Synthetic Hallucinogenic Designer Drugs

Synthetic Hallucinogenic Designer Drugs

New designer drugs pop up all the time and sadly there's always going to be loss of life due to the use of these illegal dangerous synthetic substances. Past examples of designer drugs include ecstasy, acid (LSD), and methamphetamine which most people are familiar with.

Designer drugs are illegally produced and sometimes marketed today to catch the eye of young people but yet avoiding drug laws. Because these drugs are manufactured illegally there are very dangerous side effects to worry about because there's no way of knowing what the actual ingredients are, or how potent the drugs are.

Bath salts and K2 (spice) are also synthetic designer drugs that have made headlines for quite a while now. Even though bath salts and other designer drugs are banned in most states, it still doesn't completely stop the sale or use of the illegal synthetic drugs. Recently there have been reports of deaths due to other synthetic drugs that people may not be as familiar with.

What Is 251

A recent article on talked about a 21 year old who was driving home from a party that died after experiencing hallucinations before he became violent hitting the passenger then tearing accessories from the interior of the vehicle. There was another death that occurred the next month of a 15 year old girl that was on her way home from a party with a friend. The young girl felt sick, her limbs began to thrash around and about a half hour later she died. Authorities in Houston believe it was the synthetic drug called 251 which is a hallucinogenic similar to ecstasy and LSD that was responsible for the two deaths.

What Is 2C-1

2C-1 also referred to as 'smiles' is used recreationally because of the psychedelic effects user's experience. Smiles or 2C-1 comes in tablet form or in powder form which is often mixed with chocolate or candy before users ingest the drug according to a report on A seventeen year old died after taking 2C-1 combined in chocolate but several hours before he died, he was "hyperventilating" and beating his head on the ground. An eighteen year old also died the evening before from the same town of a "similar overdose" according to the article.

What Is Pump It Powder

Pump It powder is another synthetic designer drug of concern in many areas including Phoenix, according to The effects of Pump It Powder are similar to meth and it's marketed as "enhanced plant vitamin".

What Is Methoxetamine

Another synthetic designer drug called Methoxetamine (M-Ket, Mexxy, MXE) is a derivative of Ketamine which is an animal tranquilizer used in veterinary medicine. reports Methoxetamine was seized at Philly International Airport which came from the United Kingdom headed for Hollis Center, Main. Three baggies contained Methoxetamine and each bag was labeled "Not for Human Consumption" officials said according to the article.

What Is Bromo-Dragonfly

Similar to the effects of LSD, Bromo-dragonfly (B-fly) is a very potent hallucinogenic synthetic drug that's abused. The effects from Bromo-dragonfly can last for a long time, even days. According to Wikipedia in the U.S., 2 young adults died in 2011 from a Bromo-dragonfly overdose. Their deaths were "very violent"; they experienced "massive seizures", vomited blood and "terrifying seizures".

Unfortunately the internet is full of videos and sites promoting the sale and use of dangerous synthetic designer drugs and as fast as they're banned, another one comes out. People don't realize the risks they're taking when they use synthetic designer drugs and a lethal overdose is one of them. Many people continue to experience paranoia and hallucinations for months after they stop using synthetic drugs.


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  1. Addict

    I have never had any of those experiences before. Haven't ever wanted to eat anybody's face off either. I don't buy that crap. I think its bull. I think those people are weak minded. I have been up for days at a time and ain't experienced anything bad no overdose no nothing.

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