smoking cigarettes like crazy too. I am so stressed out and don't know what I'm going to do. I'm not sure if we are going to keep the baby, If we are I'm scared something might be wrong with the baby. I am taking suboxone now and I hope to GOD our baby will be healthy and normal. It's very early in my pregnancy so I'm hoping and praying things will be okay during pregnancy. It's hard getting off Pain Killers for me the Suboxone is helping but I can't stop thinking about it. I feel so guilty and like the biggest loser ever. I'm really beating myself up over this and being Bi Polar doesn't make it any easier. Ohhhhhhhh I am going to look for NA meetings and see if that will help. ANYTHING!

    • Addict

      Man girl DON'T FEEL BAD! I just found out 4 days ago that I'm pregnant and I've been addicted to pain killers for 8 months and I'm 6 weeks pregnant I'm terrified that I've already hurt my baby and everyone keeps telling me that stopping cold turkey can really hurt my baby so I've been weaning myself off but I think about it all the time! Reach out to someone u can trust!! And pray!

  26. Addict

    I have a sister who can relate to being pregnant and using Ecstasy, but we got her into a Rehabilitation Center and she's been clean for 3 years. Her baby was a little underweight but I think everything will be okay. The baby is doing fine now.

  27. Addict

    I am 33 years old and have been taking Alprazolam for 19 years. I want to get pregnant now. I can't stop taking this medicine. Do you know what effects this medicine will have on the baby?

  28. Addict

    I am 6 months pregnant and so far have taken something everyday, either Xanax or Lorcets. I am a horrible addict. So far with all the invasive and high tech ultrasounds and prenatal care, everything is text book perfect with the baby. Don't get me wrong, I hate this disease and stress a lot about it but, it is much greater than I am.

    I guess I am just looking for a little reassurance or something. I have heard pain pills aren't that bad but, Xanax I'm not sure about. If something were wrong with my little girl wouldn't it show up on the ultrasounds? I will not tell my doctor because I do not want to be treated differently. I am going to schedule an appointment with a psychiatrist to see what I can do to get some help for myself and give this poor baby a chance. I just hope its not too late.

  29. Addict

    I am 18 years old I have been addicted to pain killers (roxys) for about a year now. It is the WORST drug to be addicted too. If I don't have a pill every morning I'm in pain and can't get out of bed. My back, body, stomach and everything else is in pain without it. I know that this pill is mind over matter because as soon as I know I'm going to take one or if I just have it in my hands the pain goes away.

    I found out I'm pregnant. I'm about 11 weeks now and it's killing me to know what I am doing to my child and yes, I have decided to keep it. I'm so scared of how bad I am hurting this baby but I don't know what to do about my addiction. Like the girls above me, I have tried Suboxen but everybody around me does roxys so when I see them, I want them.

    I will stay clean for about 2 or 3 days and then I want something again. I personally think I am getting worse but I'm also scared that if I just stop cold turkey, the withdrawals will harm the baby more than me doing the drug. I really need help but I don't know what to do right now. I'm scared to ask or tell a doctor because I don't want anybody to judge me. It's the worst addiction in the world. I don't even do them to get high anymore, I take just one a day so it's possible for me to get out of bed and be alert for work and not in miserable pain.

  30. Addict

    I do not know a lot about this but I do know some. I worked for a substance abuse program. I have some info that may help. The best time to try to ween off a drug if that is something that you can do, is the second trimester. Do not try to attempt it any other time unless you are only a seldom user. A full blown addict should not just stop. Detoxing can spontaneously abort the baby.

    Any effect that you feel from the detox the baby gets worse. Although Suboxone is not a great thing to take while you are pregnant, it is probably better than street drugs though. I know that Methadone seems like a scary option but it is the safest for the baby, consider it!

    After pregnancy you may be weened from Methadone and then start Suboxone which is easier to get off of. But please do not just stop, that will do more harm to the baby than continuing use. Methadone clinics are everywhere and they have amazing non judgmental people that work there. I commend all of you who can speak up and say that you have a problem, that is the hardest part. Before you make any extreme choices talk to a clinic, even before your doctor because a lot of doctors do not understand and will tell you to detox. The only informed ones that tell you not to detox are the good ones!

    Keep your chin up and everything will be fine. I have a family member that was into Oxy while pregnant and did not seek help until 30 weeks into the pregnancy. She started Methadone and had a healthy baby that was not taken by Social Services because she was receiving help. The baby is healthy and has no effects from either Oxy or Methadone.

  31. Addict

    I am 36 1/2 weeks pregnant and have been taking between 5 to 20 milligrams of Hydrocodone 3 to 4 times a day the whole time I have been pregnant and I cant quit. What do I do and what will be wrong with my baby?

  32. Addict

    I am a childbirth instructor who works at a large women's hospital. Along with a few other folks we are trying to start education classes for addicted women who are pregnant. Can anyone (or everyone) give me some ideas as to what (if it were you), should be included in the outline of those classes? ALL your ideas are important to me. THANKS!

    • Addict

      i would like to reply to your message about addicted pre-mother stage, the out line of these class. 1) let them feel as they are some one. 2) some one can beleave that truth is hard and hurts, but its ok. they can be heard and truthful without being judged. 3) do they truely want it. why? do they want the addiction to go without help? feel how the addic would be feeling. fear! 4) parintal class and have baby and me class. 5) coping class. stess releaf, mothers learn ways to play and relax with babys that some time dont get a chance. are born addictied to meth. let the mothers learn to live that new life with a new life. babys are the gift of life and the key to the main door too happyness.

      yes i'm one of those addics that every one knows nothing about my drug use. im known as a hard worker and getting the job done on time. i used for more then 17yrs and know thats time to be clean and happy. but yet i still fight myself about relapsing every day. i have a drug mind that thinks as a addic.
      stop the way of thinking and you may have the answers that the addic mind cant right now. keep busy and doing hands busy with baby and some times asking for help comes easyer after time goes by.
      i know that my 16yrs old and my less then 1 month old are my road to staying in the happness days to come.
      thank you, from the meth addic mother of two

  33. Addict

    I have an 11 year old boy. He was born to my cousin while she was addicted to drugs, I'm not sure what kind. My father adopted him the day he was born. He has bad anger out-bursts when he doesn't get his way. It is as if he blacks out and doesn't really know what he is doing.

    My father let him have his way for most of his life because he was afraid that my brother would hurt himself or them. I took custody of my brother two years ago because my father couldn't handle it anymore. Since then I have figured out that sugar plays a huge roll in a child's dependency because of their mothers addiction while carrying them. I have cut his sugar intake down to almost nothing.

    He has improved so much that you would never even realize he has ups and downs. He is however compelled to sneak sugar. This being said, I walked in on him trying to hurt himself, because he was on a low. I had grounded him for two days for being late from his friends. He must have had a butt load of sugar because he was seeing nothing but what he wasn't getting. Then he wanted to kill himself because of it.

    I have since then gotten help through a therapist, though I am not sure what good that will do. He is a compulsive liar, and needs attention almost constantly. I am still working with him, because he is a great kid when he isn't on a low or a sugar high. He has straight A's in school and has activities after school to keep his mind occupied. But, as his guardian I had to step back from the friend role and take on the disciplinary role. It sucks but he will be better for it.

    I have found that positive reinforcement of his accomplishments usually snaps him out of his low, and makes him feel proud of himself and the good things he does, along with standing my ground and the punishment that follows the breaking of my rules. I combine the two, and help him to see why he has to regulate his sugar intake. He is getting better but it will be a long hard road.

    Anyone who is thinking of raising a child who is dependent on prior addictions should be aware of what it will take to help them get through life.

  34. Addict

    I know a very special woman/mom, who is pregnant with her second. Problem is, she did meth a few times before she found out she was with child. She is about 4 1/2 months now.

    Will she have a risk of losing this little girl who she'd die for....due to hospital testing to make sure the baby is alright?

  35. Addict

    I'm 32 weeks pregnant and I started using Crack Cocaine at 29 weeks. I don't use it everyday, one or twice a month. If I stop mow that I am 32 weeks pregnant, will the hospital find out? I smoke maybe about $10 worth but not more that that. Does anybody out there know?

  36. Addict

    Drug addiction and pregnancy is a scary combination that is not only dangerous to the mother but to the unborn baby as well. Oxycontin Addiction is the worst. It could lead to miscarriage.

    Cocaine Addiction is also dangerous during pregnancy. It decreases blood flow to the fetus and can restrict oxygen to the baby, resulting in a greater risk of premature birth or stillbirth.

  37. Addict

    I can relate to a lot of these stories. I've been addicted to pain killers for about 3 years now and just tried to get help in November. I went to the doctor and they put me on Suboxone. About 1 month later I found out that I was pregnant and my doctor told me to ween myself of the Suboxone. It took me a couple weeks but I did it.

    I was clean for about 3-4 weeks and I was pretty happy for a while. I later got really sick and couldn't handle the pain. It made me want to do drugs again and I did.

    Now I feel like I'm stuck back in the same situation again and I feel horrible that I am doing this to my unborn child. I am 11 weeks now and really want help. I'm so ashamed to tell my family again that I need help especially because I'm pregnant.

    I don't know what to do. I am so depressed and scared for my babies health. I would love to know where to go to get help and if there is anyway to find out if my baby has been affected by this. Can anyone help?

  38. Addict

    Well first of all I would like to say that there is hope for all who truly want it. BUT you must want help.

    Our family has been suffering drug addiction through my eldest son for seven years now. First OC and now Xanex. He has some abuse from a family friend as a child and it has torn our family and his life into shreds. I am not saying there is an excuse to use. Absolutely not! But sometimes, our pain is so deep that you would do anything to not feel the way we do sometimes. He is over a year clean and he admits he fights it every day.

    I adopted an infant born with drug addiction. Addicted to Diazapam, Cocain, Oxycodone, Herion and Alcohol, she has suffered tremendously. She has severe sensory integration (only someone affected by this knows the pain), developmental delay, mental processing inability, apnea, asthma, behavior issues, seizures, auditory processing disorder, ADD, ADHD and mental issues all of which are associated from drug exposure in utero.

    She has spent the first year of her life in hospitals fighting for her life. She is one of the best things that has ever happened to me and our family. Through her health issues is how we began to trust the Lord. For it is through Him and only Him that she is breathing today.

    Addiction is a disease, I truly believe...there is no cure, but there is help. There is a way through. I sympathize with those who are addicts, I pray for your healing. But please don't destroy a gift that only God can create. Please find hope. If you don't choose to keep your child, please don't kill it!

  39. Addict

    I'm Miranda and I was a frequent user of drugs. I am 7 month pregnant and I stopped using. I am just wondering if they're going to drug test me during delivery and then take the baby away.

    I am scared that it won't get out of my system by the time the baby is born.......What do I do?

  40. Addict

    I am kind of upset about how the Article above states to "Just Stop Using". Like it's that simple!

  41. Addict

    I used crack, drank a lot and used meth once. I have read up on heroin but not these other drugs, especially crack.

    I just found out that I am pregnant. I am probably about one and a half months along. I quit as soon as I found out. Please, someone provide some information on this and let me know if I can still have a healthy baby. I have had one other miscarriage.
    I am Very-Very scared.

  42. Addict

    To Chasity: I just wanted to respond back to your post. I just recently found out that I was 7 weeks pregnant and I have been addicted to heroin for the past year and a half. I just recently went back to it after being clean for 80 days.

    I know it was stupid but it was a one time thing that turned into an everyday thing for the past 2 months. My habit is no where near what it use to be, I was using about 3 bags a day and since I found out I was pregnant I have stopped completely. I had mild withdrawal symptoms but nothing too severe.

    Is this okay to feel this way or should I consult a doctor? I don't want to have a miscarriage because I chose to stop doing drugs so I could keep my child. I want to handle this in the best possible way for my child.

    Please email me and let me know if I am doing what I am suppose to be doing and in the right way. [email protected] thank you!!

  43. Addict

    I am a 29 year old heroin addict who is starting my Detox because I am trying to get pregnant.

    It has been many years since I have had a period and I have also had operations for cysts on both ovaries. I am worried that I won't be able to get pregnant. Has anyone had any experience with this?

  44. Addict

    I met a guy a month ago. Very shortly after that I became pregnant. I was able to stop Xanax and Adderel. I am still smoking marijuana.

    I tried to go to Outpatient Therapy at a facility for pregnant women, and was rejected because I had insurance. I would rather keep it private and not even use the insurance, but with a baby on the way I am not going to spend money. I need a new start quick. I am afraid that the guy I am with or my family will take my child.

  45. Addict

    For all the women out there, I know your pain and how you feel. It is hard to be addicted to something and to just stop, is very hard. We all want to be good parents to our children. I just pray everyday that things will be better for me and my unborn child.

  46. Addict

    I am 20 weeks pregnant and I am addicted to sleeping pills. I take about 2, 10milligram Adco Zolipidem tablets a day. What effect does this have on my baby and do I need help?

  47. Addict

    Alicia: I was on Suboxone when I was pregnant, they must switch you to subtex because it doesn't have the naloxone in it.

    I was on Suboxone till I was like 4 1/2 months because I refused methadone and they changed me to subtex. Baby had mild withdrawal and was in the hospital about 2 days longer until the scores were normal. He came through right away. Cried a little more than normal at 1st.

    I prayed and prayed knowing stopping was more dangerous than proceeding w/my treatment. Make sure all doctors and staff know. I was never on hard drugs just painkillers for a sickness I had for years! Take only what you have to while pregnant if you can.

    Take half, that's better than a full tab, and try taking a whole every other day because you want the least amount of opiates in the babies system.

    I know it's stressful, I was there too, but there is hope and your baby can be very healthy. Eat good and cut back on smoking or when the baby gets older he will be more prone to respiratory infections an etc. My son had a rash on face and diaper rash when born due to the substance, and twitched a bit, but he was fine in 3 days unlike methadone where they are in there months sometimes and have to detox with Morphine !

    Be prepared to have a lot of Patience when the baby is born you will need it especially w/lack of the newborn sleep due to the withdrawal. I kept him with me at all times in the hospital and was up with him all the time as his mother I knew only I could get him at peace when he needed it.

    It's the hardest thing to leave without your baby, we aren't bad people, we just made a bad choice. I would've never been in the situation had I not got sick with a chronic disease, but make the best of it and be the best mother you can be. Never underestimate prayer either!

  48. Addict

    Hi I am 13 weeks pregnant but I found out at 11 1/2 weeks and when I did I stopped taking all my medications which are diazapen, somas, and larcets. After 24 hours I started going through withdrawals and I didn't think I was even addicted.

    My body got used to using daily. My meds are prescribed to me for 4 slipped discs in various parts of my back starting with my neck on down to my hips, then I have right hip problems, left and right knee problems, have broken my right ankle, my right toes, And I have a bad shoulder that pops out with no trouble at all. I happen to be in a lot of pain daily, so they prescribed me the Larcets and Somas for all this pain and the Diazapens because I can't seem to sleep at all at night because I seem to hurt more when I am laying down I can't find a comfortable position at all.

    Well any way as soon as I found out I was pregnant in the emergency room, I told the doctor about all the meds I was taking and he said that I must stop taking the Somas and Diazapens but that the Larcets were fine. I still tried to stop taking them all and as I said 24 hours later I started the withdrawal, and that ended me in the emergency room because all the withdrawal symptoms caused me to start cramping, and again the doctor said that the Larcets were fine, so now I only take the Larcets but quit everything else.

    I have reduced the amount I am taking, but I am still concerned because I am afraid my child will be born addicted, and if withdrawal is hard for an adult I can't imagine for my child.

    My first OB appointment is this Tuesday and I hope we can find a answer to my addiction. I still need more information on children addicted to pain pills if you know of a site or book or anything with this information please let me know, also if there is anything that anybody can offer me to help me with my addiction please let me know too. Thanks

  49. Addict

    Hey, I am currently about 28 weeks pregnant, 7months, I have been using oxycodone my entire pregnancy. Typical story, had a bad car accident, didn't walk for a year, 3 yrs later a lot of pain and now definitely addicted to high amounts without a prescription now.

    Some days in earlier pregnancy I took over 300mg other days 100mg, when I ran out I used fentanyl 100mg patchs. I just had a level 2 ultra sound and every thing looks great, they said birth weight was in the 33 percentile but we would work on that. I also had a doc at about 4 months pregnant tell me not 2 stop because my baby could die. So, I continued to take it.

    I tried doing lower does, have done OK so far but still take more than the average person. I asked my NEW docs about coming off everything and they as well told me NO it's bad for the baby, now i'm scared because I want to stop on my own due to some info I got about the chance my child could be taken away and overall because I have wanted to since the day I found out.

    They said I should go to the methadone clinic but that's not possible due to where I live and the docs wont prescribe anything else that could help me ween off before the baby comes (I too have detoxed before and will do it again).

    I'm just really scared and need advice about coming off everything regardless, in the next 2 months. This is what I have wanted to do since I found out I was pregnant at 4 months. So, is it true they can take my child. In no way am I a street fiend, just a unfortunate soul on disability waiting for a hip replacement and hoping everything keeps going okay with the baby.

    • Addict

      As long as your doctors know everything that you are prescribed they CANNOT take away your baby at all.So don't let make you try and stop and risk you and your child's life just because your scared they might take your baby away. This goes for everyone don't feel like you can't tell your doctor believe me they see it more than you think and if you tell your doctor and hospital they cannot take your baby,they may send a social worker to make sure that you are prescribed what you say you are and they ,ay even do one home visit but it's just to make sure you are doing everything that you should be and taking your meds like you are supposed too.Please to everyone always give info to your doctor and if you don't feel comfortable with that doctor or feel judged find a new one because you don't want your baby to suffer just because you might be embarrassed,it's not worth it I promise you have to be your babies voice and if you find out you are pregnant get into a treatment program or tell your doctor and then they cannot take your baby.I'll be praying for all of you to have healthy babies and live a healthy life style after the baby is born but use your voice for your child and prove to social services that you want to do right by your baby and you will be fine.

    • Addict

      I'm curious to know what was your outcome? I am on the same boat as you. Except mine is Vic.

  50. Addict

    I was going to the subutex clinic 5 months into my pregnancy and stayed with it throughout the pregnancy, I was told by my doctor that my baby would have no withdrawal symptoms and that everything would be fine. I gave birth 6 days ago and today my daughter had to be taken to a bigger hospital that could give her methadone because her withdrawal symptoms were so severe. I thought that I was going to have an easy birth and my baby would be healthy and now I realize that I was lied to by the doctors and they do not care if they lie to you or not as long as they get their money every week. I advise anyone to talk to your baby doctor and ask them what your best options are and do not take subutex or methadone for an answer....my baby is going to be in the hospital for at least another month.

  51. Addict

    i feel so bad I'm pregnant and i've done drugs.. I feel terrible but i now know i must steer clear of them at any cost. I regret my poor decision making and I have no excuse. I'm scared to tell anybody this is the first I have confided in. How do i tell the doctor about this?

  52. Addict

    My daughter is 20 years old and 4 months pregnant. She is also addicted to pain killers and I am very worried about her and the babies health.

    I really could use some help getting information, pictures, or even videos of the side effects of drug addicted babies. She believes since they are prescribed to her that they won't hurt the baby but she eats them like candy.

    I am really scared for the baby that she is carrying. I do not want it born with major health problems. Please Help!

  53. Addict

    WOW where do I begin. We just found out that my finance's daughter who is 8 months pregnant, is addicted to Darvocet, Ambien, and whatever she can get from her neighbor. She started using before she was pregnant, and told her husband, that she quit when she found out she was pregnant.

    Her addiction has gotten worse. Her husband just found out she had refilled his Darvocet and Ambien and was taking them. She also smokes, and was taking Pheragan pills like candy. It all came to a head 2 days ago. We live in another state. We didn't know.

    Everytime we called the daughter would say everything was fine. We haven't heard from her in over 3 weeks. We finally were able to get a hold of her husband. He has tried helping her and she has lied and lied and lied. Her husband left with their son and called her Doctor and told him what she has been doing. He then was told to call 911 and have them take her to the hospital.

    She has been transferred to 2 other hospitals since then. We cannot find out anything. Her husband has tried calling, we have tried, and until his daughter wants to talk to us we are left out in the cold. We are very concerned about the unborn baby. Can someone tell me what this type of medication can do to this baby?

    Will the baby be taken away from the mother? What are the babies rights? They live in Indiana? I have tried looking up info and calling agencies from the internet, and no one will tell me anything. I am so pissed this is an innocent child and the mother is blaming everyone except herself. She is being selfish, please someone what can we do to help this baby.

  54. Addict

    How can addicts pray that their unborn baby is healthy if they keep using drugs, this is a contradiction. People need to be responsible for their acts. You will pay the consequence with what a woman loves more that is you son or daughter. Give these little angels an opportunity to be healthy and stop abusing your bodies. Think about the people that have terminal diseases, and have no options to be healthy again, once you loose your health that's it. LOVE YOUR CHILD WOMEN

  55. Addict

    I am 4 months pregnant today and smoking Oxycontin. My boyfriend has given me the last chance and left me because he found foil and couldn't take it. I want help so bad.

    I don't want to be an addict, I don't want to use anymore. I am so scared for my baby. I don't know what to do and I can't stop, it's killing me!

    I'm so addicted, it's so messed up. I want to go on Suboxone but it's so hard because I'm so addicted I just want to get high!!!

    Just know you're not alone I think I'm going to go to treatment tomorrow and hopefully that will stop me I'm so scared though ugh!!! :(

  56. Addict

    I have never used drugs and had 14 miscarriages and finally a healthy baby. I would give anything to be able to get pregnant again and have a baby. I have no sympathy for any of you as using that first time was your choice. Yes you are sick now but again it was your choice. I now have cancer through no choice of my own.

    • Addict

      Miracle.... you obviously have never had anyone you love addicted to anything! You are being way too harsh on these women whose circumstances you know nothing about! If you don't have anything nice to say than just stay out of the conversations! YOU HAVE NO IDEA! How would you feel if someone told you that you obviously had 14 mis-carriages for a reason!

    • Addict

      Maybe it is your judgmental attitude that has caused all of your problems! You do not know anything about the circumstances that make a person try a drug for the first time and then become addicted.
      I bet you had a nice cozy life with everything given to you, huh? You should not even be commenting here!

  57. Addict

    I have never used drugs. Survived cancer and would love to have another baby but cannot. I cannot imagine how you can abuse your own bodies but to also abuse the bodies of those helpless babies growing inside of you is just unimaginable to me. You are all selfish, and I will pray for you.

    • Addict

      Judgmental attitude once again! Just like Miracle (above poster)! Seems like you 2 have something in common!

  58. Addict

    I have a friend who has used Heroin, Meth ect. for the last 15 years or so. She is 29 now. When she found out that she was pregnant, she quit using during her 2nd trimester.

    Her baby is now 5 days old and healthy so far. The baby's father is now dead due to a drug related deal and she doesn't have much support from her large family because they are pretty much done with her.

    She is staying with her sister who is not doing the best and has Child Services in her life. Is there any help out there for drug addicts who are clean that just gave birth? She can't do this alone and no one is giving her a chance. Just negativity where ever she goes.

    She just applied for financial aid. She is really trying her best and I see it in her eyes she want to change her life so bad. She is still clean but has no type of support or a good foundation. Please help if you can.

    We are in the California in the San Fernando Valley. I appreciate you listening and reading this from my heart.
    Thank You

  59. Addict

    I was using during my first trimester only because I thought for sure I was getting an abortion. My boyfriend was in jail and I was very stressed out. I have a horrible fear that something will be wrong with my baby.

    It's all I ever think about, I don't do it anymore and I feel terribly bad about my decisions. I do still smoke a few cigarettes a day. Someone PLEASE tell me what they believe the chances of something being wrong are. I'm now 18 weeks. Any advise will help!

  60. Addict

    Hi, I am only a few weeks pregnant and I am worried. I have chronic pain and I take 120 Oxycontin every week.

    Around the time of conception, I smoked pot a few times. Someone told me that it would help with the pain. I am trying to ween myself off of the Oxy and I am afraid to tell my doctor. Have I hurt my baby yet?

    I heard the umbilical cord isn't connected the first 3 weeks, is that true? I feel like the world's worst mother. Please give advice. [email protected]

  61. Addict

    I am an 8 year Opiate addict. I'm 24. I have a 4 year old son who was born addicted. I was too afraid to tell anyone, so I watched my son go through withdrawal's his first few weeks of life. I am Blessed that I did not lose him.

    I have been struggling to stop using Oxycontin, Methadone and Bezos ever since I had my son, keep in mind he is now 4. He has a lot of behavioral issues but is extremely smart and healthy.

    My advice to anyone in a certain situation, is to not hide it from the doctors if you are pregnant. It's heart breaking to see your child suffer from withdrawal's especially when it could have been prevented.

  62. Addict

    Hey, just wanted to say thank you to Amber for making such an educated non-judgmental comment. I am also an RN and we need more like you!

    Most of these women don't need to hear incorrect information, they just need some hope, a push in the right direction...and Prayer!

  63. Addict

    My daughter-in-law was taking narcotics like Hydrocodone, Percocet, and Roxocet. She has quit now with the help of my son and family.

    The question I have is she quit when she was 32 weeks, how long does it take to get out the babies system and will the baby be born with withdrawals?

    She had been taking those pills because of bad toothaches. I know there are no excuses but she is off of them now. I was wanting to know, did the baby go through withdrawals at the same time she did and will the baby be clean of all drugs when he is born? I guess I'm just a worried grandma, could you please email me back as soon as possible? Thanks

  64. Addict

    I'm 33 weeks pregnant and used meth at 28 weeks pregnant and 31 weeks pregnant. Is there any way they can find it in my baby when he is born??

    • Addict

      Yes, they test the baby's meconium (which is the baby's first bowel movement) when it is born and it can test all the way back to the beginning of the second trimester. They will only do this, however, if the doctors suspect drug use at the time of delivery. Hope this answers your question.

    • Addict

      I'm 34 weeks have been using herion since about November. About 5pts a da . But the last 3days the first day did like 3 pts. Then the second day did 1pt and today did 1 pt. So by tomorrow 24 hours from now will I be safe to take a piece of my subutex.? And stop doing herion. I don't want my baby addicted to h. And I don't want them to take my baby. Will we be clean by March 2 the due date. And if I can get the first poop will we be ok. Please I need some advice.

  65. Addict

    Reading through a lot of the post; I must say addiction is a serious problem many of my friends have had drug addicted children. I was lucky enough to have a mother who instilled some not so common values in me at an early age. I knew that back in the 70's my mother did hard drugs, and still does smoke marijuana. She taught me that it is OK to party when you are young and childless, however you cannot be a mother and a drug addict at the same time (at least not a good one.) when I got married we were both heavy cocaine users. about 7 months into the marriage, I started getting sick and not high every-time I did a shot. After this happened about three times that day, I thought I need to take a pregnancy test before continuing. I told my husband to go ahead and do the rest without me. I took a pregnancy test the following day and I was. I do admit I did not catch it until I was almost exactly one month along, however if my mother didn't tell me this information as a young lady I may have ended up like many of my friends, doing it as long as they could before giving birth. I have a healthy nine year old boy, no health or behavioral issues found so far. I also have a five and 1 year old. and have been clean for ten years. Just remember your child being born will give you the greatest high you ever will get, and if you did use drugs during your pregnancy quit and don't be afraid to tell your doctor so she can check for side affects caused by such use. unless your on state insurance there is doctor patient confidentiality. unless the child is born dirty then it becomes child abuse. I am all for offering drug addicts money to take depropravera.

  66. Addict

    to Emma, "PLEASE" tell your family, they already know your a addict, if there ever was a time for you to ask for help it is now. Your embarassment and shame won't prevent you from having a drug addicted baby, only "YOU" can. I'm writing to you because 5 months ago my sons 22 year old girlfriend gave birth to a baby girl addicted to drugs, my family had no idea this was going on, the state took the baby and placed her in foster care. We are devistated. So please put your fears aside and tell your parents right away, after all this baby your carrying didn't ask to be born, you owe this to your son or daughter. I wish you all the luck, I'll be thinking about you. [email protected]

  67. Addict

    my mother in law is 49 yrs old and has a 26 yr old daughter well when she was pregnant with her daughter she sot up heroin for the first time and now her daughter can't have kids and has migraine headaches by her shooting up the heroin is that what could have cause these problems for her daughter?

  68. Addict

    THIS IS FOR ALL YOU MOTHER DOING DRUGS DURING PREGNACY. I not trying to be rude or show you no sympathy. I have dealt with a drug problem and know that it is not easy. I am a mother to a ten year old and she is healthy. I did not do drugs while pregnant; but, in the beginning I did take tylenol, and cough medicine. I know that this isn't as servere, but I felt guilty and spoke to my doctor about it. They said as long as I don't take it all the time the baby should be fine. This is only for over the counter medication. Now, if you are doing extremely horrible drugs you should consult with your doctor as embarrassing as it may be. THINK ABOUT IT!! They will found out in the long run, because of complications that will resemble to other mothers who abused drugs while being pregnant.

    You can either let the doctor have the heads up and to be prepared to save your baby. OR keep it a secret and be humiliated in the end. Up to you. THINK ABOUT getting some help to save yourself in the long run of future embarassment at your child's first day of school/ at the daycare. I know how that one is. You may not care how people think of you now, but you will when you are older.

  69. Addict

    i am pregnant and have been clean a year, im on subutex will my baby detox when he/she is born???

    • Addict

      Dom my girlfriend and I were in the same boat back in October of 09. She was on Subutex all the way up until delivery. Our little man was in the hospital 2 more days than normal until his scores were higher. He turned out just fine. Oh my girlfriend says that if you are going to have an epidural make sure you have weened yourself off the subutex because it made the epidural ineffective. Good luck to you and I will include you two in my prayers.

    • Addict

      hi I'm 24yrs old and have a son 2 1/2 yrs old, well i didn't find out i was pregnant until 4 months due to using heroin it messed up my menstrual cycle i had been addicted for a good few years and also was injecting, when i found out i told my doctor and social services i got put on treatment (methadone) all the way through my pregnancy and had to be stabilized due to withdrawals my son had to be born early at 7months not due to methadone but because i have rhesus negative blood i had a ceaserian due to the anti bodies passing to my son, which i never would like to go through again its supposed to be a good experience but for me it was horrible my son was born with withdrawals and was 5lb 8oz he stayed in hospital for 2 weeks in special care i was able to keep my son if i did necessary assessments for social workers and to this day I'm just coming to an end of my treatment and been clean for nearly 3 years so it was a long process, now I'm pregnant again and I'm so happy i don't have to go through that with this one I'm 6 weeks and if i can do it all of u can it took me a long time but i did it !! and now i can look forward to my new arrival drug free and meds free...:) good luck all of you and believe in yourself you only can help your self and its good to speak to a doctor about it as its not always about taking your baby of you they can support you too xx

      • Addict

        hello my mane is santa, and i'm doing a project on pregnant women doing drugs. and your story has caught my interest. i just wanted to ask you some questions and if i can have you e-mail so we can ask you those questions. but here my e-mail is:: [email protected]

  70. Addict

    I have been smoking weed on a daily basis through out my whole pregnancy. Nothing else just marijuana. I'm now about to turn 33 weeks pregnant. and I'm quitting. Will my baby be taken away from me if they just happen to do a drug test on me or the baby? I live in California. At every doctors appointment. they say she is completely healthy. I haven't told any of my doctors about the use so they shouldn't have a clue that i have been smoking..

    • Addict


      With you having smoke marijuana your entire pregnancy it is important that you inform your doctor now. Just because your baby seems healthy now does not mean that their will not be complications when she is born and with you having used marijuana this far into your pregnancy there is a chance your baby will have withdrawal symptoms. If you want to make sure that your baby girl has a healthy life and the best care possible then you need to be upfront now with your doctor.

      Also if you tell your doctor now than can assist you and get you help. If you don't tell your doctor now and your baby is born unhealthy and showing signs of withdrawal symptoms then you stand the chance of the hospital getting DFS and child welfare involved and possibly losing your baby. So if you want the best life possible for you and your child then you need to contact your doctor and be honest with him or her about your drug use.

      I wish you both the best of luck

      • Addict

        i have been scanning thru the posts on here. i sincerely hope no one is using any of the information or oppinions on here to guide them through a pregnancy. there is some very good information , but alot of the 'medical advise is totally inaccurate. although i havent ever used marijuana i can tell you without a doubt that a baby born to a mother who has smoked pot throughout her entire pregnany WILL NOT suffer withdrawl symptoms. Marijuana is not any more addictive as a matter of fact it is less addictive than cigarretes. i have never seen,heard or read of a baby suffering from withdrawls because the mother smoked marijuana. if that where the case than we would have a whole lot of children going through withdrawls cccause they missed their morning smoke with thier bottle of enfamil. speaking of which there should be hundreds of thousands of babies having dt's from missing that first cup of java. Most definately, crack, powdered cocaine,heroin,opiates, certain prescription meds,mdma.exctacy.etc,etc,etc should be totaly avoided period. marijuana,cigs,caffiene,etc while not helpful do not cause withdrawls but should be avoided regardless.

  71. Addict

    I used to smoke meth 6 months ago before I recently found out I was pregnant. I smoked cigs everyday never a whole one and drank a good amount of alcohol. I smoked and snorted meth one time on my 4th week and stopped everything sense I had a one time use during my 4th week and was drinking every Saturday for the 1st 5 weeks I'm very worried will my baby be okay.

    • Addict


      If you quit using drugs all together there is a chance your baby will be born healthy. However; it is important that you inform your doctor immediately. If your doctor is not informed and your body doesn't get the care he or she needs there could be complications when he or she is born.

      If you do continue to use then your baby will have withdrawal symptoms when he or she is born and then is very painful for the baby. If you want to make sure that your baby has a healthy life and the best care possible then you need to be upfront now with your doctor. Also if you tell your doctor now then he or she can assist you and get you help.

      If you continue to use and you don't tell your doctor and your baby is born unhealthy and showing signs of withdrawal symptoms then you stand the chance of the hospital getting DFS and child welfare involved and possibly losing your baby. So if you want the best life possible for you and your child then you need to contact your doctor and be honest with him or her about your drug use.

      I wish you both the best of luck

  72. Addict

    I have been addicted to xpain meds for about six years now. I started off with little things like vicoden and now i can probably do up to 15 perk thirtys a day. Me and my boyfriend want a baby and I'm working my way off pills now I'm doing good. But my question is can i get pregnant while addicted to pain meds. I don't want to have sex if so. I mean since my cycle is messed up and all my insides are to can i still get pregnant while addicted. please let me know before its to late and i get pregnant while addicted to pain meds.

    • Addict


      If you are serious about starting a family the first step you should take is to talk with your doctor and be honest with him or her about your drug use. You should never stop using without the help of a doctor because of possible withdrawal effects.

      The second step you should take is to make sure your body is clean of drugs and have a physical to make you you are healthy before trying to conceive. The healthier you are the healthier your baby.

      I wish you the best of luck.

    • Addict

      my sister just found out she is pregnant after 5 years of an addiction to pain meds while still using. so the answer to ur question would be for sure. so just be safe & careful. if u do decide to bring a child into the world u want to be sure that u would be able to stay off the drugs because ur child is ours for life not just the 9mons he or she is inside.

  73. Addict

    Pregnancy and drugs is a very bad combination. Most of the time, there is something physically wrong with the child when the baby is born.

    • Addict

      yes your baby can have withdrawal from subutex a lot of women say that their doctor said they wouldn't but it all depends on how much you are taken a day.I got myself down to a quarter of a day and my baby did not have to take any withdrawal meds unlike my nephew who did.When your baby is born be honest first of all so they can take into consideration what they should be looking for, they have a chart and each nurse and doctor scores the baby on this chart.Things like if they sneeze so many times in a row,or if they rub their little faces raw because they have a belly ache and babies think if they eat it will take their belly ache away also lose stool and other things they rate them on if they score certain numbers so many times in a row then they will get meds to keep them from having seizures,that's why you should always be honest because we as addicts know how bad it is to go through withdrawals so why would you want to lie and let your baby suffer in silence plus that's when social services gets involved is when you lie.It's not certain if your baby will or will not detox but just know you have done your best and try to get to the lowest dose that is the most comfortable for you and tell your doctor and you and your baby will be fine. God Bless!

    • Addict

      These women are scared enough and what you write is not even close to being true yes in an ideal world no baby would be born addicted to drugs but to say they will have something physically wrong with them is so untrue I'm living proof and so are my 8 brothers and sisters are so think before you write stuff like that. We want women to be truthful when they are pregnant and addicted so they need to feel like they are not being judged so try writing something positive like just be honest to a doctor and if he doesn't know about addiction and pregnancy then have him help you find an organization that does.Believe me women their are a lot more resources than you think out there for you to get help and get your questions answered so ask and being honest and getting help will ensure you have a healthy baby that no one will take away from you if you are REALLY trying.If you need anymore help or just someone to talk to who has been through it. my name is Jenn thanks and God Bless

  74. Addict

    i thought i would post this to help all the pregnant girls out there on subutex my girlfriend took subutex i worried everyday about the baby having withdrawals but the baby had hardly any withdrawals the baby came home with us and was fine it better in just a couple days.The withdrawals was nothing to worry about the highest temp was 99.9 he didn't tremor or cry all day he was easily calmed down the nurses give finnegan scores and the give them points for stuff normal babies do too so if any body is worried about it make sure you take no more than 8 mgs a day and do nothing else.the nurses said most of the time if the babies have bad withdrawals they find other opiates in there system,and all the babies whose moms took low doses of subutex the babies were born with very little withdrawals and get to go home in 48 hours as long as the symptoms are not too bad.and there is nothing physically wrong with the babies people that make those comments should know what there talking about first make sure to take subutex not methadone and you will be just fine and so will the baby.

  75. Addict

    OMG, I couldn't imagine having a drug addicted baby with health issues. These women are certainly not victims and have brought this on themselves but I do have compassion for their situation and children. I'm truly blessed to have two healthy children and my life together.

    • Addict

      To Lucy, I would say you are blessed to have healthy children and to not have a drug addiction. So I guess you feel like you have the right to get on here and say these women are not victims. You obviously have no idea why some people start to use drugs or what it is like to be an addict. I'm sure if these women could snap their fingers and the drug addiction go away they would all be sober. Nobody enjoys being an addict. Until you have lived their lives please try not to judge. The last thing women on here need is people riding in on their high horse to look down on them.

      • Addict

        My niece had her two children taken away, one at the age of 2 and the other as soon as she was born. It is not something i like to remember, she ruined their lives with her addictions and did not care about anyone else. It is so hurtful for those who have to live with the damage done, i have never seen a picture of either of those two young ones. The little boy was so neglected that he could not be handled by his adoptive parents, he was too wild. The little girl probably had FAS, she had no say in how her life was going to be. None of them chose to be born, but addiction starts with a choice on the part of the mother. Spare a thought for those who suffer the consequences of the actions of those mothers, drugs are a choice. It is easy to say that we are judgmental, you only have to read the comments to see how many women ask if their baby will be unhurt by their actions to realize that. I have not been an addict, i always chose not to go there. I have not walked in their shoes, but their children should not be afflicted because of their choice in how they deal with what ever it is that made them go down that road in the first place. There are things which cannot be undone, being sorry is nothing when a child has to live with the damage for the rest of their lives.

  76. Addict

    In 2007 I found out I was pregnant with my first child. I had been buying Suboxone off the street at the time and when I found out I was pregnant I immediately went to a clinic and got put on Subutex. My entire pregnancy was as normal as can be, my son was born full term (he was actually even a week late), he didn't have a single withdrawal symptom and went home with me. He's now almost 3 years old and he has reached every milestone either early or right on time. He was walking by his first birthday and talking up a storm by his 2nd. He's the most well behaved little gentleman I could ever have asked for. I am now 12 weeks pregnant with my second child and however, this time I am on methadone. As soon as I found out I was pregnant (which wasn't until I was already 7 weeks) I went to my clinic and asked the Dr to switch me to Subutex since I had had such a wonderful experience with it for the first pregnancy, but the Dr told me that in order to switch to Subutex from methadone you need to almost completely detox first, which obviously isn't safe for an unborn fetus to endure. My midwife said that since my son did really well with the Subutex, then chances are good that I don't tend to pass too much medication through to the fetus and this pregnancy will most likely end in the same result with either very little withdrawal or none at all. I find this hard to believe based on the statistics of methadone during pregnancy and judging on the fact that every pregnancy is different but I wanted to know if anyone else has been through something similar. When I was on Subutex with my son I was INJECTING up to 20mg's a day and he has no withdrawals whatsoever. I am now on 115mg of Methadone taken orally (I started the pregnancy on 90mg) and am worried that Methadone will have a different effect on this baby. Any thoughts are welcome.

  77. Addict

    I know that being a drug addict and pregnant at the same is risky. But it is now that I know the adverse effects of a pregnant mom who is a drug addict and the health risks involved between her and the baby. I hope there will be more and more informational articles such as these and educational movement to spread around the country to educate our young women about the health risks and the effects of being in this kind of situation.

  78. Addict

    Great blog

  79. Addict

    This article is really great. Thanks for posting

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    It's awesome to come across your site. Very helpful to people and give good information.

  81. Addict

    hi can someone please give me some information? I have just found out i am pregnant i have never took drugs but my partner is a heroine addict can this have done any damage to the baby ,,, thanks

  82. Addict

    i am 5 week pregnant with my 1st baby. it has been a life of hell due to my withdraws. when i wasn't pregnant i was prescribed to Xanax (which i took 4 times a day) and Adderall (25mg a day). plus i smoke cigs and pot. i also was addicted to o.c. the day i found out i was pregnant i quit taking all the pills at once. i quit taking the Adderall, o.c., and Xanax . i had never felt this bad in my life due to the withdraws. it feels like I'm dying even thou I'm not!!!! how long will these sleepless nights, twisted body pain, restless legs, sweats and fever punish me?! since i have dropped these three different types of addictions i haven't been able to stop smoking pot or cigs which feels me with gilt. Should i just take it on step at a time and worry bout the cigs and pot after i make it through the withdraws that I'm already having? because I'm scared i cant do all at once. it has been 7 days now that iv been off pills and i still feel like it is day 1 of being sober. what should i do? and my other question is do they take your baby away from u if u smoke weed while your pregnant? i need to know. PLEASE HELP ME

  83. Addict

    I'm currently 32 weeks pregnant. I've been addicted to opiates and opiods for a few years now. When I first found out I was going to have a child, I thought this is what would help me become clean. I started doing research and got scared when I found out that withdrawals could kill my baby. so I kept using, at first it was just hydrocodone which I felt was a cut back compared to the roxies and opanas I would do before I got pregnant. But soon I started back on the latter. I knew I had to stop, but I just kept making up excuses. Now i'm terrified that I have fucked my daughter up, or that if I go to rehab ill lose her, but I know if she's born and they test her meconium ill lose her too... I just don't know what to do with myself. I live in Clarksville, Tennessee which is close to Nashville. I know Nashville has many rehabs, but then i'm worried about paying for it, does tenncare even offer help with substance abuse. If anyone can help me answer these questions, please do so. I'm scared to tell my obgyn or to even call any of the rehabs around. I don't know where to start or what I would say. I'm terrified people are going to judge me and think i'm a horrible person. I just don't want to lose my baby, and i'm tired of feeling worthless.

  84. Addict

    I have a friend who is in her first trimester of pregnancy. She is/has been buying Subutex off the street for over 2 years now. She is not taking them by mouth. She is snorting them through her nose. She has decided to continue using Subutex during her pregnancy. I understand that it is very dangerous for the baby to quit this drug cold turkey, but i am afraid of the effect this will have on her baby once it's born - especially since she does not plan on informing her doctor. My main question is what will the effects have on her baby once it's born? And is there a medication that the doctor would give the newborn if he knew the mother's addiction to the drug? - Her defense for continuing to use is that "they prescribe subutex to pregnant woman" but she is not informing her doctor.

  85. Addict

    I have a daughter that is on her third child and she is always taking pain pills anyone that she can find off the street, I'm worried that this grandchild of mine could have something wrong with him, i have asked her to stop and she never did and now the baby is due anytime.

  86. Addict

    I did give birth to an 8lb 2oz baby boy who ended up going through withdrawal. I used basically any opiate painkiller i could find and in large quantities(I was spending roughly $2100 a week) throughout my entire pregnancy. I didn't tell my doctor until about a week before giving birth. The baby spent close to 2 months in the hospital going through withdrawal symptoms treated with Diluted Tincture of Opium or DTO. I was leading a secret life, nobody knew i was using. Not that it should matter, but i went to college, own my own company and have a beautiful home and family and nobody suspected a thing, which actually made it worse. My urine and the baby's maconium both tested negative for drugs which was pretty bazaar since the last time i had used was about two hours before giving birth. However, i had already told the doctors and the baby did go through withdrawal roughly 24 hours after birth so The Department of Social Services in my state was contacted. I decided to enter an in patient detox and from there an intensive outpatient rehab program and did good for a while but even with the state threatening to take my kids from me i had a relapse. I am on suboxone now and it has helped dramatically. I wish i got into this program sooner because that brief relapse caused me to be removed from my home and my kids for two weeks and from there who knows what is going to happen. So if you want my opinion, and i know what you are going through, i suggest you get help now. If embarrassment and shame is keeping you from saying anything you have to know that people are going to find out once you give birth. Even if like in my case everything tests negative the baby will eventually go into withdrawal and you wouldn't want him or her to have to do that at home with no medication. You will be surprised at how supportive the doctors and nurses can be. I'm sure that there are some that will be judgmental, but if they are well educated and take their job and oath seriously they will understand what you are going through and do everything in their power to help you and your baby. And don't let the ignorance of people on the internet make you feel bad about yourself. Some people are lucky enough to not have to face an addiction and they don't understand what we go through. They probably shouldn't be speaking on subjects that they clearly have no knowledge of but sometimes people just suck, don't they??! I almost forgot to mention that my baby is 6 months old and is absolutely perfect!

  87. Addict

    I have a friend who is in her first trimester of pregnancy. She is/has been buying Subutex off the street for over 2 years now. She is not taking them by mouth. She is snorting them through her nose. She has decided to continue using Subutex during her pregnancy. I understand that it is very dangerous for the baby to quit this drug cold turkey, but i am afraid of the affect this will have on her baby once it's born - especially since she does not plan on informing her doctor. My main question is what will the affects have on her baby once it's born? And is there a medication that the doctor would give the newborn if he knew the mother's addiction to the drug? - Her defense for continuing to use is that "they prescribe subutex to pregnant woman" but she is not informing her doctor.

  88. Addict

    I have a friend who is in her first trimester of pregnancy. She is/has been buying Subutex off the street for over 2 years now. She is not taking them by mouth. She is snorting them through her nose. She has decided to continue using Subutex during her pregnancy. I understand that it is very dangerous for the baby to quit this drug cold turkey, but i am afraid of the effect this will have on her baby once it's born - especially since she does not plan on informing her doctor. My main question is what will the effects have on her baby once it's born? And is there a medication that the doctor would give the newborn if he knew the mother's addiction to the drug? - Her defense for continuing to use is that "they prescribe subutex to pregnant woman" but she is not informing her doctor.


  89. Addict

    For those of you commenting about Marijuana and the terrible withdraws that a newborn will go through, please inform me on ONE article or even ONE person that you know or have heard of who has EVER showed signs of physical withdrawals because of marijuana. NEVER! There's is not ONE proven fact showing that "weed" has any affect on the fetus. It even states this in the book "What to expect when expecting". The woman on here need help for serious things, so if you do not know what you are talking about, Please do not post. These woman do not need mislead! Thank you.

    • Addict

      I have been addicted to cannabis now for around 11 years; I use it daily, around 10 bongs an day. I have tried to quit many times, I am only 28. When I don't smoke for even 4 hours, I get emotional, anxiety attacks, suicidal, angry, u name it I get it. My problem is I found out yesterday, after 6 years of unprotected sex with my partner that I'm around 3-4 weeks pregnant. My issue is that I am so mentally, and I feel physically addicted to cannabis that I don't see a light at the end of the tunnel. I thought something would click inside me and I'd be able to stop. I've cut down by more than half, but the stress, and anxiety I'm feeling is unbearable, yet the guilt that if I smoke ill harm the baby I so desperately want is also unbearable. I feel like whatever I do I'm going to fail. The voices inside telling me to just smoke and eating me alive. I can't stop. I am an addict. PLEASE HELP!!! PLEASE HELP ME. MY DOCTOR LAUGHED AND SAID I CANT BE ADDICTED AND TO JUST STOP. I've seen 3 drugs counselors who weren't helpful at all. I have gone through school, college. Just an addict whose brain feels like it's controlled by something else. Please help me. If I lose this baby or it's born not right I know I will take my life.

  90. Addict

    My sister in law has been trying to have a baby for about 3 years, but can't. Her mother was very into illegal drugs, drinking, and smoking. She thinks this has affected her ability to have kids, but we don't have the money to go to a specialist to find out. We have not been able to find anything online. Her older brother has 3 kids and younger brother and sister are 9 and 13 so we don't know about them yet. She did drugs all her pregnancies. Could this be possible that what her mom did while pregnant with her caused to be be interfile?

  91. Addict

    i am not here to judge any one.... I just want to say this one thing! You women seem to be smart enough to know that you are doing wrong...Why not have enough courage and care to quit using these harmful drugs? If you can come on here and ask for help u should have the want to quit using on your own...I believe that there is no detox that can really break a person off a drug...I think the biggest detox is in the mind...Your mind should be strong enough to allow u with enough sense to understand that you are harming a innocent human. Yes I understand some people need help. But if you can boldly come on here and ask specific questions why not just stop and get yourself together for the better of your child. You are the mother of that child...no one else is....to know and see that people out here in the world is addicted to different drugs and can come on a website and post boldly how much they use and how often and to admit that they are not going to stop or haven't stopped makes me sick to my stomach. I use to use marijuana and i quit because once i found out i was pregnant...I knew that there was another life in side of me... and before i ruin my child life to be addicted or dependent on a drug. I quit. Your child is innocent and do not deserve to be high off of pain killers, heroin and other drugs... That is the sickest shit i have ever heard in my life. To know that u know u are wrong...and yes i understand u are reaching out for help. But at the same time You fail to quit using and all you are worried about is will the doctor find out....if u care that much to want to know if the doctor is going to find out....why don't u quit for the well being of your innocent child?? I am totally disgusted at some of these mothers out here in this world. Obviously you are not woman enough to admit to your doctor that u have a serious drug addiction but at the same time you don't want them to take your child away from you.. So QUIT. to all the mothers out there who are reaching out for help and have been honest with your doctors. I AM PROUD OF YOU! you were woman enough to let your doctor know that you have had addictions and your want whats best for your child. therefore if anything does come out abnormal for your child you will be fully prepared and aware of what is what. UNLIKE THESE OTHER PEOPLE WHO CONTINUE TO USE AND HIDE THEIR DRUG HABITS!!!

  92. Addict

    hi i am currently pregnant and on subutex and i work allot but my doctor keeps telling me that i have to do their iop program but i don't have time to with work and other appointments...she is telling me that dcf will get involved and open a case if i don't do the iop....is this true?

  93. Addict

    What about alcohol? Anyone relying on this for information would think that either alcohol isn't a drug or that alcohol use during pregnancy isn't a problem. You're creating the impression that cannabis use during pregnancy is a much worse problem than alcohol use, which is very inaccurate, and could easily lead people to think alcohol use during pregnancy is OK.

  94. Addict

    It's not only rude comments you don't tolerate, but also scientifically correct comments that don't fit your pro-alcohol, anti-cannabis commercialized agenda

  95. Addict

    you know, i don't understand why the people that are addicted to any types of drugs, don't protect ourselves from getting pregnant, that is a life that your are bringing into this world, and these babies don't deserve that type of life, they should not be around this, mothers you guys need help, how could you guys do drugs while pregnant this damages the babies brain and organs, why take a chance? there are a few people that said their baby was fine, but i want to tell you that the is only by the grace of God, that your child was born in a better state....i know its an addiction but you cant stop not even for the baby, why do u think you ll be a great mom as an addict, if you don't get help the baby will grow up seeing you get high and they will do it as adults, Ive heard it time and time again from young ladies "my mother took us with her and got high" God loves you guys, start going to church God can deliver you from this addiction.....now that you guys are pregnant, how are u going to take care of a baby if after you plan to continue, that is not fair.......and please do not get an abortion if you are pregnant, please God has this children in his hands, stop being selfish, that you want your baby, if you cant stop while pregnant why do u think you will stop when your not pregnant, I'm not judging but i would like you to see what your doing, God can deliver you from ANY addiction. their is hope! I'm a christian and i would like you mothers to know that their is hope in JESUS CHRIST, start going to church, start reading the bible, believe what God says about you, start believing God, not your situation.God will speak to you through his WORD THE BIBLE, he can and will change your life, he will deliver you, seek God, speak to HIM he is real! GOD BLESS YOU ALL, I will pray for you all......make a decision in your heart mind and soul that you don't want this in your life, tell God, tell him! God take this addiction out of my life, HE ABSOLUTELY WILL, YOU MUST MAKE A DECISION IN YOUR MIND, HEART AND SOUL, i know allot of people that were addicts to heroine cocaine and other drugs and God has delivered them all! one in particular he was addicted for years, now he opened a recovery house for addicts to get all these services, called the 3/sixty house in Brooklyn, NY. he also opened an online apparel store clothing with the LORD writing on it, called GratefulAapparel he used to be an addict, he attends church and serves God, he is just one example of what the LORD has done in his life, you can read his testimony on his website, NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE WITH GOD! please say this prayer out loud:
    Heavenly Father,
    I come before you in the name of JESUS CHRIST, I confess that you are my Lord and Savior, I believe that you died on the cross and rose again on the third day, Heal me, Protect me, save me and guide me, forgive me for all the wrong things i have done, i ask you to please come into my heart and live in my heart forever. I'm trusting You right now to make my heart clean. i take You to be my very own Savior and Lord. in Jesus name i pray, Amen.......thank you all for saying this prayer......God will truly honor your prayer and he will rescue you and give you a brand new life with your new baby! get ready!!!

  96. Addict

    last comment I made no longer applies, I'm happy to withdraw it.

  97. Addict

    I have a question, I hope someone can answer for me, I am currently 3 weeks pregnant, My wonderful boyfriend relapsed back in July, And has been sober since then he went back to jail, then got out, in the same month, He has been clean, no drugs and is on no medication for withdraw, The drug that he was addicted to was meth, Should i be worried about it affecting the baby? since it was several months ago? help me please.

  98. Addict

    Can someone please tell me if hospitals test for suboxone/subutex when u deliver?? I was addicted to pain killers from an accident i was in and have been self medicating myself with 1mg a day which is very small dose. I just don't want to have to tell my doc and don't know what to do! I only want the best for my baby and knew it wouldn't be good to go thru the withdrawals while pregnant for the baby. Please please help!

  99. Addict

    Hey mommyb i wanted to comment on your question. I was on Subutex throughout my pregnancy and it does not show up on a drug test. But... you should tell your doctor that you are taking it because your baby can still have withdrawal symptoms and you do not want a newborn to go through the hell of withdrawal. I was prescribed my Subutex and i was taking less then .5mg a day but they still kept my baby for over a week for observation. If your baby has any withdrawal symptoms they will put him on morphine and ween him/her off before they release the baby. My son is a year and he is perfect and has had no problems, and been right on track with all of his milestones. I hope this helps and i wish you the best of luck

  100. Addict

    It's amazing I came across this site. What I was searching for which is pretty embarrassing was if when Michael Jackson died and they did blood work if they ever checked for suboxone or subutex. I know first hand that those 2 drugs have to be specifically sought out. I'm addicted to watching this damn trial. Anyways I'm a mom of 3 kids. I loved Heroin, Norco, Oxy, and Vicodin. Any opiate really. I had my middle daughter in 96 and through that pregnancy I smoke heroin each and every single day. I knew she would be sick if I stopped and I knew I didn't want her to be a methadone baby. By then I'd been on and off of methadone a trillion times and hate hate hate that
    Drug. Mind you I smoked very little as I had low income at the time and I literally just stayed well and did not get high by no choice of my own. She was born and healthy and showed no signs of detox and the hospital as well as my doctor never knew I was using. I got lucky. Who knows though these days what that using really did neurologically. She has OCD and maybe that's from my using. I'll never know. I've been honest with everyone in my life doctors, family, friends because when she was 3 I got clean and sober. When she was 11. I replaced on pain meds from dental pain and took suboxone to get off the 45 norco I was taking daily. I had run rehabs from 99 till this time. I left cause I knew I was in trouble. I tried getting off of suboxone probably 15 times. Mind you I had been giving this drug to at least 1000 people throughout those years in my work. Finally I went off of suboxone and back onto norco so I could check myself
    Into a 7 day detox of pheno and clonodine. It worked I'm clean and sober ever since. For anyone wanting to get off of suboxone or subutex and unable to I am confident that the solution is to go back onto the original drug briefly (just for as long as it takes for the subs to leave the system) and get detoxed without the use of
    Opiates. Doctors love suboxone and subutex. Know That. Anyone in serious recovery and free of mind and mood altering chemicals that get you high will tell you that suboxone and subutex are a new
    Form of methadone. I was sicker coming off of suboxone than I ever was on heroin.
    I'm sorry if I'm coming across poorly. I just wanna share my
    Experience for maybe someone who wants it. It's only my experience and what I've seen as well from anyone getting off of suboxone. I realize some people might never be able to live a day without being sedated and for them suboxone I guess is good. You don't have to get dosed at a clinic and you don't have to live crime to pay for heroin. So for them maybe it's better.

  101. Addict

    I commend all of you for researching this on behalf of your babies health, not everyone bothers. I am sorry to say however that just because someone's baby has signs of health when born after her mother did drugs it does not mean this is a healthy child. I work as a counselor for children age 9-18 with severe emotional disturbances -- biting, punching, beating adults, siblings, trying to kill people, screaming and swearing uncontrollably and needing to be physically restrained to prevent them from really injuring themselves and others -- and 99% of these children's mothers used drugs, especially meth, cocaine, and alcohol, while they were pregnant. The children have no idea why they are behaving in these ways and they cannot control themselves. Most of them cannot be potty trained and have to wear diapers. It is a tragedy. Some of them are very intelligent, others are great athletes, and others are blessed with good looks. But they are not able to attend school or living in society without hurting someone, burning down houses, or being arrested. They cannot make friends because of their bizarre behavior. They have a life full of suffering and institutionalization ahead of them. Many of their mothers were "clean and sober" at different points in their lives, but relapsed over and over, causing more harm to their children when they stopped being able to provide for them, dated pimps and addicts who molested their children and took drugs in front of them, causing the children to be taken away and put in an institution. The solution is very clear to me: if you are a drug addict, don't have kids. You chose the drugs, and now your stuck with that choice. Don't allow it to destroy a young life as well as your own. If you love children, there are plenty already alive who need caring for.

  102. Addict

    I am 37weeks I have been clean for a month... I go to the doctor every week and take my prenatal vitamins and eat healthy... I was wondering if my system is showing that i am clean will the babies system show clean....also all my growth ultrasounds the doc says she looks great should i worry.....I went cold turkey and my husband doesn't know.

  103. Addict

    My sister is pregnant with her first child. She has been using crack throughout her entire pregnancy. However, she eats and drinks as a pregnant woman should. She is due tomorrow actually, but she will probably have to be induced later. She has been clean for 2 and a half weeks. I am looking for FACTS, not opinions, please and thank you. Apparently it takes a few days to clean the crack out of the mother's system. How long does it take for the crack to clean out of the fetus' system?

  104. Addict

    If a woman stops using any drug, particularly meth at 29 weeks. But has been taking prenatal vitamins, eating healthy and whatnot throughout her whole pregnancy... is there a chance her system will be clean at 37 weeks and the hospital wont take the baby away?

  105. Addict

    I just found out that I am 3 moths pregnant. Due to my heroin use I had very irregular periods. I want to quit and go on methadone because I desperately want this baby. My question is will CPS get involved at this point if I go in to my Dr. And am honest about it all? I need help but I'm scared.

  106. Addict

    To all the questions about social services taking your kid....here is what happened to me unfortunately. I have been struggling with heroin for about 5 years now and when I became pregnant in April last year I was terrified and didn't know what to do. I didn't want to have a miscarriage from withdrawal so I pretty much had to keep using until I figured something else out. I moved back home and got put on Subutex and it made me feel horrible! So my only other choice was methadone. I started that when I was already five months along. I stayed clean for the most part but my boyfriend didn't which made it extremely hard for me. When I was around him I usually ended up getting high and I feel so terrible about it. Well of course the two times I was drug tested at the methadone clinic I was dirty both times. For the last month I stayed clean from heroin completely and I gave birth at 36 weeks. They tested me and my baby's urine and we were both clean but his meconium was positive for opiates. Social services was already involved because I was on methadone so they called the clinic I was at and found out about my 2 dirty drops. My son was beautiful and perfectly healthy besides the withdrawals which started around day 2. He was put in the NICU unit and I was there all day every day. Social services stressed out so much because I knew they were going to take my baby. It didn't matter that I was clean a month before he was born and the whole time after that. But because of those two times I used when pregnant they said I had to sign over guardianship to my mom and me and my boyfriend have to move out tomorrow because we can't live with our own baby! We go to court tomorrow and my baby comes home tomorrow from the hospital as well. I'm glad that he gets to at least come home to our house because otherwise he would go to foster care. I have never been so upset, sad and depressed in my life. I don't want my son to grow up not knowing his own parents or liking my mom more. I hate even thinking that she will be the one doing everything for him and we only get to visit him for an hour each day. It's such bullshit. This is the worst thing that could ever happen. I never even got to bond with my own newborn child because he's been in the hospital and now he's going straight to my mom's care. I wouldn't wish this pain on anyone else. I cry all day and I'm just miserable. So anyone reading this just don't do what I do. I never thought this would happen to me. I've looked forward to raising him this whole time I even decorated his room all by myself and I don't get to experience any of that with my baby, so don't use the last 3 months of your pregnancy! Well you shouldn't use at all but if you are just know that the meconium, which is in the baby's poop, can be tested when the babies born and it will tell if u have used drugs in the last 3 months! Pray that I get my baby back!

  107. Addict

    thats some crazy shit.

  108. Addict

    I need answers I have been addicted to Xanax for close to ten years before I found out I was pregnant I had already suffered from a seizure before due to withdrawals not only Xanax I have tried many other prescription drugs as well as smoking them through pipes along with once trying cocaine I've snorted Xanax before with heavy alcohol use with each time being under the influence of Xanax. I'm very scared I have not touched any drugs since I found out I was pregnant for my first time this is the longest my body has been without drugs and I'm scared of the withdrawal symptoms could lead to another seizure what would happen to my child if that would take place I have no desire or craving to continue my drug use any answers?

  109. Addict

    I'm 29 years old ,been on heroin for11 years.I've started having regular periods for past year as I got clean,but relapsed.I really want to know if this has affected my chances of having a baby.

  110. Addict

    I commend all of you for researching this on behalf of your babies health, not everyone bothers. I am sorry to say however that just because someone's baby has signs of health when born after her mother did drugs it does not mean this is a healthy child. I work as a counselor for children age 9-18 with severe emotional disturbances -- biting, punching, beating adults, siblings, trying to kill people, screaming and swearing uncontrollably and needing to be physically restrained to prevent them from really injuring themselves and others -- and 99% of these children's mothers used drugs, especially meth, cocaine, and alcohol, while they were pregnant. The children have no idea why they are behaving in these ways and they cannot control themselves. Most of them cannot be potty trained and have to wear diapers. It is a tragedy. Some of them are very intelligent, others are great athletes, and others are blessed with good looks. But they are not able to attend school or living in society without hurting someone, burning down houses, or being arrested. They cannot make friends because of their bizarre behavior. They have a life full of suffering and institutionalization ahead of them. Many of their mothers were "clean and sober" at different points in their lives, but relapsed over and over, causing more harm to their children when they stopped being able to provide for them, dated pimps and addicts who molested their children and took drugs in front of them, causing the children to be taken away and put in an institution. The solution is very clear to me: if you are a drug addict, don't have kids. You chose the drugs, and now you're stuck with that choice. Don't allow it to des.

    • Addict

      That is extremely sad for those children but being an ex addict myself if I read this while trying to get sober I would be VERY upset!!! How dare u say that because someone chose to be an addict that they are stuck that way! That is SO far from the truth! An addict can get help and become clean and sober and live a great life and be a GREAT parent! I've done it and I am living proof that addicts can change, they just have to want to change! I chose to receive help and found out I was pregnant a month later and nothing made me want to stay clean more than that child growing inside of me! I have been clean for 4 years now! So don't say an addict is stuck with that life they chose! Also who are u to tell people they can't have kids, you DONT dictate anyone! Yes I agree if u keep using drugs and can't stop and don't want to stop then yes you should REALLY consider having your tubes tied or something cause it's not fair to the child who has to suffer cause you the addict who doesn't want to quit is ruining their life's as well. I've worked in the public school system for a few years now and have seen how those innocent children suffer so I do agree with u to a point but you can't just group all addicts together most of the ones on here are looking for help and encouragement to quit not negative comments! Best advice is quit obvisiously but you have to want it more than anything and trust me that little baby is worth every bit of it!

  111. Addict

    Perfect site, I like it! I bookmarked this link. Thank you for good job!

  112. Addict

    I just took a pregnancy test that came back positive. I am addicted to opiates. Lortab, Oxycodone, I also take Xanax at night to help me sleep. I don't want to loose this baby. I do not know what to do. I am scared to death that I have already hurt my baby.

  113. Addict

    Hi I was an addict for 10 years of my life from smoking weed, popping pills, snorting cat, coke, meth, twice tried committing suicide luckily no success. I'm clean now a year after I hit rock bottom and couldn't anymore and got my family to book me in a rehab for 6 months, it was the best thing I ever did for myself haven't looked back a single day, I moved away from the town I stayed in. I meat a wonderful man here and were getting married one of these days. Now what I actually want advice on is where battling to fall pregnant could it be caused by my previous addiction and is there anything I could do to fall pregnant. Please I've been to doctors and it just seems they have no sympathy with my situation.

  114. Addict

    If you smoked crack at 28 weeks only will it show up in the meconium?

  115. Addict

    I'm 15 weeks pregnant I cant stop using heroin what should I do?

  116. Addict

    I have a friend that is pregnant and she told me she had done coke 3 or 4 times in the end of May and she is due at the end of July.... Will the drugs come up in the baby's meconium?

  117. Addict

    I am 5monhts pregnant and addicted to drugs even though I do not use every day but am scared for the health of the baby and I also want to have a safe delivery with a healthy child. Please I need to know if it's safe for me to still keep the child or the necessary steps to take in this situation.

  118. Addict

    3wks ago I found out I am 3mths pregnant and I have been taking opium for about 2yrs now. As soon as I found out I was pregnant I try stopping cold turkey since I was afraid what it can do to my child but it may me very ill. I called the doctor and he told me that it could have affected the baby the first 3mths. He has me weaning off them. I was doing 3-4 a day of 10/325 now I am at 3 1/2 of that a day. I cry every day because I just want off of them period. I almost feel like I should not do this to this child and maybe abort it? I've never don't an abortion but in this case I might consider it. I feel terribly bad. Everyone tells me I am doing find to stop worrying so much. However they aren't the ones putting their child through this. Please help. I want to go into a Rehab but don't want any substitutions I just want off of them!!!!!

  119. Addict

    I last tried heroin when I was 28 weeks pregnant just once and I'm scared that when my baby is born her meconium will test positive. If I haven't done it anymore should I be worried?

  120. Addict

    I have a question I have a very close friend that is pregnant around 28 weeks. She has had no prenatal care what so ever. She is a every day or every other day crack user. She has no way of supporting this baby and has nothing for this unborn child. She has already lost her other 3children to their dad for drugs. I HAVE done everything I know to do to try and help her. But you can't help someone was that doesn't want it. When she goes into labor and has this poor defenseless baby. Will they be doing a drug test on her and the baby and what will happen to them both?

  121. Addict

    While I am not pregnant (nor do I have any children, but would like to start soon), I am addicted to medications legitimately prescribed to me for my chronic back pain.

    I've had spinal surgery to fuse one of my two herniated discs, but the surgery did not help me, it only made the pain worse and made the pain spread all over my body.

    Before I was on any of my current meds, I was stealing and abusing my dad's Soma (muscle relaxer) for about a year maybe a little longer. I was obviously found out about, but quitting cold turkey I couldn't do it.

    The first night I remember I could not sleep and my legs and back ached so bad. I started buying them on the internet (which you can still do to this day with no Rx) in order to feed my addiction. When I first started, it was helping me to relax in class as I was an interior design major and my work is always being judged. One of the most hurtful critiques I ever received from a teacher was that my floor plan was not very creative. It made me feel horrible, like, "What am I doing here if I suck so badly at this?"

    The Soma helped take the stressful edge off so I could focus and get creative. One night, my mom opened my bedroom door to find me slumped over my laptop after I had swallowed 6 Soma. They called 911 and I got a nice ride to the hospital and a charcoal drink. I have overdosed about 5 different times, but that was the first and only time I went to the hospital.

    After that night, my mom asked why I was taking them and why so much. I explained to her how much back pain I was having and that I could not get any sleep without it, which is difficult for a full time college student to be successful with no sleep EVER! She took me to our GP who ordered an MRI of my back and put me on extremely weak pain meds. The first MRI apparently showed nothing, at least to this doctor, (whom I very much dislike now) but when a second MRI was ordered when I saw an orthopedic surgeon, he saw two herniated discs. How does a doctor miss 2 herniated discs on an MRI? The surgeon recommended an epidural, which didn't last more than 24 hours. He then recommended a course of 3 epidural injections over the course of 3 weeks. That still did nothing to help the pain. He finally suggested the spinal fusion, which I didn't really want, considering most fusions are not successful at relieving pain and can actually because more discs to damage later on.

    I really wanted to try the newer surgery with the disc implant, but he said I was not a suitable candidate as my Pars were cracked (the part of the bone that sticks out from the vertebrae). So I had the fusion done.....back in 2009 and I am in worse pain than ever. I can't hold a job, not to mention I am now also physically addicted to the Fentanyl patch (changed every 48 hours, but I usually change at about 36 hours now). I was started on 25mcg's changed every 72 hours, but my tolerance was built quickly and I couldn't go a whole 72 hours anymore. I am now currently taking Fentanyl patch 50mcg's every 48 hours, 4 x 350mg's Soma, and 4 x 5-500mg's Vicodin.

    I could probably stop taking the pills on my own, but the draw of the high keeps me going back for more. When my scripts run out early, I suffer until I can get my next one filled. The worst to be without is the Fentanyl patch because the withdrawal is very similar to heroin......vomiting, severe muscle aches, sweats and chills changing every few minutes, diarrhea. It is horrible to withdraw from Fentanyl.

    I've been on this regimen for about 6 years now. I just want help to learn control over my meds, but I am so afraid that that is impossible. There is no "managing" for an addict, but I also know I would never sleep again without some significant pain relief. The saddest part is I am afraid I will never have the opportunity to experience pregnancy, labor, and child-rearing because of the drugs, either that they will kill the developing baby or that I would give birth to a baby addicted to drugs or have other physical problems because of the chemicals in the drugs.

    I try to keep up hope, knowing that they gave my sister-in-law a shot of Fentanyl for labor pain since she did not get the epidural because she dilated relatively quickly, but one shot is much different than a constant controlled release of medication.

  122. Addict

    I went to jail 2wks b4 having my daughter. I was detoxing from heroine so cps got involved. I was sent to rehab for 6 months by judicial court for my crime. I saw this as a great opportunity to get my baby back for sure. I did good finished treatment while she was in foster care. Then I get out and I'm on probation and I failed a ua for alcohol so I told cps caseworker. She didn't care because it wasn't drugs. Then I turn myself in and ask to do my jail time so I can get off probation and the aftercare so I could work and get an apartment for the baby. So everything's good. They say OK we want to give her back around May 1st. and wouldn't u know I relapsed a few times and now I'm scared that I will fail the hair test if they give another one. Now... would it be best for me to just call my caseworker and explain what happened? I've done really well throughout this whole process and I am the only person that they will give her to. Should I wait it out and hope they don't test me or fess up and ask what I need to do now to fix things? Need to know soon.

  123. Addict

    I lost my son due to a failed drug test. I tested positive for marijuana and cocaine. I've done drugs the first four months in hope of misscarring due to stress from her father. I'm now 27 weeks and I've been clean since the beginning of june. My baby is fine since I don't do anything anymore and the sonographer says she's developing perfect. My question is how many people have went through this with CPS, and gotten there kid back fast especially when you comply with them, pass drug tests, and complete the plabs?

  124. Addict

    My brother and his bm are on their 2nd child. Their 1st got taken away by cps a year ago! Theyve dealt with heroin addiction for a couple years now... The problem is shes at the end of her 2nd trimester and although her stomach is growing big... Tonight was the 1st time the baby moved since the whole pregnancy!!!! The touch is so faint u cant tell whether its a hand, arm, foot, whatever. Many mothers have told me u should beable to tell the difference already? They lie and say they go to the doctors but never come back with sonograms or anything.... Claim the doctor said the baby is a boy. I just want to know what him not moving but continuing to grow means? What are the effects on the baby if they shoot it up? Ive only found on google the baby will be an addict when born. Help pls

  125. Addict

    I am 35 weeks pregnant here sober for about 4 months and am scared to death that cps will take my daughter. The question of merconium being tested and showing up positive for past use and cps still taking away the child even if you are actively sober when delivering has not been really addressed. I know with using heroin even only a month into the 2nd trimaster will cause a positive in opiates in the merconium, but just wanted to know if current sobering counts for anything. I haven't had a period in almost 2 years because of endometriosis and drug use (heroin) so I really did not think for a 2nd I was pregnant and had to find out from a bitchy nurse when I very badly timed dealing with legal problems from 5 years ago, in jail. No surprise their prenatal care was close to as negligent and non existent as being an addict would have been. I'm out now doing everything I can to take good care of myself and test at least 3 times a week, so it's documented I've been sober for at least since I was 4 months. I know this post is jumbled but I really want to know if anyone really knows if cps would still take her away. I couldn't live with myselfriends if she had to go to the state.

  126. Addict

    I'm 34 weeks and am on subutex the home pregnancy but messed up about a month and a half ago and have been doinhbherion. About 5pts. A day. But the last 3 days have cut down like did 3pts. And then day 2 did 1 pt. Then today did one pt. So by tomorrow 24 hours later will I be safe to take like 4mg. Subutex. I don't want baby to be addicted and I don't want them to take him and me get in trouble. Any advice help what do I do??

  127. Addict

    My girlfriend just found out she is 2-3 months pregnant she had been abusing her prescription pills Xanax, pain pills is it to late has she caused nonrepairable harm an if so what may it be

  128. Addict

    Hi, I am 5 weeks 4 days pregnant and had has been using meth for about 2 months off an on (one week on, one week off) during the week that I found out I was pregnant, (a few days ago) I had been doing it every few days. I have quit as of the day I found out, but I'm woreied I have hurt my baby in some way... I don't know if what I was doing was considered regular use or excessive, but I need to know if I'm doing the right thing by stopping cold turkey. I don't want to hurt my baby and the stat I'm in, it is illegal at any point during pregnancy to use methamphetamines. Please... Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated.

  129. Addict

    I have to tell all mothers with a drug problem, DO NOT JUST STOP. It will fulfil your body into hyperdrive withdrawals, causing 98% of women's, planned and unplanned pregnancies. I'm saying this because I've been on narcotics for 7 years for my back. As soon as i found out I stopped EVERYTHING. Ended up oin er about to have miscarriage. As am in, I have decided to slowly decrease my levels until after at least the first trimester, causing my child less harm than death. My obgyn wants me on methadone. I wasn't even taking anything that strong to begin with. To all mothers. Talk to your dr, be honest and listen to your heart's. God will take care of the rest

  130. Addict

    I am 22 years old and addicted to heroin. I am only doing about 2 points a day. and Im also only about 2 weeks pregnant. would it be less harmful for me to quit cold turkey right now since I am so early on in my pregnancy? I am too broke to afford to not go cold turkey right now. I have seen many articles about women saying not to go cold turkey because it will cause miscarriage. I am just wondering since I don't do that much and I'm so early on, will it be less likely to have a miscarriage?

  131. Addict

    So i am 23 weeks and 5 days, giving birth to a beautiful baby boy Feb 22,2017. Ive been off and on heroin during my pregnancy. I have never injected it, but i smoked it up to 3 times a day and very occasionally did a line for a over month. At the most ive done 3 or 4 small lines during the period of my pregnancy drug abuse. I stopped about a week ago because the guilt was really eating me alive knowing that I was ruining the babys chance away at being healthy. Knowing how terrible of mother i am already for this loving child. Ive been taking less than a mg of suboxone each day, and i need to know... what the hell do i do? How long Do i keep taking this amount of suboxone? Will someone please share with me their experience of this similarity? Im freaking out and i dont want my precious gift to experience withdrawals and be taken away from me. I live in Georgia and i dont know what the laws or regulations are here so im hesitating on telling my doctor because definitely know i should. I just want to know what im walking myself into. I need advice. Anything helps

  132. Addict

    I'm 35 weeks pregnant and have been clean for over 2 years. I had a slip and used cocaine just ONCE. literally once. will it show in the baby's first stool?

    • Addict

      Struggling mom did u drop clean

  133. Addict

    It was simply amazing. I had history of recurrent miscarriages and was also diagnosed with genetic problems but using your system http://iyareyarespellstemple.webs.com/ I got pregnant naturally at age 44& after 2 HSGs and 4 negative IUIs including 6 induction Clomid cycles and laparscopy

  134. Addict

    I guess Im totally confused here,
    I don't want my son to grow up not knowing his own parents or liking my mom more.
    You dont care about your son, otherwise you would not have been using, Your Mother would be a caring , more suitable, Parent, provided she is not in to drugs.

  135. Addict

    I'm 28 weeks pregnant I'm not addicted to heroin but I have done small amounts on and off in my pregnancy because of migraines that r so bad nothing else will help. I have only sorted. If I stop now will my baby boy be addicted if I am not. I have not been able to sleep for days because I am so scared I am gunna get him taken please somebody help me.

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