Suboxone Information, Treatment and Detox - Part 3 of 3

Suboxone Information, Treatment and Detox - Part 3 of 3

Suboxone Use

Suboxone is a combination between two different drugs. The first drug is buprenorphine and the second drug is known as Naloxone. The buprenorphine is a type of partial opiate agonist drug. Naloxone on the other hand is known as an opiate agonist drug.

Creating Suboxone actually means to use both of these medications, and you cannot create the intended effect unless both products are used in combination with one another. It is for this reason the prescription of Suboxone is monitored very carefully by a physician and your overall health is taken into account prior to starting a treatment plan including Suboxone.

How Long Does it Take for Suboxone to be Helpful?

Suboxone is used in a couple of manners. It is used as a fast symptom management procedure in a detox facility setting to manage the withdrawal symptoms and then stopped while undergoing monitored treatment for the addiction. It is also often used to help patients on a longer term basis to overcome their physical addiction to a drug. This means that they will administer the medication at home while combining it with other outpatient treatment plans such as group therapy, personal therapy, cognitive retraining and so on.

suboxone use

When used at home the medication dosage will be watched very carefully by regular visits to the physician and will require ongoing monitoring throughout the time the medication is taken. Overdose could easily occur if the person is taking tranquilizers while using Suboxone. This could be a matter of weeks or months depending on the recommendations of the physician managing the care.


What is Detoxification?

When an individual is addicted to drugs it can be tough to physically stop taking the drugs because of the pain and discomfort felt. By using a detox program the person is brought out of the physical addiction to the drug with the help of medical personnel who use other medications to lessen the pain and discomfort. The concept is to gradually work the body from the drug it is addicted to through the help of another medication making the symptoms of the withdrawals easier to bare. This can be essential to the recovery of a person addicted to drugs and can help avoid physical damage to the body from the withdrawal symptoms.

Suboxone Detox

Sometimes the best way to deal with an addiction is to put yourself in a detox situation. The right detox situation is going to make all the difference when it comes to having your needs met and being able to quit doing whatever drug is plaguing you. One type of detox that you are going to want to consider for specific types of drug addiction is Suboxone detox. Suboxone detox is certainly not for everyone, but in the right circumstances it can be a smooth choice and one that is beneficial for detoxing and overcoming an addiction to prescription drugs.

suboxone use

Addiction to Suboxone

As strange as it may sound, it is possible to become addicted to Suboxone. This may seem odd since the medication is used to treat symptoms of withdrawal due to addiction. Making sure that counseling is a key part of the treatment plan for any patient taking Suboxone is vital to ensuring they are not becoming addicted to the medication as well. Sticking with the same physician throughout treatment is one of the best ways to ensure that the patient is getting proper care from a team that know the patient.


If addicted a patient may try to get more medication than currently being prescribed, they may feel ill much of the time, they may become lost in the medication and have depression or start to act differently toward others in their lives. If a patient seems to be becoming addicted to Suboxone the physician treating the patient should be alerted immediately.

How to Find Suboxone Treatment

An individual needing help with addiction should contact their physician regarding Suboxone and a treatment plan that is right for them. This may include a stay at an inpatient detox facility along with an outpatient therapy as well. It could be a primarily outpatient situation with patient doing much of the work from home. To determine what is best for any given patient it is important that the person with the addiction seek help as soon as possible. Talk to a physician about Suboxone and if it can help to get the person out of the drug addiction cycle they are in. Based on the level of addiction of the patient, the current physical condition of the patient and the history of the patient relating to attempts to seek treatment, a plan will be suggested and action taken.

What Happens After Suboxone?

Once Suboxone is used in treating individuals with drug addiction it is important that follow up visits with a doctor be arranged. Even after the patient has removed the Suboxone from their system they will need to make sure their body is managing the lack of the medication well. Ensuring that they are physically tolerating the medication decrease is vital to the treatment plan for the original addiction. Through continued treatment with a physician, monitoring of the patient's vital signs at regular intervals and combining therapy to ensure the patient is managing mentally being cut off from the Suboxone and the drug originally addicted to the patient should have long term success.

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