Prescription Pain Pill Capsules or Heroin Capsules?

Prescription Pain Pill Capsules or Heroin Capsules?

Prescription Drug Abuse is Dangerous Enough, Don’t Accidentally Get Hooked on Heroin!

Drug dealers are continually trying to find ways to distribute heroin, find new users, and get them addicted faster. Heroin is now being distributed in capsule form which could make it more appealing to young people I would think.

Heroin users no longer have to inject the drug to get high all they have to do is swallow the capsules that contain the highly addictive drug now. Not only is heroin packaged differently, it’s cheaper and stronger so users can become addicted much faster. Unfortunately, this will only lead to more people becoming addicted and more deaths related to heroin overdose.

Authorities in St. Louis are doing something about this and according to fox2now, a huge crackdown was launched recently and 53 arrests were made and there were 51 more they were looking for. It’s sad to think in St. Louis alone there were 60 people that died from heroin overdoses in 2010 and 55 this year so far and the years not even over yet.

There are so many young people abusing prescription drugs today partially because they don’t realize how messed up they can become once they’re addicted. In the past few years pharmaceutical parties have become popular among some young people, these parties are referred to as ‘pharm parties’ which are very dangerous. Prescription drugs are mixed together creating a ‘trail mix’ of medications that are then used to get high. These pills are collected from medicine cabinets or where ever young people can get hold of them and then shared at these pharm parties in order to get high which as you can imagine is extremely dangerous.

What worries me is that the new heroin capsules resemble medication and it would be easy for a young person to get hooked on the drug without even knowing that’s what they’re really taking. If a heroin dealer wants to increase their business I would think that young prescription drug users would be a good target. Prescription drugs are very addictive and dangerous as it is if they’re misused, I can only hope that the new heroin capsules wouldn’t end up at a pharm party combined with other drugs.

Young people especially need to understand just how serious using drugs like heroin can be and what kind of a life they have to look forward to if they choose to experiment with the drug or would unintentionally take heroin capsules thinking they were prescription painkillers or stimulants.

Don’t think it’s impossible to become addicted to a street drug without knowing you were even using the substance because it has happened before. After smoking hash with a friend for a couple of weeks a young girl in college named Ashley found out the hash she thought she was smoking was really heroin which turned into chronic heroin addiction. Last year ABC News 20/20 followed her journey which is heartbreaking but hopefully her story will help someone else. It’s sad to think that in just a couple of weeks after using a drug like heroin you can become addicted and in Ashley’s case, she didn’t even know that’s what she was smoking.

Now that heroin capsules are beginning to circulate, even more people are possibly going to experiment with the drug and end up like Ashley and thousands of others like her. Young people need to know this form of heroin is beginning to circulate and hopefully they’ll think twice before experimenting with it. Young people who use prescription drugs also need to be aware so they don’t become addicted to heroin without even realizing that’s what they’ve been taking. I’m sure there’s not a heroin addict out there today that doesn’t wish they had never tried the addictive drug when they did.

Parents need to make sure their children are aware that heroin comes in capsule form for their protection. I think back to when I was in school, the many times I asked a classmate if they had something I could take for a headache or cramps and never thought twice about taking it. Today sadly, you can’t be too careful or trusting, you would be surprised who all abuses or sells heroin today, sometimes teachers and principals do too.

Keeping over the counter medications and prescription drugs out of children’s reach is something everyone does I would hope but today, we need to keep them locked up. This is how prescription drugs end up at pharm parties sometimes and it doesn’t have to be your child either, it could be a friend or relative that could take these drugs. This way you know your medications are safe, can’t get into the wrong hands, and there’s no chance someone will slip heroin capsules into your prescription drugs or over the counter medications as a joke or to get you hooked.

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  1. Addict

    If you're going to talk anout how dangerous and addictive it is, shouldn't you inude what it looks like so parents can watch for it?

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