Heroin Abuse Is Out of Control

Heroin Abuse Is Out of Control

Parents and young people need to understand just how serious the heroin epidemic is getting. Teens and young people need to understand just how addictive and deadly heroin use is. In no way should heroin use be compared to other drugs of abuse, from what I'm seeing heroin is one of the most dangerous drugs on the street.

Drug dealers know just how addictive heroin is and they can't wait to get you hooked. They're so confident you'll get hooked they actually will give this drug to young teens for free because they realize after one use you're going to come looking for them.

Drug dealers don't have to worry about adults, by now if they use heroin they're already hooked and can't survive without it. They know how curious young people are and how vulnerable they can be. They're targeting teens because in the drug dealer's eyes teens and young people are easy, and naturally it keeps the Mexican and Columbian drug lords in business. This is how clever these drug dealers are; they target kids, give it away for free (at first), sell it cheap, and make the packaging appealing to them. They stamp the packets with names like Prada, Chevrolet or names of movies on them like Twilight. Come on, you think the drug dealers don't know what they're doing, that's their way of marketing their deadly heroin!

Part of the reason heroin is so addictive today is because it's much more potent. Today heroin is sometimes more than 60 percent in purity compared to the 70's when it was only around 3 percent pure. Another reason heroin is attractive to many kids is because it's so cheap. You can get a small bag of heroin for 5 bucks. What kid today has a hard time coming up with $5, anymore that's chump-change to a teenager! Many young teens that use drugs today would gladly spend the 5 bucks on heroin rather than eat lunch.

I didn't realize that heroin use was sometimes hard to detect, by the time parents see the symptoms of dry skin, exhaustion and nausea the child is hooked on the drug. I always realized that heroin was addictive but I didn't know that most people become hooked after their first use because of the euphoria experience. Heroin users readily admit that their first heroin experience is so amazing they continue to 'chase the high'.

Heroin overdoses appear to be on the rise according to a news report. In Madison County there were 7 lethal heroin overdoses in 2009 and in 2010 there were 18. According to the report the heroin on the streets today is extremely high in potency, sometimes as high as 90 percent. Stephen Wigginton a United States Attorney who said at one time (decades ago) heroin was about 20% pure. Agencies may take a much stronger stand on overdose scenes; this may include prosecuting the dealers under federal guidelines which could include imprisonment for life.

Many heroin users have overdosed and almost died but there have been thousands who sadly lost their life to this drug. It's just so sad, you wish you could get people to understand just how serious drug abuse is, it's on the news all the time and unfortunately people don't take it serious enough. So many parents out there have lost a child because of a heroin overdose. Our hearts go out to them all. We can only hope that through the loss of one beautiful child we can save another.

As soon as heroin starts to wear off, the user has to get their fix as soon as possible because they symptoms are so bad they're unable to function without it. It just doesn't get any worse than that, it's devastating to listen to heroin users tell their stories, and those are the ones that so far have survived.

Heroin isn't a drug to experiment with and somehow teens and young people need to get that message because until they do; many more lives are going to be destroyed and heroin overdose deaths will continue to increase while the Mexican and Columbian Drug Lords sit back and count their cash!

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  1. Addict

    Unfortunately heroin has been gaining ground ever since the drug task force agents began their raids of meth labs a few years back. As the cost of one drug increases, the cost and popularity of another drug (in this particular case heroin) increases 10 fold. It seems those who don't get treatment for their problems simply switch from drug to drug depending on who the police are currently targeting. However, overdoses are much more likely to occur with a downer drug like heroin, thus increasing the number of drug related deaths.

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