Kratom, Psychotic Symptoms Aren't Worth the Legal High

Kratom, Psychotic Symptoms Aren't Worth the Legal High

A recreational substance that produces stimulant effects in low doses and sedative effects in high doses is called Kratom and according to not long ago, there's been a "sharp surge" of admissions at Austin Recovery Center for people seeking treatment for Kratom addiction.

Even though Kratom is a tropical tree in Southeast Asia, the leaves can be easily obtained throughout the internet today and even purchased in some smoke shops but not everyone realizes that the use of kratom can lead to addiction. Kratom produces different effects depending on the amount that's used. Various forms of Kratom can be found online which include whole leaves, crushed leaves, powder form, extract, encapsulated powder and resin pies according to the DEA. Right now Kratom is legal in the United States but it's on the DEA's list as a drug of concern.

How is Kratom Abused?

Kratom leaves are commonly brewed as tea but Kratom is also smoked, chewed and can even be obtained as gel caps. Kratom is known on the streets as Biak, Kakuam, Ketum, Thang, and Thom.

Kratom Use and Abuse Effects

A low dose of kratom produces a stimulant effect which includes; mild euphoria, talkativeness, increased alertness, increased physical energy, and sociable behavior. In high doses, Kratom produces sedative effects and the user experiences intense euphoria. It only takes around five to ten minutes after a person ingests Kratom to start feeling the effects and they can last for around two to five hours. The use of Kratom can cause nausea, dry mouth, itching, sweating, loss of appetite and increased urination. According to the DEA, psychotic symptoms have been reported associated with the use of Kratom which include delusions, hallucinations and confusion.

Kratom Withdrawal Symptoms

  1. Runny nose
  2. Mood swings
  3. Hostility
  4. Aggression
  5. Muscle and bone aches
  6. Jerky limb movements

Today recreational drugs are very popular and according to people are showing up in emergency rooms in the United States sick from taking Kratom, "especially teens" that are trying to get high on the substance. The article goes on to say that there are companies on the internet that sell Kratom saying it can help with depression, pain and fatigue and used as an antidote for heroin addiction.

Young people are curious and as long as Kratom is legal in the United States and easily obtained, there will be a lot of teens and young adults trying it to see what the effects are like and some of them will become addicted like others have. We don't know enough about the risks associated with the use of Kratom and until we do, hopefully people will think twice about achieving a legal high from the substance.


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  1. Addict

    Kratom is not an issue, despite the prohibitionazis' rantings. Indigenous tribes have been using kratom for upwards of one-thousand years; even with tribal medical attention not being stellar, no one has ever died from it. Every hospitalization has been caused by mixing kratom with other drugs. It's a godsend; it helps keep me off of heroin whenever I have an opiate craving that needs satisfied, but it benefits the pharmacies to prescribe Suboxone/Methadone, which is just as hard to quit as the dope was. People have cut their opioid painkiller doses in half. I just used it in place of the hydrocodone I should have been prescribed when I had my wisdom teeth removed. Any issues caused are not the fault of this plant. If someone climbed a mountain, fell off, and died, no one would blame the mountain. Kratom is beneficial for many people.

    • Addict

      I'm so glad this comments are filled with people like you. Kratom literally saved my life after being addicted to oxycodone then suboxone. I was on suboxone for 4 years before I found kratom. The w/ds from suboxone was worse than the oxys! Kratom allowed me to taper down easier due to requiring you to take grams instead of milligrams. It's so hard to taper when .1mg is active. You are always over or under dosing. I hope these prohibitionazis will gtfo kratom case.

    • Addict

      Thank you for being here and able to post things like this. The only time something happens with something like Kratom is when a moron gets a hold of it, just like any substance, yet no one goes around trying to ban them. We should kick the idiots, not the plants.

  2. Addict

    There is nothing wrong with Kratom. I love it; it helps me with my anxiety and my restless leg syndrome. Anytime something comes out that has good affects you have stupid people making false claims about it. I've been taking Kratom for a while. When I don't use it for weeks at a time I get no withdrawals. This is all bullshit and just another way to make a big deal out of nothing!!!

    • Addict

      Agreed. Kratom got me off codeine addiction without causing an addiction in itself. It was a godsend. I can use it occasionally without being addicted whatsoever and have not used it now for over a year. Big Pharma doesn't want anyone using drugs that they do not sell and most of the media is in bed with them (Big Pharma) so they will post any fly by night study stating the dangers of Kratom. It's the same with something like echinacea a wonderful immune system booster that helps your system to fight off colds and flu when taken properly (the root only) in mega doses so that your body is saturated with the herb. But then you see some crazy article or study being reported in the paper stating that echinacea is ineffective and check who the study was done by and lo and behold it was done by Big Pharma! That tells you the propaganda we have to face every day in this capitalist machine. Using echinacea I haven't had a cold or flu in over 10 years.

  3. Addict

    Its threads like this and people saying they are "addicted" to Kratom that is destroying our freedom. Try being addicted to heroin, or morphine aka the "legal" heroin. Anyone that has an addiction to this has NO idea what physical pain is and the absolute hell us former junkies have experienced from withdrawals. Just because the big pharmas can't make a buck off us gives them no right to take it away. It's helped me get clean AND my husband had 1000 pounds of rebar fall on him and uses this miracle plant that treats his pain for eight hours. While he was on morphine too, the pills lasted roughly around four hours, made him constipated as hell, AND also dealt with the shitty withdrawals. Kratom is a miracle plant and how dare someone even say it isn't. Stop making the pharmaceutical industry richer with your hogwash of a page. The dudes above me agree too.

  4. Addict

    My boyfriend is now addicted to Kratom, it's not fun and games if you have an addictive personality. He isn't the same person anymore and it's ruined our relationship.....very sad.

    • Addict

      I wonder who is perpetuating the addiction myth pertaining to Kratom. Could it be "Big Pharma"? I believe there is plenty of evidence that the "real addictive substances" are concocted in labs so they can be patented and sold for HUGE profits. In their "natural state" they are (and you would think this would be obvious by now) far safer than the chemicalized versions sold to a gullible and trusting population. The same applies to marijuana. Not addictive...can't overdose...and actually has natural compounds that have shown allot of curative potential especially in cancer patients. It would be laughable in a saner world.

    • Addict

      When you say that websites "claim" that Kratom helps with addiction, depression, pain, and fatigue, it does. Read testimonials all over the internet. It helps much more than it hurts. As for teens taking Kratom, how many have statistically died from the substance? None that I've ever read. Like marijuana, Kratom is a euphoria-producing substance and also helps remedy many ailments. Just because something produces euphoria, why should it be made illegal? Does the world have something against people feeling good? I say leave it alone. When it starts killing people in numbers like alcohol and prescription drugs, then control it.

    • Addict

      This is the most one sided piece of B.S I've read in a long time. For a start your first heading: "How is kratom ABUSED?" The more appropriate heading "How and Why is kratom USED?" Just reading that lets me know where you're coming from. All drugs are bad, blah, blah, bllah. Maybe you should try some and have a rethink about the misinformation/propaganda your promoting on this 'addiction site' meant to inform the public.

      You sir (author) are; judging by this article doing no good for the world. You might as well be in bed with big pharma. Your opinions are unbelievably biased. Don't work for the bad guys. Herbs are so much better than the rubbish that gets thrown at us by pharmaceutical companies.

      Stop tarnishing the reputation of an incredible plant with so many benefits for the human race; Please.
      Really think this through. As people like you, making unfounded one-sided articles like this could well contribute to the 'ban of all herbs'.

      What would that leave us with? Prozac and valium - world gone to hell.

      Please just think before you create an article like this..... Just think.

    • Addict

      Just be careful what you combine it with. I used to love it at first but had problems using it with St. Johns Wort. If you have questionable heart health be careful.

    • Addict

      Help! My husband takes kratom powder 4 times a day and on the weekend he takes kratom and drinks a bottle of Vodka. He gets drunk and becomes insane. Please can someone help me or tell me what to do?

      • Addict

        It's not the kratom that's making him insane, I can assure you it's the alcohol. Give me a break...

    • Addict

      This shit makes me so angry or atom saved my life I had severe pain and severe depression with ptsd WITHIN A MONTH kratom got me off pain medication and my narcotics such a valium for ptsd I now take no medication none at all I have never felt better in my life and I know hundreds if not thousands who it has helped also this site is a joke I've never seen any psychotic problems due to kratom use however I have seen psychotic problems due to anti depressants narcotics and pain killers
      Educate yourselves don't read this reefer madness garbage to form a opinion

    • Addict

      So , I think Phenibut leads to aggression. Just my thoughts in 2 out of 3 times felt a bit aggressive. It might also be withdrawal of Kratom.

      But more likely, it is similiar to how there are angry drunks, phenibut works on same area of the brain. Not sure if it affects testosterone.

    • Addict

      So , I think Phenibut leads to aggression. Just my thoughts in 2 out of 3 times felt a bit aggressive. It might also be withdrawal of Kratom. I do love Kratom.

      But more likely, it is similiar to how there are angry drunks, phenibut works on same area of the brain. Not sure if it affects testosterone.

    • Addict

      In many ways kratom has helped me, yes. It's a special help too that it's legal, i.e., there's no guilt associated with going out & buying illegal drugs. However, a year down the road and I am addicted to it. Some people get addicted to things very easily. I'm one of those. The addiction is now causing distress. Also there have been signs recently of psychosis (in me). So really kratom has it's good side and it's bad side, just like everything else.

    • Addict

      Unbelievable story, how many people abuse Tylenol and all the opioid drugs with fatal consequences? So a few uneducated people who misuse kratom runs scared to the emergency room being sick from it, they always live to see another day. These stories are just scare tactics and propaganda from big pharma and government agencies who see a threat to there back pocket. It's going to take everyone who has been positively affected by kratom to pull together and fight these s.o.b.s . They have already screwed us on making us believe that opiates are not that addictive, now they are trying to make us believe that kratom is dangerous. I call horseshit on this article

    • Addict

      Can someone tell me what type of Kratom is best? i see it ranging from $10 up to $100 for the same amount. Any advise would be much appreciated.

    • Addict

      I understand why this article exist but it simply doesn't help when pieces of information are missing, an herb that through all the testimonies I've read about the use of this herb is of far more beneficial than what articles like these promote, yes as like any other medication on the market if you mix other meds/drugs/alcohol with what you are taking you may have negative interactions just like if you have outstanding medical conditions especially pertaining to the heart, liver, kidneys . Other than that for an herb with a 1000+ years in use & no deaths from use alone. The systematic attempt at banning this herb from local government to the state to federal back to the state is PATHETIC. If something like this can successfully aid others to get off hard drugs I see it as a tool the public desperately needs and every tool is needed especially when everyone experiences everything differently. The government needs to protect the public not decide what it can ingest. There aren't laws banning people from eating arsenic. For somthing that's not addictive chemically, related to coffee & probably safer, doesnt send people to the ER or to there graves stuff like this is uninformative in my view of at least jaded. Do your own research decide for yourself & please protect this herb, sign petitions, & inform others. If one sees this as safe route seek advice from a experienced herbalist. Peace to all & better days are comming!

    • Addict

      This article is a FARCE. Reminds me of Scientology's NARCONON Rehab Centers whose notorious fear-mongering websites are still up to this day, despite being told to STOP LYING. Kratom is no more dangerous than marijuana.

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