Meth Labs and Addiction, Crime In A Bottle

Meth Labs and Addiction, Crime In A Bottle

Meth Addiction and Meth Labs Affect Us All!

By now, most everyone has heard of meth labs and as dangerous as they are, they still exist and manage to destroy not only those who abuse methamphetamine's but innocent people as well. The individuals that run these illegal labs only care about two things, customers and cash. They have no regard for their own families let alone anyone else.

Not surprisingly, there's a new dangerous method of producing meth that's becoming dangerously popular. ‘Shake and Bake' and ‘One-Pot' has taken on a new meaning. Due to the new laws that restrict the sale of some of the ingredients needed to manufacture meth like pseudoephedrine, there is a new and much more dangerous method available for those that abuse methamphetamines.

This dangerous way of cooking meth is taking off like a storm across the country and in the wrong hands, much more lethal. Meth-cooks use a one-pot method now combining anhydrous ammonia, pseudoephedrine pills, water and lithium into a container when they start the process. After the reaction to the chemicals takes place, a crystalline powder is left. This process is actually more dangerous than the processing of methamphetamine in make-shift meth labs that have caused many tragedies and deaths in the past.

In In this news report video, a child sustained second and third degree burns when an explosion occurred in her family's kitchen while her father was manufacturing meth. Parents are suppose to love and protect their children but when drugs are involved the children are the ones that suffer.

Mixing all of these toxic ingredients in one container such as a soda bottle is supposed to be a quicker way of producing meth in small quantities. The shake and bake process is extremely dangerous. If the bottle isn't shaken in a certain way, if oxygen manages to get inside of the bottle or if the cap is loosened up too fast the bottle will explode and turn into a gigantic fire-ball. Not only is the meth abuser playing Russian roulette with this bottle every time they touch it, they are putting everyone else nearby in danger as well. Can you imagine just how dangerous this is to a young child that finds it on the side of the street and curiously picks it up or worse yet tries to ingest the residue?

The clandestine methamphetamine labs still exist and are every bit as dangerous as they have always been. Dangerous toxic chemicals are used when manufacturing meth in these labs. Some of the toxic chemicals that are used to produce meth include lye, acetone, muriatic acid, battery acid, red phosphorous, camping fuel and crystal iodine. Brake cleaner, paint thinner, starter fluid and drain cleaner are also chemicals that go into the meth-mix. It's sad to think that meth addicts are ingesting, snorting, injecting and smoking these dangerous chemicals. I can't imagine slowly ending your own life that way.

These labs are set up to manufacture meth and could be right down the street from you, right next door or in your apartment building. They have also been found in motel rooms having no regard for the innocent people that work there or the families and children that are staying there. These labs have also been found in campgrounds and dorm rooms. Many of the individuals that run these meth labs don't even care about their own families and children. They run these labs in their basements, garages, and sheds knowing full well that the lab could accidentally blow up at any time. This has happened many times. They don't just risk their own lives; they risk the lives of their families, neighbors and friends as well. They don't even care about their own children.

There are 2 different Government reports that state; in one lab site there were 5 young children ages 1 to 7 years old living in the home. They lived in a one bedroom house with no electric or heat except for a gas stove that they left the oven door open in order to heat the home. Meth paraphernalia was lying around including needles where the young children played. There were no beds so they slept under a card-table with their blankets. The children had no place to bathe because the tub was clogged with sewer drainage. The children all had needle marks on the feet, hands and legs because of accidental contact with the syringes laying around. All of the children were infected with hepatitis C. The youngest child had an enlarged liver and was very ill. At another meth lab site there was a 2 year old child living with her parents that manufactured meth as well as abused it themselves. This poor child looked as though she had been burned around her eyes and forehead because of the open-seeping sores. After being medically treated, the sores were found to be caused from cockroach bites that were left untreated.

We are all affected from Meth Addiction

There is also a huge environmental risk that's involved when manufacturing meth. For every pound of meth that's produced, there's about 5 to 7 pounds of waste. A huge portion of this waste is poured down drains and affects all of us including animals. It cost millions of dollars to clean up after these labs once they have been seized and that's hardly an easy quick fix. If the drain is connected to a sanitary sewer system, it affects our waste-water treatment plants. If dumped in a drain that's connected with a septic system, damage can occur to the system and then the soil and ground water is contaminated. Toxic chemicals that are dumped into storm sewers eventually affect everyone and living thing because the chemicals find their way into the lakes, rivers and streams. No matter how these toxic chemicals are disposed of by these illegal labs, down the road it affects us all.

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    OMG, that video is soo sad. Makes you look at things from a different perspective.

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