Percodan Use, Abuse and Addiction Information Part Two

Percodan Use, Abuse and Addiction Information Part Two

Prescription Drug Abuse

Substance abuse is often looked at as illicit drug abuse, but legal and legitimate substances can be abused as well. People all over the world are suffering from substance abuse problems involving prescription drugs.

It is important to understand what substance abuse truly entails in order to determine whether or not you are abusing a medication that you are taking. Engaging in several activities can sometimes lead to the abuse of prescription medications such as Percodan. The activities include:

  1. Independently increasing the dosage without seeking the advice or support of a healthcare professional.

  2. Feeling a need or desire to take the medication frequently, rather than what a physician instructed, or developing intense cravings that can only be satisfied with the consumption of the medication or drug.

  3. Using the medication or drug in a hazardous way that was not outline on the medication's prescription such as snorting, injecting, or crushing the pills.

  4. Just as playing with your prescription requirements can qualify as substance abuse, taking Percodan in any manner in which it was not prescribed qualifies as substance abuse as well. If you are taking Percodan without having a legitimate reason to do so, or if you are acquiring it in an illicit or illegal manner, then you too are abusing the drug.

What Percodan Drug Abuse Entails

Substance abuse can be defined as any manner of taking a drug or a medication that goes against how the medication is meant to be taken. If you are taking Percodan in any of the aforementioned ways, then you are abusing the substance. The problem with substance abuse is that it never stops at simple substance abuse.

Once you begin to abuse the substance, the way that your body treats it is going to change. Your body is going to become accustomed to the drug, developing what is known as a physical tolerance. As this physical tolerance forms, your body is going to make you think that you require more and more of the drug in order to achieve the same effect that you once received. You will be unconsciously led to believe that you need to abuse the substance further and further in order to get the same result that you once received in the past, and this is how addiction forms. Suddenly your body and your brain are telling you that you need more Percodan. If you stop taking the drug at any point once a physical dependency has formed, your body is going to go through uncomfortable side effects known as withdrawal.

What is Percodan Substance Abuse?

Many people incorrectly believe that substance abuse only involves inherently harmful substances such as illicit drugs and alcohol. The truth is, however, that any substance is capable of being abused when you use it improperly, and even substances that seem safe can suddenly become quite harmful when you are using them in an improper manner. Prescription drug abuse of the medication Percodan can be detected by noticing several developing behaviors or habits including:

  1. Feeling as if the prescribed dosage is not enough to dull or numb pain, and increasing it without the help of a doctor or physician.

  2. Shortening the time in between dosages so that a person is taking the medication more than is outlined by the doctor's instructions or medication's label.

  3. Finding new, hazardous ways to consume the medication that is not outlined by a doctor or physician, such as crushing it into a powder-like substance that makes it easier to snort, inject or digest. Simply chewing the tablet is considered substance abuse since it is meant to be swallowed in its whole form for time-release purposes.

Substance abuse involving Percodan may begin honestly enough. You are taking the medication for a legitimate purpose, but over time you feel like it is simply not doing the job anymore. This is unfortunately common, because it means that your body has formed a physical tolerance to the medication. Your fatal flaw here is messing with your own dosage rather than speaking to your physician about the problem. When you begin to abuse the medication by taking it in the way that you want to, you are putting yourself at risk of experiencing a wide variety of percodan side effects and additional issues including withdrawal in the eventuality that you quit taking the medication somewhere down along the line.

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