Non-Alcoholic Energy Drinks, Are They Worth the Risk?

Non-Alcoholic Energy Drinks, Are They Worth the Risk?

Those non-alcoholic energy drinks that are so popular among people today are also becoming well-known in the emergency rooms unfortunately. People are experiencing high blood pressure, dehydration, their heart rhythms are abnormal, their experiencing anxiety, they feels sick over-all and their hearts are pounding when they drink high doses of these beverages.

People don't realize just how dangerous energy drinks are especially when a person drinks them in excess.

Energy Drinks Lead to Hospital Visits

According to Health Day (Medline Plus), these beverages are loaded with caffeine and people are experiencing health related problems and ending up in the emergency room because of it. These non-alcoholic energy drinks are quite popular among teens and young adults and by themselves, are not good for you. To make matters worse, many people are combining them with other substances and are really putting their health at risk.

Because there are stimulants in energy drinks, if a person combines them with other stimulant drugs they're really putting their health at risk, stimulants not only affect brain function but also have an effect on the heart. According to Health Day, combining drugs and alcohol with energy drinks may be more common with men and combining them with pharmaceuticals may be more common among women. It's important that both men and women, young and older understand just how serious this can be.

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It worries me because non-alcoholic energy drinks aren't good for your heart and overall health especially in large doses but our young children can get them quite easily. Non-alcoholic energy drinks can be found in some vending machines and in grocery stores where kids can purchase them if they want to. There are all different kinds of energy drinks and some have very high milligrams of caffeine in them. Some energy drinks have around 500 milligrams of caffeine in them and compared to a cup of coffee (5 oz.) which has around 100 mgs of caffeine, is an enormous amount of caffeine.

Combining Alcohol or Drugs with Energy Drinks

At one time we just focused on the energy drinks that contained alcohol but now we see that the non-alcoholic energy drinks can be just as bad for your health and combining alcohol or other drugs with the beverage just increases the health risks and dangers. Parents need to realize just how dangerous these beverages can be to their own health and make sure their children understand the dangers as well.

I don't know about anyone else but I rely on WebMD when I want to know the straight facts about health and according to them, "children should never drink high-octane energy drinks" because they're especially "unhealthy for children". Parents need to understand that caffeine is addictive and it doesn't matter what age you are either, kids can become addicted to caffeine and experience withdrawal symptoms too. Caffeine affects their heart rate, their blood pressure, causes anxiety, and can also cause problems with sleep.

So the next time you go to reach for a non-alcoholic or alcoholic energy drink or your child wants one of these beverages, think about your heart or theirs, it's just not worth the risk.

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  1. Addict

    The reason that many people turn to energy drinks in recovery is that they still haven't found a healthy coping mechanism to replace some of the elements of their addiction. Personally I joined AA and I have not drank alcohol since, but I did find my use of energy drinks and sugar, too, became quite compulsive in the early days.

    I still drink energy drinks, but don't have sugar at all. I looked at all the elements form energy drink use and was able to cut it down. I think a lot of the time i just needed something to do with my hands, and something to hold onto like a comfort blanket. I have used 'state management' to counter this and to manage my emotions and replacing the energy drinks with a nice glass of sparkling water if I feel I need 'a drink'.

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