The Downside of Methadone Addiction and Treatment

The Downside of Methadone Addiction and Treatment

Methadone is a drug used to treat narcotic withdrawal symptoms and dependencies and also opium and heroin addiction. Because most people find it hard to shake off their addiction to other drugs, they use methadone to avoid the symptoms of withdrawal that keep them sick and under control of the drug. In order for it to be effective, methadone must be taken once daily.

It works to suppress the withdrawal symptoms of narcotics and the effects can be felt for a day or perhaps more. Methadone is usually part of a drug rehabilitation treatment program and should be monitored by an addiction specialist.

Methadone is only effective to those addicted to heroin, morphine or drugs that are opiates but will not work on other types of drugs. It reduces the craving for heroin and therefore the high associated with heroine is blocked from the user.

The downside of using methadone is that an inpidual can remain physically dependent to it, which means they are still addicted to a substance although not as dangerous as the substance they are previously addicted to. However, they do not experience the highs and lows associated with heroin use and so the addiction is just replaced.

There will come a point where someone has to go through withdrawal from methadone. Although this is difficult, it is not as difficult as the withdrawal from the opiate. Also, a patient in the drug rehab center will do this part of the treatment under a doctor’s supervision, so the doctor can help them with methadone withdrawal.

When used under supervision from a medical specialist, there are not going to be any problems associated with the use of methadone. However, when methadone is abused, there will be serious complications and side effects. Some people do not really intend to abuse methadone. An inpidual may take two doses of methadone instead of the one dose that is prescribed in order to increase the effectiveness of the drug. As they continue to take more doses than prescribed, they are going to develop a tolerance and eventually, a strong addiction. This addiction is referred to as prescription drug abuse.

This type of addiction is more difficult to shake off than the slight addiction developed when used under a doctor’s care. If more methadone is taken in than is supposed to, the chemicals in it are going to build up in the body and the negative effects experienced during opiate addiction will be likely to return.

Remember that you should not stop methadone use without the advice from your doctor. Methadone also creates an addiction so you need to break off use with supervision from a physician. This is something you should never do on your own.

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  1. Addict

    I was not knowing that Methadone is only effective to those addicted to heroin, morphine or drugs that are opiates but will not work on other types of drugs.
    The downside of using methadone is that an individual can remain physically dependent to it, which means they are still addicted to a substance although not as dangerous as the substance they are previously addicted to.

    • Addict

      methadone is horribly addictive.. my brother just died from methadone labor day 2010. anyone out their that wants to quit do it .im working on it. it will grab u way before u realize it. when u do realize u don't want to quit from fear of the pains and withdrawal . anyone that reads this try and get off it .before u die or someone u no takes ur pills and dies

      • Addict

        My brother used Vicodin for years then switched to methadone. He died July 31,2010 by mixing methadone with Darvon which he claimed was almost aspirin. You self proclaimed pharmacists are spinning the wheel of fate. I've had major back surgery for degenerative disk disease, fibromyalgia, restless leg syndrome and a host of other problems. I now use yoga, marijuana and a healthy diet. I no longer need the flexeril, vicodin, and opiates that only made my problems worse. I can't say all the pain is gone, but I live a normal life. Leave this crab behind and you'll be suprised by how much of your pain is just your mind begging for it's drugs. Continue down this path and you will find only one end-more pain and then an early death.

        • Addict

          Jennifer here. I too suffer from the same medical conditions as yourself, along with spine surgery, spina bifida (not severe, yet painful still. My Dr. switched me from vicodin to methadone also. I take 10mg 3 times a day, that is 30mg. a day. There are days I too feel as if the methadone is not only affecting my organs but my thought patterns, memory, and depression is worse than ever. If you don't mind me asking, what was your brothers health issues that led him to be taking methadone and how much was he prescribed. At this very moment I am confused and unsure of what to do based on your story, much of which was left out... the reasons for my questions. I am actually scared. Please do, if you ever check back, write a reply to my questions. I do not take Darvon, yet have been given it for Migraines in the past. If anyone can offer some informed feedback I would be eternally grateful. I too had cervical disk disease, spinal stenosis, narrowing of the spinal canal due to bone spurs. I survived the surgery yet believe the disc replacement has only lasted a short time and the bone they used to form a new disc is deteriorating also. Chronic Pain feels like my middle name by now! I believe I should stop using the methadone especially because my chronic depression has only gotten worse sense beginning this drug.For all of you out there involved with any other meds that may help chronic pain without these awful side-effects, let me know. Alone and in the dark! Jennifer

          • Addict

            Dear Jen , People who overdose on methadone , usually overdose because of the drug they are mixing with it, Methadone blocks opiate receptors, so opiates can't get in, so people try to take more of what every drug their mixing w/ methadone, so that they can feel the effects. and it ends up being too much. As long as you use your drugs in a careful manner, by not taking an extreme amount, you should be fine. And read as much as you can about the drugs that you do put in your body, know what they do and how they work in your brain, what not to mix with, and the overdose side effects. and methadone effects bones, it can lead to deterioration of the bone. I know been on it for 6 years and my teeth are falling apart.

            • Addict

              I been use methadone for most of my adult life, I'm a heroin lover. This time I've been on it since Sept. 1998. There are so many lies, myths, and truths out there about methadone. It does nothing to the teeth, bones, or organs. When we take other stuff with methadone is when the problems Begin. If we take methadone like the doctor says, we will be fine. I've been heroin clean since 2000. Been out of prison since 1998. Taking care of my two kids by myself since 1998. One kid gets A's & B's the other looks like he way graduate half to a whole year early. If I was using heroin none of this would've happened, I would have nothing right now, instead we are getting ready for Xmas. Methadone can help or hurt, it all depends on you. Listen to the facts instead of the lies & myths.

              • Addict

                Thank You for making this point. I have been in Methadone Maintenance Treatment for 8 years and it has completely changed my life! I am a recovering Hydrocodone addict. I would stoop to very low levels that were completely out of character for me to get my drug. I abused it for 15 long years and was using 150 to 200mgs daily, even more on some days. I can't even think about the money I threw away. I almost lost my family, my marriage, and my kids because of it. Yes, this is the typical addict's story however what makes mine a bit different is that I have multiple health issues that cause severe chronic pain and without some sort of pain medication my life would be unbearable. The amount of hydrocodone I needed to relieve my pain was not reachable. Now with the methadone maintenance I am taking 120mgs daily and it relieves my pain and controls my addiction. I no longer have to sell my soul for relief and have been able to manage my life in a respectable, lawful manner. I have seen some of the clients at my clinic not succeed on this treatment and instead turned their problems into one of methadone addiction instead of methadone treatment. You are correct in your statement that it can help or hurt. I choose the help route. I only can pray that this form of treatment continues to be more tolerated in our society and the stigma of methadone treatment is removed and it takes its honorable place in our health care system. It is not for everyone but if you are suffering from moderate to severe pain then it might work for those who allow it to. God Bless...

                • Addict

                  I TOTALLY agree with the two of you. I have been on methadone for about 5 yrs. and IT SAVED MY LIFE. I TRIED quitting so many times before Methadone came into my life. Now, I have an AMAZING JOB in dr.'s office, I am back in school receiving my 2nd associates degree and my Bachelors degree and it's ALL BECAUSE OF ME GOING ON METHADONE! Before I began treatment I had went to jail over 45 times and prision 3. THAT IS SOMETHING TO BE ASHAMED OF BUT b/c of my recovery and where I am at today...I AM NOT AND IT'S ALL B/C OF METHADONE....USE IT--DON'T ABUSE IT!!!!

              • Addict

                I am a 33 year old mom of four children. I have been on prescription methadone for almost 12years. I am wanting to detox from the medication to see if i am actually in pain or if I am addicted to methadone. I sometimes feel that I could be a better mother, a better person, if it weren't for my everyday usage of pain medication. Any help or information on this subject would be much appreciated. I am looking for any information that could better help myself and my family. Thank you,

          • Addict

            Hello Jennifer, methadone is not causing your depression; I think it's more of a stigma that's felt with taking methadone. If you're depressed it's more other things than the methadone, but I can say that it has been reported that methadone is correlated with low bone density in women. So take vitamins and exercise and eat right. Because everything you put into your body affects you state of mind.

        • Addict

          I do not take Methadone for a drug addiction, I take it for severe Chronic Pain. I do not feel the Utopia HIGH that the Drug Addicts feel and the drug barely stops the pain. There are a lot of very addictive drugs out there and when the patient decides to "Play" doctor and him or herself and dies as a result, its just too damn bad that they cannot follow directions and take the medicine as prescribed.

          I think and believe, if you mix narcotic medications and or drink alcohol while being treated, and die as a result of being stupid (not following directions), too damn bad. And for those addicts who did not die, should be removed from all narcotic medicines and experience the full RUSH of Quitting while strapped to a bed for 30'ish days!! Sure it is inhumane, but it is also inhumane to give an addict a liquid methadone treatment and send them on their way when they do not have someone driving for them. And on the way home from the methadone clinic the addict runs over pedestrians ...that is inhumane! I would rather suffer the 30-days of withdrawal than to be the reason another person is DEAD~!

          I suffer from chronic pain and without taking anything to curb the intensity, I cannot function like a normal person. In my belief, Methadone is not the end of the road, science has not yet caught up to what is causing the pain to how to effectively relieve the pain. And YES, I hate being LABELED an Addict, because prior to taking methadone, I found out I am highly allergic to many synthesized narcotics including Fentanyl and nearly died from taking it as the local hospital though I was going through opiate withdrawals and were treating me for such, until my pain management Dr called and told them they were treating the reaction wrongly!

          I also suffer from Degenerative disk disease, RLS, MS, fibromyalgia, lung cancer and abdominal cancer, as well as a myriad of other problems! Live with my Pain for a day... and stop bitching about how a dumb family member decided to play doctor on himself and treat their-self illicitly

          • Addict

            You say you take powerful opiates due to chronic physical pain ! I'm truly sorry you are suffering and unfortunately you don't have much of a choice! I have been opiate dependent for about fifteen years now .. All throughout this period I have held down a good job and I live a reasonably comfortable life. I am not in any physical pain. The reason I began to(and still do)take pain killers is because I grew up in Ireland in what I term the 'reign of the priests' and what they did to me (and so many others) left me lost and traumatized.. opiates help(ed) me to get on with my life. What I'm trying to say is that none of us really know what others have been through so I am always very reluctant to condemn! We have a saying here: Never judge a man 'till you've walked a day in his shoes!

      • Addict

        Methadone is very addictive, and is not a way to become clean from other narcotics. I say this from experience. I once attemoted the methadone maintenance program ,it only caused me to fall deeper into addiction, during withdrawal i had intense hallucinatons that overwhelmed any physical feelings i may have had. NA is the way to get clean it gives u a vital support group and a family that understands what u go through. There is no match for the therapeutic value of one addict helping another. Whether we come from yale or jail we are all very similar to one another!

        • Addict

          Yale of Jail? I loved that comment. I am a sober non drug user who comes from a family full of serious addiction. I have lost 1 brother and 1 sister to drugs. My mother who is 80 years old is on methadone. A series of other drugs for osteoarthritis lead her down this path as well as having kids who were addicted to most everything and from who she could get whatever for pain. I watch as my Mother continues to get worse. My crack addicted/ methadone/ and who knows what else, brother lives with her, There is a lot of yelling and abuse going on. It is a wonder to me that she has not died of a heart attack with the situation. I try to stay away as the whole scene is depressing. My mother refuses to leave her house and has called the police to have them take my brother from there. They will not and says he lives there and she would have to evict him. The police have been to her home many times over the years. One look at her and anyone would know that she is unkempt the house is filthy and the burn stains in the carpet from my brothers crack pipes, should send a loud message the the police. Still they do nothing. I have told her she needs to call elderly abuse. While there today I noticed my mother is picking her 3rd fingers on both hands to the bone. They are red and swollen seemingly infected. Is this a side affect of methadone/heroin or other drug use? Would the elderly abuse organization come in and evaluate the situation?

        • Addict

          I was wondering if you have any tips so that i can help a friend of mine on the addiction of Methadone. She's been an heroine addict for a while now and she's now going through withdrawals and taking the Methadone pills. I don't take drugs but i promise that i will help her get through the struggles but after reading this forum i didn't know that the methadone is just as worse as the drugs, wow. If you can be so kind to help me out so that i can do my best to be patient and helpful to here, i will be most grateful for it. Thank you and good luck in your daily struggles. By the way in your passage whats NA.

          • Addict

            If you stay with your friend you will discover (sooner or later) that you cannot help her but she can only help herself. My strong recommendation is for her to seek in-patient rehab care for at least 3 months. That is where she will get the training she needs to avoid the triggers that cause her to turn to opiates. Good Luck

        • Addict

          you can think what you want but dont go tell people its not the way to go some people use it incorrectly some people it dont work for but ALOT of people it has saved their lives ive been on it 2 years and my life has turned around for the good

      • Addict

        im in the metodone clinic and all though im very sorry to hear about youre brother, but if not for methodone i would still be using heroin out on the streets or dead.

      • Addict

        i got on the methadon pg 5 years ago i planed on only being there a year but i lived such a normal life i was scared to get off that i would relapse now i am afraid of being sic! i am so scared of being sic a with draw that I'm too scared to try an get off it. i hate being on the program an i hate being on methadon and i don't want to b in it forever but I'm scared i will. what do i do? have you tried getting off it yet? I'm so so scared of withdraw an being sic an not being able to play and care for my kids an that's what stops me from trying.

        • Addict

          Look I've been fighting addiction fir over ten yrs. and I've lost literally everything and everyone who ever meant anything to me. Not BC I loved getting high or pills so much more than everything and everyone else but BC I finally felt comfortable in my own skin. I knew this was not normal so I began my search for a solution, a way to live life on life's terms. After several unsuccessful attempts, and nearly killing myself I discovered suboxone. As sad and maybe as sick as this sounds that day was in the top four best days of my life, the 3 before that were the births of my 3 kids. I'd finally found a way to live and enjoy my life, without the fear of dying, and even worse than that hurting my kids. A lot of people judge me, think it's replacing one drug with another but quite frankly I don't care BC those who do don't know what it feels like to live a life you are powerless over, and maybe its self-inflicted, maybe a disease it really doesn't matter. At the end of the day if I can take a medication once a day, even if it's forever to relieve myself of the bondage pills had on every single aspect of my life I will. And maybe I could stop taking it and be okay, but maybe not. The maybe or maybe not is life or death for me and I love life to much today to take that chance. So if you're comfortable and methadone is suitable for your life I say stopping isn't worth even the slightest chance of dying and I know you know in active addiction every successful use is just one more closer to the inevitably unsuccessful one.

          • Addict

            Hi I'm from Australia just read your message glad subutex is helping you. I'm nearly 60 and can't see myself changing much .. I'm on mmt doing ok except for really bad constipation [no any cures] I fooled around when I was about 20 then stopped after 6 yrs. and then I had accident hurt my neck 8 years ago tried the old remedies but they seemed really different you would think because we are close to SE Asia it would be ok no way so I ended up on mmt never thought that would happen eases my pain but it's a trap anyway glad subs are good for you good luck if you want to compare horror stories get back to me.

            Cheers David

      • Addict

        AVATAR did you seek restitution for your brother....I almost died from methadone myself...i turned into a vegetable and almost quit breathing but no one cares.....I've tried to get a lawyer but no one wants to take my case...

      • Addict

        First I would like to give you me apologies and my heart goes out to everyone left behind hurting. I saw this and it made me cry, I hate when people have to feel and deal with pain, emotional. I too take methadone @ 150mg liquid. I feel so trapped, I want off so badly and yet it costs so much $$$$ to go through methadone detox. I'm barley making it as it is now with 3 amazing boys, but I want off and know I can not endure the awful feelings of detoxing that come with it if not done properly and that makes it even harder, how do I know if they are really going to keep me comfortable? You have to pay up-front, if I had the money I'd be doing it in a heart beat forever ago. What really upsets me is all the lies they tell you and say how great it is for you until one day you realize you are now addicted to one of the worst drugs in the world. It takes at least 1 month to detox comfortably and safely but runs people into the ground @ about $20,000 give or take. Who has that kind of $? I'm sorry to talk so much but maybe your brother wanted off and was trapped like me. I don't know? But as hard as this is for me to say because I'm so trapped and hurt and angry @ God, I know He will work it out in His timing, not mine. I don't really understand how to comprehend it but I an trying to hold on to my Faith in Him and that this is just a season and one I hope will end in a great way (not death). I will be praying for you and whoever else is hurting too. Thank you for your time and have a really Blessed day :)

        • Addict

          Hello, I just wanted to say if my mother could do it, you can also work towards getting off the program and be normal. Granted my mother was on the program at 110mg for prob 12 years and had a life of drugs and drinking. She got on this program to help her stop using the drugs. My brother is also on the program. I've watch them for years struggle with the same problems as you. The methadone controls your life. They say LIQUID HANDCUFFS. Well that's the god honest truth. My mothers body has taken a BEATEN in those last years. She had Hep c kidney and liver problems as well. Recently my mother started slowly coming down from her dose! I was so happy that she was finally getting the courage to do it. She got down to 35 mg. Most detox's will take you at that dose and help you off completely. Look into it. I am 32 years old and my mother recently passed away 1Month before her 60TH birthday it will be Tue. All the years that she did all these things to her body including the methadone has just killed her body. She leaves behind 3 small grandchildren and 1 that arrived 1 week after she passed. And 3 children of her own. Please try and get the strength and courage to get off the methadone. You may not think or feel like its hurting you but in the end its no good. Slowly come down that what my mother did. 5 mg a month or every other week. Your body will handle it. You can do it. You really just have to start preparing yourself for better and not worse!! Good luck and god be with you!!

      • Addict

        Hello, and sorry to hear about your Brother..My name is Paul and i've done 8 Rehabs, and 4 community detoxes, and the last detox i did was with the NET BOX..Maybe you've heard of it, maybe not. I lasted 6 months clean, and then boredom set in. I could fill this wee box here i'm writing in with the friends i've lost through kit/smack/heroin and Methadone. For some reason i cannot get away from the addictive nature i have, and will no-doubt now just give in and stay on it for the rest of my life..45 yrs old now, and started heroin at 30, this was through DF118's from Dr for arm injury, then getting taken off them. Enough of that, back to this..Methadone takes over where smack leaves off, and i hear that the serious recovery rate is 2-4%! Plus pharmacists receive £1:30p for every dose they dispense daily. They just love giving it out, look at how the employment register would change if 'Every Addict got Clean'..No police drug squad/no addiction workers/teams.If my mind was thinking more clearly at the minute i could think of more, i've Texted Professor Neil McKeganey at Glasgow Uni, and got no reply, and i've now once again come across him in my research of meth through this site.There's another waste of a mans time to get where he is today. What would he do, become some knob that sits twiddling his thumbs? Twice i've texted, and not one reply.Well Prof..Maybe you can tell me why the Opium Poppy has doubled it's pollution since the USA/Brits have went into Afghanistan? Money makes the world go round, 'Oil'? Well i'd have a guess at smack being more profitable. This is why i also believe 9/11 was 'LIHOP and MIHOP'..These countries need us addicts to be honest. All this bull about 'Lost generation'..Get real!! The world also needs 'Bee's'. They die, we all die.Eventually..yep i'm a deep thinker, and sometimes the stuff i read makes me think in disbelief..My chemist is only 200 yards away, drug team ten min bus journey away..Recovery? Well probably infinity. We all have to stand up mate and unite and tell these little invisible folk that there are 'Real People' out here who have done jack wrong, but one mistake, and that is all it takes..They want and need us, and all this 'scaremongering' is all it is..My life story would over write a Stephen King novel by around 500,000 word or more, maybe even double..Yet i'm numbed up, i was getting given Largactil at 11 years of age at The Crichton Hospital in Dumfries in 79..Oh big can of worms i could leak all over their tables where they make their stupid choices, but we addicts as i say..Stick it right out there to them to read, hear..Thanks for reading/Listening Buddie..Your Friend indeed...Paul.. ([email protected]) Be SAFE....

        • Addict

          I myself hate taking Methadone,since it has turned me into an addict.Oh I've tried being the big bad ass and going cold turkey but that isn't happening,no friggn chance! I take 100mg's a day for about 3 years now and it sucks!! Now you would think that being a disabled veteran might give me somewhat of an advantage as compared to the average Joe,but it just isn't so.Nope the V.A. system is a complete cluster f%*k!! Don't get me wrong the system itself,the idea of it all,great plan!! But the wankers who work for the system are complete and utter idiots,well in my experience anyhow. So now I read Pauls outlook on Methadone addiction and it looks rather bleak to this old soldier!! I myself think I would have a rather difficult time being locked up with a bunch of other people being sick and trying to maintain a since of harmony and bliss. I don't play well with others as it is an the thought of being dope sick and going through the motions of rehab,well, just dosn't seem to be my cup of tea. If I would of had enough sense to research the drug before taking it, I sure as hell wouldn't of started this journey of methadone madness!! Is there a light at the end of the tunnel Paul? Can I get off this drug? Does Santa Clause really exist? Is my Dr, gonna tell me there's a magic pill I can take to make everything all better? Am I going to be locked up with a bunch of dope sick brethren an try like hell not to snap out an beat the snot out of some poor innocent person lolololol lets just hope so Paul lets just hope so. See you when I get where I'm going.

      • Addict

        I feel you bro my best friend just dies from it but i am on 99 mgs. i want to detox but the first time i detoxed i went down 5 mgs. a day which at the time i didn't know that was to fast well i was done with in a month so i could not afford a rehab so i went back like a week later but i don't know how many milligrams to go down and how often if anyone has any advice please email me at [email protected]

    • Addict

      I have been on methadone for 14 years and now the VA Dr.s have taken me off with out anything. I have been to the VA in KC and Wichita and now I am back home with nothing and going thru withdrawal and feel like I';m about to die...there is no help around here, no clinic for methadone and so I feel like I';m out in the cold by myself. I have been on 90mg a day all these years and I believe I would rather go through a heroin withdrawal than this any day.....can anyone help...Paul from Independence, Kansas

      • Addict

        There is a place in Livonia Michigan that is accredited and BBB approved. Their method will detox you in four days. There is a price however. I have called other meth detox centers and the others sound like a sham. This place seems very professional and willing and able to help. They gave me numbers of previous patients that I contacted...and with amazing results. The center is called RDD, Rapid Drug Detox. My daughter has been in a methadone clinic for six years and I can't tell you the horror she went through trying to get "weened" from this killer drug. Or they offer you subutex (another opiate). Give them a call, my friend. I really hope for the best for you.

      • Addict

        there is a methadone clinic in Kansas city, called Rodgers South. Just go there and they help ya. i guess dosed there l year ago. it does cost money. so call ahead.

      • Addict

        I hope that your doctor at least tapered you off your dose?I myself have detoxed from methadone a few times before and honestly its horrible. Although it can be done. your looking at 7-14 days at minimum before you come back around.It could be 1-3 three months before you are feeling like your self before drugs/alcohol.Just know everyday does get a little better,you do get stronger and you can overcome this if you really believe and keep thinking positive. Avoid any and as much negative b.s as you can while you are recovering.stay physically active.Take care i hope this helps you,God Bless.

      • Addict

        I was on it 4 10yrs,i came down from 90mls to 2mls + it was the worst feeling ever,the only thing that helped me thru it was driving around,i never sat down because it made it worse! your doctor should never of just stopped your script,that is out of order,if I was you I'd sue them but hope to god you've stayed strong + got clean!!!

  2. Addict

    Please see these videos and what actually goes on at clinics and

    Methadone is now the #2 Killer Drug in the U.S. This is a legal drug that has been thought to be safe for the past 40 years. Only recently when its use became approved for pain management patients has the cardio toxic risks emerged. Previously methadone has been used exclusively for replacement therapy for heroin patients and death was thought to be an effect of the accumulation of many years of drug abuse. With the surge in pain medication misuse and abuse more patients are being referred to methadone clinics and physicians treating pain who believe the myth that methadone is safer or non addictive because of it?s use with weaning addicts from heroin. Methadone is more addictive then any other pain medication including heroin and because of it?s extremely long half life, cardio toxic risks, numerous fatal drug interactions, dosages based on tolerance, and small margin of error. Up until Nov 2006 the government and pharmaceutical companies have been suppressing the numerous health and fatality risks related to methadone.

    there are between 800,000 & 900,000 (some stats give diff numbers) heroin addicts in the U.S and 1,881 people died from heroin in the U.S. in 2004.

    there are 200,000 people on methadone for drug treatment and I don't have the number of people on it for pain but even if we double the 200,000 and assume it's 400,000 total people on methadone there were 3,849 deaths in 2004

    It looks like the "gold standard" is killing more then the drug its supposed to save people from!!!!

    Every day 10.9 people die from Methadone (according to 2004 stats, not
    including car accident deaths caused by drivers under the influence of Methadone)

    We (the families of methadone victims) are requesting new laws surrounding who can prescribe Methadone, clinic rules and regulations as well as stiffer penalties for those caught selling their take home doses. The whole methadone maintenance system needs an overhauling. We cannot continue to allow a legal medication to be killing more people then the illegal drugs. Our government cannot be allowed to use tax dollars to fund their legal drug dealing operations.

    We are asking government agencies to enact stricter guidelines in prescribing methadone for any reason. It must be mandatory that all doctors be certified and trained in the pharmacology of methadone; inpatient stays must be required during induction to methadone; all staff be extensively trained in monitoring methadone patients for symptoms of toxicity. Clinic patients should be tested weekly for legal and illegal drugs that are taken with methadone to get ? hi gh? or experience ?euphoria? such as benzodiazepines, alcohol, cocaine, heroin, marijuana etc? and face severe consequences or mandatory detoxification from the methadone program after 3 dirty urines. Selling of take home doses must result in termination from methadone program permanently throughout the U.S. When presenting inebriated at clinic, clinic should also document such activity as well as prevent client from driving. Take home doses for all patients receiving methadone should be eliminated thus preventing the risk of diversion or precautions such as pill safe should be implemented.

    Current statistics show that nearly 4000 people a year die from methadone. These deaths are mostly happening to pain management and detoxification patients? wit hi n the first 10 days of taking initial dose. Most of these deaths are related to methadone prescribed with other medications that react as additives with the methadone. Diversion of methadone is a serious problem because it lands t hi s most deadly drug on streets. Statistics also state that methadone is contributing to more deaths nationwide then heroin and only second to cocaine deaths.

    The potential of abuse, diversion, and overdose to new patients being prescribed methadone is overwhelming. The unique properties of methadone, it's long half life, and it's negative interaction with numerous drugs make it an optimal choice as a last result treatment for chronic pain and addiction.

    Thank you for taking the time to read this letter.


    Melissa Zuppardi

    • Addict

      I have been on methadone for over 20 years and a client at 6 different clinics. Where on earth are the ones you are talking about? You should be ashamed of your self. I was an addict for 19 years - I fit the perfect junkie stereotype and was going to die if I did not stop. I was sent to expensive hospitals, went to prison, went through all types of rehab programs and nothing worked. I got on methadone and have now earned two bachelor degrees and am working on a graduate degree. I made dean's list throughout. None of this would have been possible without methadone because I have an endorphin deficiency. My brain cannot make the right amount of neurochemicals to allow my brain to function normally without some help and as of now, there is no drug that can do this but opiates or an opiate substitute. I come from a family of doctors and health care professionals and was able to get into research studies that used brain imaging and other advanced testing methods and this was the result.
      You also are either out right lying or omitting things to deceive people. Methadone is not a popular street drug. I have researched this through the police departments of several large cities for papers I have written. Clients are not allowed to leave the clinic with doses until they have proven through drug testing and changes in their lives that they are serious about recovery. I had been clean for over 5 years and had earned my first degree before I was given take homes. You are right, though, and some clinics are simply in it for the money. You should be focusing on the agencies that oversee these clinics instead of spreading myths. I work as a patient advocate for clients and deal with state and federal authorities when regulations are not followed. It is not hard when you go to them with the facts, not hysteria.
      I know who your organization is and that it was founded by a mother who's son overdosed on methadone. If I am remembering correctly, he was getting them from a doctor not a clinic. Doctors that give methadone for pain are not regulated with that drug any more than with Motrin. Here lies your problem. Have you ever bothered to read the federal and different state regulations for methadone clinics? No other medication or medical care is governed to the extent that methadone is IF it is used for addiction treatment. If it is used for pain, none of the laws apply. Stop slamming clinics and deal with DEA and the doctors.
      You are correct that methadone can be dangerous - so is heroin or any other drug that is used incorrectly, including many prescription drugs. Actually, you have your facts wrong and there are more deaths from overdoses of xanax and Valium than any other type of drug. Also, you are aware of the half-life of methadone. You must not know much about science and drug metabolism or you would know that this means that the full impact of the drug is never released at one time but over hours. I have over 20 years experience with this drug and other people on clinics and regardless of what you would like to think about the death of your loved ones, they were abusing drugs. They were either not taking the methadone as prescribed or they were using other drugs with it. There are numerous research studies on the subject. If you are truly dedicated to this issue, then do what I have done and go to school so that when you speak, you know what you are talking about.
      The federal regulations that govern methadone clinics were changed in 2001. These changes did not come quickly or easily. the government hired the best experts in the field of addiction that could be found throughout the world. The issue was studied extensively for over 4 years. You can bet these experts know more than you do and their guidelines are correct. Some clinics do not follow these guidelines like they should and this is my job - I make sure they do if I find out that clinics are not being operated to the letter of the law. I have spent years studying addiction and not through a Google search. You need to do the same before you continue to speak about what you do not know.

      • Addict

        This reply could not have been said or written any better to that clearly misguided individual's bombardment of stupidity, incorrect data, and blasphemy passed off as fact.
        You have absolutely no idea what you are talking about as it pertains to Methadone, be it the pharmacological action of the medication or the regulatory requirements and manor in which it is dispensed to patients.
        DJohnson also could not have been MORE correct in her response when she states that only when Methadone is prescribed by private doctors to their patients for pain management purposes is it not closely regulated and or monitored. When Methadone is being dispensed to individuals for ANY type of treatment pertaining to opioid addiction the laws and guidelines that MUST be followed are numerous to say the very least. If a clinic does not abide by Federal and or State laws on dispensing Methadone for any type of addiction maintenance then that clinic is shut down. And no, that is not the statement of some naive individual that has not dealt with the system and just assumes that because something is a law that it is followed. Like DJohnson I too have struggled with addiction as a result of a biological deficiency in the production of endorphins as well as serotonin etc. After years of willing and often desperate attempts at every kind of treatment from multiple long term stays in the best residential drug treatment centers and inpatient detox to both physician monitored and take home regiments of Suboxone (Buprenorphine/Naloxone) or Subutex (Buprenorphine), ultimately relapsing eventually I found Methadone. I was familiar with Methadone but assumed it was no longer used as treatment due to hearing idiots like Melissa Zuppard from HARMD.ORG discussing things they clearly have no knowledge of. I'm sorry if you had a loved one die and you believe Methadone had something to do with that. In fact, I'm sorry if you had a loved one die of really, well, anything at all. But for you to sit here and spew the factual vomit that is your posting is just as irresponsible than the individuals that you are condemning. I'm truly sorry that your grief impedes you from recognizing that if your loved one died as a result of something related to the abuse of ANY medication it is in fact the fault of your loved one for abusing the medication in the first place not the medical professional's. As a result of FIRST HAND EXPERIENCE that continues to THIS VERY DAY, I can honestly say that when utilized and dispensed for addiction treatment, Methadone is closely monitored and tightly regulated more so than any other medication that is classified as a controlled substance/Scheduled Narcotic.

        • Addict

          I appreciate your response to the person that provided misinformation about Methadone. I often hear many people espouse their concerns about Methadone deaths. I have been prescribed Methadone for treatment of Chronic Pain, osteoarthritis, and fibromyalgia and severe headaches from two brain surgeries. I am prescribed 10mg tablets four times daily rarely do I need but two tablets at one dose/ A bottle of 240 pills lasts me well over two months. I try to use the methadone when I cannot resolve my pain with exercise or rest. I have noticed that if I do not drink at least eight glasses of water, my pain increases. Therefore, I am trying to make sure that I drink an adequate amount of water. With regard to weight gain, I simply eat too many calories. I am trying to be realistic with myself and see if I can go without the methadone.

          After seven to tens days without the medication, I notice that my pain eases back to a a higher level. I was wondering if I had habituated to the drug and was having withdrawals symptoms. Because I have pain while taking the medication and do not permit myself to take more than 20 mgs. daily, I would like to think that I am not addicted t it. I have been using the medication for approximately five years. I am concerned about developing an addiction and need someone knowledgeable of the medication to respond to my message. My doctor assures me that I am not addicted. I have known of two people who died from methadone use. Then, i learned from the children of these women, that they were also smoking marijuana, drinking alcohol, and perhaps other types of medication.

          God knows, that I do not want to become addicted. I am 59 years old and enrolled in school working everyday on assignments earning an A with most. Today, I ordered a product that seems to work well as an anti-inflammation agent and I will work diligently to see if this product will help eliminate my arthritis-causing pain. I think most of the pain I have is because of inflammation, thereby causing excruciating pain from head to toe. God willing, I am successful with this product, I certainly will come back to this site and write about it. I am not trying to sell anything, I am looking for way to protect my life. I also may go two days without taking any methadone at all. Although I continue to have pain, i am trying to not rely upon the methadone and cause myself to become addicted.

          Thank you for listening to my concerns. By the way, my doctor prescribes my medication and does not allow anyone to pick up my prescriptions or let me get refills without a visit to his office. We also have a medication management agreement that I agree to which requires periodic drug screening.

  3. Addict

    my brother has been trying to get off heroin on his own by using methadone obtained on the street. He is back to heroin. I need help, he needs help. I live in philly, he is in central jersey, just lost another job and i feel like all of his chances at success are dwindling. I want to help him. he now has no heath insurance. where can he go? where can i tell him to go for help? how do i convince him. i feel powerless.

    • Addict

      maybe u can look into methode clinics for him u dont have to have insurance and the clinics r pretty cheap, i know because im in one. The clinic saved my life, im thankful every day i dose and go to my classes, it changed my life. I wish the best for u and your brother.

  4. Addict

    Methadone Patients Against Hysteria and Further Restrictions


    We are Methadone Patients, Providers, Families and Friends AGAINST the Hysteria which is calling for Further Restrictions on the Prescribing of Methadone.

    There has been much written of late about the rise in deaths due to the abuse of Methadone. We lament these deaths, but feel that there has arisen an hysteria that proposes to restrict futher the prescription of this life-saving medication to the detriment of the 250,000 patients who receive this drug daily in addiction treatment programs across the United States. An overdose due to a person's recreational use of illicitly obtained methadone is NOT the fault of the drug, but of the person abusing the drug. Accidental overdoses by persons legitimately prescribed the drug for pain management purposes is again, not the fault of the drug, but of medical personnel who may not be educating patients enough to the dangers of such a long-acting analgesic. Deaths due to the recreational abuse of the drug lies with the abuser, not the substance.

    Methadone when used correctly is an effective and inexpensive pain medication. In addiction treatment programs, methadone acts as endorphin replacement for the damaged brain chemistries brought about by long term exposure to opiates. It has been utilized safely and scrutinized closely for five decades, and has been declared the "gold standard" for opiate addiction treatment by our government's National Institutes of Health. It is also the most closely regulated drug in existance when used for this purpose. Investigations over the last three years by the Federal Drug Enforcement Administration has shown that illicit methadone on the streets of America originates in pain management programs and NOT addiction treatment facilities.

    Methadone SAVES lives! There are a quarter of a million patients receiving it daily in addiction treatment facilities across America who will attest to that fact. It is safe when used properly, and effective in the endorphin replacement therapy needed by these patients. We the undersigned wish to implore the Federal Centers for Substance Abuse Treatment(CSAT) to not fall victim to the hysteria presently surrounding this drug.

    An overdose death is always lamentable, but let's not "throw the baby out with the bathwater" and keep any changes to the offending areas of distribution. That is NOT the opiate addiction treatment programs of America.

    __________________________________________ sure to read the comments by each of the signatures. They tell the TRUE stories of how lives have been affected.

    thanks so much!.......Carol

    Carol Sholiton
    Methadone Support Org. (MSO)

    • Addict

      Thank you so much, Carol! I work as a patient advocate for methadone clients and I have been on methadone for over 20 years now. I just earned my second degree in psychology and I have started working on a graduate program. My entire focus for all that I have and will do is to educate people on addiction and methadone. Any chance I got through writing papers or making presentations during my classes to give out correct information, I took. I always received comments stating that they had learned something new and valuable and appreciated being given the chance to know the facts instead of the myths.
      Thank you and all associated with you for trying to educate people and make life better for the ones that need it the most. I will definitely go to your website as soon as I get back home.

  5. Addict

    There need not \"come a point wherein someone has to go through withdrawal from methadone.\" Many MMT patients have sustained permanent changed to their brain chemistry from years of heroin and other opioid abuse, leaving them with a severe deficiency of endorphins--the chemicals in our brains that enable us to feel pleasure and happiness. Without opiates, these persons are severely depressed, anhedonic, lethargic/exhausted and beset with constant cravings. Methadone replaces the missing chemicals in the brain (and remember, opiates occur naturally in our brains--that\'s why we have opiate receptors) but does not cuase the \"high\" or euphoria the other opioids cause, thereby allowing the patient to live a normal, happy life. People on MMT can work, drive, raise a family, etc without impairment, as long as they do not mix it with other drugs or take more than prescribed. Many MMT patients, however, will require long term, even life long treatment with methadone due to the permanent nature of the chemical changes in the brains of some addicts.

    It is commonly said, as in this article, that you are just \"switching addictions\" but this is not true. There is a big difference between addiction and dependence. The hallmarks of addiction are out of control behavior, manipulating people to get more, taking more than prescribed, obsession with the substance, declining physical appearance, isolation, and many more. Dependence simply means that if a person were to suddenly stop taking the medication, they would become physically ill. If you define addiction and dependence as the same thing, that would then mean that diabetics are \"addicted\" to insulin, cardiac patients are \"addicted\" to their heart pills, etc. It is NOT the same thing, and properly treated MMT patients do not display signs of \"addiction\" to methadone.

    • Addict

      Please be careful with what you post here. There are many vulnerable struggling addicts, reading this very post trying to consider starting Methadone treatment. I imagine this very statement has taken many lives.

      Here is my statement......Please read all of the information out there before deciding to take that first dose of methadone. I urge anyone excited about what this poster writes to consider an alternative. There is still no clinical evidence to support what is being suggested here. Just anecdotal evidence. I myself have been struggling for years to break free.

      If you are struggling with oxycontin, vicodin, heroin or other opiates please consider that this option (methadone) might sound more appealing right now because of the neurochemical changes which have occured in your mind. It did for me and it still sound appealing to me. Like Pavlov's dog.

      I am not suggesting that methadone does not have its' uses but before you include yourself in that category please do some research. ie. Speak with one person who has been on it, and is now off the drug. If you can find one. And I don't mean that in a facetious manner. Those who praise Methadone are either employee's of methadone clinics and recovery programs and those STILL on it.

      I don't mean to cause trouble but if I can change one persons mind, I will be happy.

  6. Addict


    • Addict

      you are right, its not easy to come off.....though neither is HEROIN.

  7. Addict

    Methadone is Not easy to come off of, But if you do it under supervision of a doctor and have the tools to use for a successful recovery CAN DO IT....noone said it was gonna be easy, But, fro what I would have had to look forward to...Not going on methadone to what I am going through being on methadone...seriously, I wouldn\\\'t have had it any other way....i work, i love, i play, i exist...most of all I LIVE....I LIVE and I am going to keep on living JUST FOR TODAY.....

  8. Addict

    Methadone treatment has been the best thing that could have ever happened to me. I was put on it due to a severe opiate addiction. when i tried to get off the opiates, the withdrawls were so severe that i could not live a normal life. I laid it bed and cried and could not work or take care of my family. I literally wanted to die at times so I always went right back to taking the opiates just to live a normal life with the fear of having to face life without them. I wanted to quit taking the opiates so badly but also could not see my children and family see me go through what i had to go through to get off the opiates. Then my doctor told me about Methadone treatment and I was willing to try anything at this point in my life. I will say that once i started the methadone I actually felt normal. I did not feel the high i felt when on the opiates and for some reason I did not have the desire to take another opiate. I actually felt the same way i had felt 5 years ago before i ever abused opiates. It was a miracle for me. I was sble to work a great job, be a great wife and mom again, and live a full functioning life with out my drug of choice. I feel great now. I will ssy i have been on the methadone for a few years now and i am almost completely off the drug now. I started taking 90 milligrams a day and now i am on 20 milligrams a day. I will say i am teffified about the day that i completely quit taking it. I have definately become dependant upon methadone to function in my every day life. My doc is slowly weening me off the drug and tells me that when i get down to 5 milligrams a day that it will be easy to quit taking it. I know i will have some withdrawls but nothing will ever compare to the withdrawls i had to go through coming off the opiates. I just tell myself that having a little withdrawls just lets me know what i did to myself in my past and lets myself know i will never go back to that lifestyle again. I will say that methadone completely took away my opiate addiction and made things so much easier for me. I recommend anyone who has a opiate addiction and wants to get off the drugs to give it a try because i think if it were not for the methadone treatment i started i would probably be dead today. actually i know i would not be here today. My addiction had become so bad that there was no way my body could have taken another year of what i was putting it through. so i believe methadone saved my life along with my willingness to do what i had to do to save it. It will work for anyone if they really want to get off the opiates and take the drug like it is prescribed. Everyone who knows me will say that it was a miracle drug for me becuase i had tried everything to try to recover. It was the best thing that ever happened to me. good luck to anyone who has started taking the drug or who is looking for info. about the drug.

  9. Addict

    What Melissa Zuppardi failed to mention is that many methodone related deaths are caused by the use of methadone and benzodiazepines together. When these two medications are combined, they can cause respiratory failure. Most clinics monitor patients\' use of benzos and methadone and some do not even allow patients to take prescribed benzos. I would also like to think that all clinics would discharge a patient if that patient was caught diverting their medication. Methadone patients should not be made to jump through a million hoops in their attempt to recover from addiction. It is true that some people will mismanage their medication, but those individuals should be to blame, not methadone patients as a whole.

  10. Addict

    Methadone is a safe and effective medication. I have taken it for over 3years daily for pain and it works well. If there is a problem it?s due to abuse of methadone not taken under a physician?s care. Methadone saves lives and one of them is mine.

  11. Addict

    Methadone is not a miracle drug. It is also not the demon drug some people make it out to be. That being said people who use it legally or not tend to be the problem (not everyone but some). My concern is that people are using it as an easier softer way out from their addiction. Methadone can be dangerous and should be used as a last resort for long term users. MMT should be used in conjunction with some form of therapy or counselling for those who want to get clean (the therapy is to help people make the life changes necessary to stay clean)but in most cases the therapy is left out and all the addict gets is the medication and then they are stuck on it because they have not developed the skills and tools they need to live life on its own terms.
    as for the earlier post stating that addicts do not sell their carries or doses, some may not but again there are those that do (so they can get some other type of illicit drug that they can get high on. Methadone can help but it needs to be used properly and in conjunction with counselling and treatment.

  12. Addict

    I have taken methadon for 4 years everyday for back pain. It is a life saving medication. All this hype about methadone is hogwash. Methadone is the gold standard for the treatment of opium addiction.

  13. Addict

    methadone is evil. my sister has been on it for about 2 or 3 years now. all it does is subsitute one drug addiction for the has made her a completely diffrent person. its basically taken over her whole life. my family is totally ruined. its like i dont even have a sister anymore. take home doses SHOULD NOT BE ALOUD. whatever genious thought of that needs to be put in a mental institute for insanity. clinics should be shut down, doctors perscribing methadone should get their practicing liscence taken away, and people who use methadone should be forced to go to a rehab center and get clean the right way. go through the withdrawls, go to counciling, be there for eachother, let your family and friends help you and be a part of your struggle. dont you think if people were forced to go through the withdrawls they would feel just how much damage they have done to their body and never want to go back to that feeling or lifestyle EVER again. to me, people who take methadone dont REALLY want to get better. its an easy way to be able to say \" see, im getting off drugs.\" while still being able to get high. im so sick of hearing people say \" i NEED xanex, or i NEED methadone.\" thats just a cop out! im not trying to be mean, degrading, or think im better than the next person, but if i have to live my life, take care of my responsibilitys, and deal with everyday tryles and tribulations than why dont you? how come the rest of the world can get up everyday,face reality, stay off drugs and bust butt to do what they need they need to do, but drug addicts cant. MOST PEOPLE are not born drug addicts.all you need is the love and compassion of ONE person. methadone causes death, families to fall apart,and adds to drugs that get sold on the streets. clinics dont care about people. they care about their money making system they call methadone. thats really all the clinics are doing is taking money from people THEY think have lost their purpose in life. people who they think dont matter antmore. always remeber that you do matter, and your purpose is never lost unless YOU give up on it. things do get better, only if you are willing to take that long hard road it takes to get there and take the right path. my heart goes out to everyone. i wish i could help save just one person from turning to methadone. maybe after that we could show the world how strong all of you really are inside and influence people to follow.

    • Addict

      This is to methadone is evil. how much money do u think the clinic gets from each person? not much so u are wrong there. methadone does help people WHO follows the rules of methadone so you really can't play the blame game. i am real sorry for your sister but she is doing something wrong sounds like to me.I live in so much pain every day sometimes I wonder way I get up if I didn't have the methadone I don't know what I would do and for take homes yes some might sell it so they shouldn't have it but my take homes are great because the clinic is only open until 10:00 am and I could never be ready in time so take homes are great. you really need to talk to someone that has been taking methadone and not just going on one person your sister.

  14. Addict

    I've read your stories. Here's my brother's story. "Biff" started off abusing prescription drugs. He stole from my parents, me, his wife and anyone else who was unsuspecting. When his second wife kicked him out for the second time, he returned to live with my mother. He robbed her blind to support his methadone habit. He had a prescription then went and bought more "hits". From the amount of money missing, I'm guessing he had a $600 a day habit. My mother had cancer, COPD and heart issues. Biff stole her medicines, sold them to the next door neighbor and then went on to buy his drug of choice. Yes, he went to the clinic on Line Avenue to get his "dose". When I tried to tell my mother of my suspiscions. It fell on deaf ears until the end. She apologized for calling me the liar. She told me he was drugging her so that she would sleep and not be a problem. She told me he had stolen everything she'd ever worked for. She even told me "thank you" for rescueing her. Until her last breath she called him the "Devil". I am now paying for all of the missing money. The credit card bills (I guess cash advances) and the mortgage (on a paid for home that I co-owned and knew nothing about), my mother's funeral and so on. He depleted her annuity to $10,000. Not even enough to pay for a proper funeral. Bitter? You bet I am. This is a person who had it all. Good looks, no, great looks. Super intelligent. That's evident because he is one step ahead of me at all times. When i took him to detox, he thanked me for the tough love and said no one had ever given him this chance. Bull. Now, he won't answer my calls. At the funeral, he was high again. I've tried. I've got nothing left. You won drugs. Take my brother. He's all yours.

    • Addict

      reading these comments hits me real hard. it makes me feel better that there are other family members out there who worry. im a 21 year old daughter of a methadone abuser. my dad was first addicted to lortab, and now methadone. he isn't the same person. he's a hollow person now, making empty promises, lying, stealing, anything to get his fix. i am so afraid of what is waiting around the corner. it has ruined my family. last year was the last straw for my mom when she found out 12,000 dollars went missing. that was on top of a 50,000 dollar loan against the house the year before. so many emotions run through me. anger, hurt, frustration. it eats me alive inside that my 2 younger brothers don't get to experience the vibrant active dad i knew. now all he does is sleep in the day and wander aimlessly at night. he sweats profusely ( which is a side affect) i am at a loss with everything. his side of the family are all hypocondriacs and so ennablers. he had a pulminary embolism last year which has cut his lung function in half for the rest of his life. he now needs constant oxygen. i don't know if methadone had anything to do with it, but i do knw that his friend (supplyer) had one also. an average 44 year old should not have this bad of health. i want him to get off, but then i see on these posts that it is hell to get over, and with his weakened state, i dont know what it would do to him. im not bashing this drug saying that it is the devil, but i am just telling my story. i feel that if it is taken properly and in the time allotted it can help, but it has ruined my family.
      so if anyone can give me any information, i would appreciate it more then you know.

  15. Addict

    i read yours storys on here and i cryed because i think methodome destoryed my life i lost my wife to it now the doctor i was getting it from stoped writing and now i dont know what to do stop taking it but i dont want to get sick i heard of suboxone thats what i want to talk to someone about

  16. Addict

    I started on methadone back in 1998, when I tired of shooting morphine & dilauded. It did allow me to work and live a crime-free life. I was not committing any crimes anymore, and worked a legit job. There were a few side effects with methadone, such as weight gain, constipation. I started on methadone at 70 mgs. & asked for a voluntary detox, and came weaned down to 10 mgs. Then I switched to a doctor, which was much cheaper. I am now down to 5 mgs. a day, and continue to slowly wean down. I cannot wait for the day that I do not have to take Methadone. I commend Methadone for taking people that want to come off of opiates off the street, BUT...I do not think that after years of use that it is good for the body. It builds up in every fiber, and bone in your body. I've noticed changes in my own body in the last 3 yrs., such as lumps coming up in my body. Like the lymph nodes. No doctor understands what this is that I've seen so far, but I truly believe that Methadone STOPS up the lymph nodes, thyroid gland is not normal, blood out of sync, and creates havoc on the digestive tract. It eventually takes it toll in the long run BELIEVE ME! So I'm getting off ASAP. Like I said, good for short term use, but not for long term (years) The withdrawl is very prolonged because of the half-life, but weaning down slowly is about the best way. And some Clonidine is helpful also for the elevated blood pressure.

    • Addict

      Do you really think that 5mg is helping that much? Just saying you could go to a detox and get off that 5 and get better! good luck and keep going you are almost there!!!!

  17. Addict

    I am reading some of the comments here and hearing a methadone clinic referred to as "a treatment program." I have been going to a methadone clinic for over 2 years now. When I asked to decrease my dose, I was told at the clinic that they were not a "treatment program," but a "maintenance program." I am seeing more and more "gold standard" references online and can personally tell you I was told at the onset of my MMT that clinics have better results than any other treatment options when getting people off of illicit drugs. And I believe that. Trouble is, you are then on Methadone. Now my clinic is telling me they will not reduce my daily dose, which by the way puts me right to sleep. I have not failed any drug screens since starting at the clinic. It is the methadone that puts me "out." The owners of my clinic own 19 clinics in 8 states and I bet all 19 of the others are operated just like mine. I was told by my clinic nurse to increase to my current dose and I feel like I have been taken advantage of for being an addict. And now I am infuriated every time I hear someone say the word "treatment" in the same sentence as "methadone clinic" and I now realize that a methadone clinic is a place of business and the business they're in is drug-dealer replacement. Thanks for reading this.

  18. Addict

    methadone should be against the law and docs who prescribe it should have their licence revoked. it has ruined my daughters life. she has now lost her son who is 11 years old and now lives with me. i mourned the loss of my daughter as i knew her many years ago when she began taking methadone. it is a poison who noone should have to be subjected to taking. she has begged her doc to take her off of it but he would not. he finally did last week COLD TURKEY. she wants to die rather than go through the horrible withdrawals. i cannot express how much i hate this drug and all docs who prescribe it.

  19. Addict

    For all the people who said Methodone is the devil, has ruined their lives and lives of love ones, robbed them of their love ones, ruined innocent children's lives by taking their mom or dad away, ruined children of worried sick parents by taken their child's future away, killed people, kept people "hooked" and away from getting proper treatment, made lazy fat irresponsible people out of people who use to be happy, energetic and responsible, who said clinics are a complete rip off who have done nothing to help people get sober after begging for help to lower doses........YOU ARE ALL 100% RIGHT.
    It IS the DEVIL in synthetic form! The word Methodone makes me sick! The word drugs makes me sick. I have watched someone I love turn into someone I don't even know and suffer from the shame he lives with. I am SICK of this and SICK of excuses! I believe it was Carol who wrote that it helped her get off of Opiates.....what do you think this drug is dear??? My heart breaks for Sandi and Jessica and Biff's sister. I wish I knew you girls- we are victims too and need support just as much! Our worlds have been torn apart as we stand helpless and in emotional agony. Pray people, just simply pray! God is the only thing strong enough to break this cycle- no matter if it is called addiction or dependency, maintenance or treatment- people on drugs are BOTH!

  20. Addict

    I was in a serious accident in 1999 that left me partially paralized...If I had been completely paralized an in a wheelchair I wouldn't be dependant on Pain Management. Be ME FOR ONE DAY and look me in the eye and tell me I'm an addict. I dare you. I got off of opiate because they are The Devil...but the Methadone has saved me from being in terrible pain every second of my life. I won't get parole, this is a life sentence and without my daily meds, (Which my Dr lets me take home my monthly allotment because he knows I need it) I would have put a bullet in my head a long time ago. I don't like the term "Gold Standard." All I KNOW is that I have a handicap that hurts and started on vicodin and it increased to oxycontin...YUCK. Cannot see how anybody can function on that stuff. Methadone is the only thing that ALLOWS me to be a productive citizen and take care of business. Methadone doesn't KILL....ABUSERS AND DEALERS KILL.

  21. Addict

    Since I have been researching methadone clinics, the information I have come across is startling. Last April, my fiance and I entered a clinic to help us kick our opiate dependancy...which it did, thankfully. Now, we are detoxing because it is very important for us to be off methadone in under a year, we will continue to live our life free of drugs!!! Upon mentioning our plans to our counselor, we were discouraged...methadone isn\\\\\\\'t designed to come off of...\\\\\\\"it doesn\\\\\\\'t work that way\\\\\\\"...Through our research of the drug, withdrawals, and our hobby of gardening and herbalism...along with strong spirituality...we will get through this. I often read forums much like this although I have always chosen to simply observe. For whatever reason I felt compelled to join in...right now we are @ 49 mg. down from 110 mg. in August \\\\\\\'07 (neither of us should have been taking such a high amount). Our last day we will go to the clinic is March 6...I am so excited and feel so many emotions. We are certain that we will be enlightened spiritually as well...I feel confident that the method we are using will help ease some of the pain...i will chart our progress once it is time. I would love to develop a method of detox that could help people who cannot afford $10,ooo. for staying at a detox facility.

  22. Addict

    I have been on methadone for 8 months trying to get off of oxy.....wish I would of just once took a second to research and be informed of my decision. My action before thought has landed me a bigger Monkey on my back than ever. I'm sicker than before and now know this will take longer to kick than the 10 short days of hell it takes to quit the shorter lasting opiates. Methadone is a longer lasting opiate.........I'm feeling pretty stupid for my hastey decision and trust in other people without finding out first for myself. Well I really am finding out for myself, the hard way. I hope this will find someone like me before they too make the same decision, it still is not over and I don't want opiates in my life anymore, this is harder than anything, you can't just walk away from this and not look back. I now know why good people will steal for their opiate addiction because you feel you will die without it. And you can

  23. Addict

    Methadone is a wonderful drug if it is used by a person who wants to change there life for the better. What should our people do? Take methadone aways then we have the addicts running the street. No matter how many drug dealers get busted the drugs are always going to be there. I think the clinics should start getting a full perspective on the person who is using there clinic.They should get involved with the families to get a down low on what this person is doing everyday, how the Methadone is effecting them and there families. I do not know what it is like to be dependent on methadone but I definatly know it's effects on someone you love. I once was addicted to the most addictive drug known scientifically by men "meth" and I had to over come my addiction on my own and actually wanted to stop using the drug "intraveniously" If someone wants to turn there life around they will and thoes people at the clinics that are only taking advantage of the drug and it's ablity to help addicts get off the street and to stop lying and getting in trouble with the police, to be able to have a funtioning relationship with there loved ones and thoes who are able to be parents again without the problems they once had before the program should be refused to seek treatment unless they are serious about the program. Drug screens should be done more than once a month and with more conciqeunces then just a slap on the hand. The program should be based on the persons history of drug addiction and what drug is found in there drug test the first time they come into the clinic for treatment. If there addicted to heroin then yes the persons problem is going to be a little more difficult resulting in a longer period on the methadone and more counciling. There are more people at these clinics that have been going for years opposed to people that used the program to get off the drugs they were on. Whats the big deal why is everyone ranting about these clinics what harm is it doing to our loved ones???!!!! What do they see that we don't or what do they know that we don't what kind of studies could they have possibly done to really show how the program works? NO one and I mean NO one can get off any drug unless they want to unless they are motivated to! These methadone clinics ...YES they help but they don't solve the problem they just make it cheaper and easier for the addict to get there high! They are not strict enough failed drug test that person should not be allowed any take homes even one sunday thoes clinics allow sundays dose to be abused because they aren't open on sundays thus prevailing the dose to be taken with there saterdays dose after they leave the clinic. If the person is showing they aren't serious about the program and showing methadone isen't enough then that person should be weaned off of what they are one and dissmissed for a period of time then let the person come back in that trial time after they had time to think about wanting to really get off of drugs and being able to see there self doing good at the clinic and in there life opposed to how they went back to living that unforgiven hell filled life they were. Trust me the program would work if these doctors would actually get people off of drugs by using methadone then weaning them off of the methadone when the time is right. My fiance he goes to the clinic he has been there for 3 years we have a 2 year old daughter the methadone isen't fufilling his addiction anymore he has to go up now having to pay and extra 100 dollars to do that he is currently at 99 he'll be going up any day now considering the blood test done.. why should someone be allowed to go up after 3 years at the same does...what does that tell you... this person wants that high fealing again! right? he says he can't stand the withdraw symptoms and he feals like crap at the end of the day thats why he can't go down and he wants to wait untill he has the money to get another doctor to perscrive muscle ralxents and other medicines to make the withdraw more tolerable. He just quit drinkin his pint of whiskey every night because that was his deal to quit drinking and go up on methadone...the reason for his drinking was because he felt crappy later on in the day. He takes his sundays dose on fridays then he sleeps all day sunday and when he wakes up it's like hes not there he is distant and doesen't want to talk or move doesen't want to hold his little girl when she wants him to hold her! on regular days he goes to work then he comes home he might stay up and hour if i'm lucky then he goes to bed. I'm sleeping in the morning so I don' see him before he leaves for work I see him just for about 30 minutes everyday same goes for his daughter. He is very short tempered and controls everything I do always gets in my face and yells when he gets angry with me spits on me throws things threatens to kick me out and keep our daughter tells me evrything is my fault because im such a B**CH thats all I do all the time in all reality i have stoped getting mad at him about the clinic i've stopped throwing it up in his face and when he was drinking occationally asked him to stop I did put him down about going to the clinic and just being a drug addict and alchoholic when we argued sometimes but I always apoligize when I say or do things that hurt him i find myself always giving in and telling im sorry just to make everything ok but what i have to ask myself is would he be like this if he was sober minded if he wasent dependent on a mind affecting drug ? Isen't there other alternitives that can block the receptors so someone doesen't have to go through withdraws or something that someone can take that makes the drugs they take inafective or something methadone if not ending lives is ruining lifes and not just thoes of the addict thoes of the familys along with it. Drug addicts are selfish with there selfish ways wanting what they want not caring about the effect it has on other people. What I don't understand is how can someone who has children not want to help themselves for their childrens sake how do we show them what they are really doing wrong open ones eyes to reality to life there is so much more out there why can't they just realize it?? Just because I can over come addiction I guess I feal like anyone can. You do have to hit rock bottom but rock bottom is diffrent for everyone. It doesen't help to get off drugs if your parent does them too and takes up for every little thing you do wrong and attacks the person that only loves you and wants the best for you I guess the parent is sick too and by realizing her son has a problem means she has a problem too and just doesen't want to deal with the problems !

  24. Addict

    I first took methadone for oxycontin addiction
    3 years ago..big mistake, after 3 years of being on methadone I decided I wanted to get off of it, I took my 120 mg dose and droped it to 40 in 2 months. I then decided to just stop cold turkey. The withdrawls have been hell and never seem to end.Its been 4 months and I still have a very hard time sleeping, lack of energy and depression. If I could go back in time I would defenatly just detox from the oxycontin. Methadone is for people who do not plan on being drug free some day.

    • Addict

      I can totally relate to what you are saying and are going through, it sucks!

  25. Addict

    i`ve heard time in and time out that meyhadone withdrawal is not as bad as opiates itself, au contraire, i kicked both, and it was 150mg methadone cold turkey because and it was just that kind of thinking that caused it to be cold turkey and i was in a rehab you all have heard of. the medical person in charge said he`ll be okay, it was without a doubt the worst experience of my life, and i was in vietnam earlier in my life, and i thought some of the things i did there would scar me, it did but that detox was just as scaring mentally and physically put me thru the horror of meth detox, well ican really say that vietnam was a bitch for me, but if i had the time i would spell it out but it would take too much time, any way that kind of talk makes it hard when you trying to explain to a non user medical person, i was given the meth for pain. i kicked dope 33 years ago when it good, but meth detox whew! i`d love to come up there and talk about with the multitudes,

  26. Addict

    The first and most critical thing, that methadone provides to people addicted to opiates is CHOICE. The choice to use or not. opiate addiction is extremely compelling, which explains why statistically, there is such a high relapse rate.Like any other program, it works if you work it. Methadone, when an optimum dose is achieved for that individual, 1e: the significant reduction of cravings, and the anxiety associated with it, is only the first step, in achieving sobriety. Most addicts, by the time they get to a clinic, are stripped of all dignity, self respect, and self esteem. We ALL need things in our lives, that empower us, doubly so for people just beginning on a methadone protocol. Involvement with 12 step groups, rational recovery etc. is helpful to some people, getting involve with favorite hobbies, or anything that we love is essential to recovery. working with, and caring for animals, is extremely theraputic, and reteaches the person things like responsibility, commitment, and unconditional love. Idle time is the enemy, and new behaviors must be incorporated that provide that all important sense of empowerment, otherwise, it is like a diabetic taking insulin, but eating all the wrong foods, it does not work! My husband and I have been on methadone for 14 years, and consider ourselves sober. We have not found a need for even a sip of alcohol, in that time. We were heroin addicts, homeless, and completely bankrupt, spiritually, physically, and emotionally. We lived like that for many years, going in and out of detoxes, until we found methadone. We took care of a flock of ducks, for six years, feeding them daily, and observing them, which provided us with some wholesome activity, while we healed. after two years of methadone, we got jobs, where we worked for 8 years, until we moved out of state, and now have our own business. I have never known a clinic to refuse to lower someones dose. some people do it, so they can use other drugs more effectively. I have never, I repeat never gotten high on methadone, or had any craving for it. I attempted to wean off of it a few times in the early years, with disastrous results. I believe I still had it on a moral level in my mind, and have since made peace with it. I wish they would allow physicians to prescribe methadone to people who have long term documented histories of successful methadone maintenance with clean urines, so we would not be tied to a clinic. The majority of clinics are \\\"for profit\\\" and the prices are prohibitive. If I could purchase it from a pharmacy, it would cost about 40 dollars a month instead of over 400 dollars. I forces people to be on assistance, as it is the only way, that they can get their medicine. the way I look at it is, It works if you look at your recovery as a multi faceted process, with many different areas that need to be addressed. Methadone can free you, and allow you to accomplish this.

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    Methadone should be titrated very slowly, never jump off on a high dose,or you will withdrawal for many months,if you come off it slow & take it down to the very last mg, you should have a much easier time, methadone is no drug to rush, the benifets of a slow taper is much easier on your body & mental status as this is a drug with a half life which can creep up on you days even weeks later if you rush your taper.

  28. Addict

    Wow, i am one of those in the desperate stage of addiction looking for the answer. The "Miracle" that will help me get off Oxycontin and survive the withdrawal. I am on a prescribed dose of 7 x 80mg a day. I get it weekly and i abuse it in the way of biting it and breaking the time release. I no longer get high i do getpain releif. I was given this drug 3 years ago after a car accident for a broken hip and damaged back. I now have fibro myalgia, bursitis and cyatic nerve problems. The use of this drug has ruined my life, I have gained 100lbs i never leave my house and i cry all the time, i think of suicide ever day and the only reason i dont kill myself is because i cant put my kids through that. I have been hoping beyond my wildest dreams that methadone will be the answer for me, i have read all of the comments here and i am now afraid to do it, all i know is things can't get any worse than this can they? One thing i want to make clear to all of you out there is "if" i had been given the proper knowledge at the time i was prescribed this drug, i would have certainly made a different choice. WHY didnt my doctor tell me that this pill would be forever, and i would get more tolerant of it as time passed..i remember when taking one 40mg pill a day made me feel sick like it was too strong, within 2 months i was at 4 a day, and so on. I couldnt get the pain to stop entirely and was so frustrated because the feeling of well being you get at the beginning of this addiction is like heaven, after living in pain to finally find a drug that took it away PLUS made me feel like i could do anything in the world, well it seemed like a God send..ha ha..someone (it was probably SATAN in the flesh) casually said to me one day, all you have to do is bite it in half and you will get hat great feeling again. I am not sure which was the worst thing that happened to me, 1. the car crash itself, 2. the oxycontin prescription or 3. "just bite it in half" but number 3 is on the top of the list of the worst decisions ive ever made in my life. Ok so now to the present and taking over 500mg a day. I have no doubt i will be dead n a year or on 1500mg a day by then so what would it hurt someone like me to try Methadone?? really think about it, im 100lb overweight, i am aggorophobic, my liver is damaged, and i am suicidal. I am a useless waste of space and air on this earth isnt it worth trying the Methadone? I want to be off it all, clean and sober nd happy again. I want to do things normal people do, NO actuallly i want to even DESIRE to do the things that normal people do!! Will Meth ruin my life? dont you think my life is already ruined? can someone please comment on this and tell me what you think?? PLEASE??? I have to do something soon, or i am gonna die. AND to thise of you who say we want this kind of life..i didnt ask for this, i didnt even know what the hell i was talking til it was WAAY too late. The doctors (ive asked more than 3) say that with my presnt health condition i would NOT survive the withdrawal process of cold turkey. I asked for a medical detox and they examined me and refused to detox me, fear of heart failure due to the pain of withdrawal on top of the actual injury pain coming all back at once "they say" will kill me. So what do i do? we have a meth clinic in this city and a meth doctor who follows you through the process and makes you do 12 step meetings etc. BUT hes supposedly a totally abusive jerk, calls his patients names and makes them do him favors for the meth. (dont even say it) you know why nobody reports him! Please email me if you can, or ask for my email address in your replies to this..i am so desperate and i am dying before my family's eyes. HELP ME!!! love Judy

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    please explain what methadone does to people on it does it make themsay and do crazy things forgett things imagine things be angry all the time look doped up wanting to fight the world

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    So many comments and sadly so much misinformation. I empathize though, since I too was misinformed about Methadone. I too believed that Methadone was just a substitute for Heroin or other opiates and that its only benefit was that it was legal so one would not get caught "copping a bag of dope" and risk going to jail. I also believed that it rotted your teeth, broke your bones and that it was even harder to come off of than heroin could be. After reading up on it and talking to a Doctor I learned the truth. If you are a heroin addict you have a disease. You are sick and have to take medication. The medication is not a substitute and if taking the correct dosage it should not make you high. It's intent is to maintain you, that is keep you from not feeling ill and to help you slowly stop craving heroin and ultimately to wean you off of all opiates. This, for me was one of the most important facts about Methadone, that is that slowly but surely your cravings for heroin would disappear and if taking this medication with a Doctors consent and supervision as well as Psychotherapy, your chances for ridding yourself of this addiction is greater than if you were to attempt it on your own or "cold turkey".
    The bottom line is that if you are an addict you have a disease. Just like anybody else that may have any other type of disease like Diabetes for example, one is given medication to treat that ailment. If taken as prescribed, it is likely that the patient should get better. There may not be a cure for our disease but there are effective treatments that one can take to make life liveable. If people would learn to think of Addiction as a disease then there would not be all the stigma against this drug.
    Lastly, if you are an addict or want to help someone that you know that is an addict I would suggest that you do a lot of reading and asking. Educate yourself, this is the key.

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    My husband has been on Methadone for over eight years. Before that, other drugs, many from doctors and legal. It has had a terrible effect on our marriage. I don't care if you say "you cannot get high" - how about just being THERE?? There is so much my husband is no longer really present for. There is so much he has missed. This was all about his pain and guess what? He still has it. None of that ever disappeared. In fact I now have it oo, in the form of his dark - yes, very dark - addiction. An open gaping mouth with eyes rolled back into his head. I no longer think of just his pain anymore, believe me. Love that bit above about "educating yourself" ! Wow, I have been truly educated about addiction. He doesn't even remember when we last had sex. But then gain, that was years ago.

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    This message is for Judy in Canada. The universe works in mysterious ways. In 1998 I was in a auto accident. 4 years later I found out that my spine ahd been broken in that accident. I had this cronic pain that wouldn't go away. Now i have several conditions like my spine is falling apart from L-7 down, fibromyaliga, endometrosis, and i havent felt my left leg in four year, and seveal more that would take to much to list here. The doctors told me either I was crazy or that i was just a weak women or that i was a drug seeker. I was fortunate to a medical background and the sence to listen to my body. I assulted 2 of the doctors out of fustration and misery. Finally I was put into pain managment which at the time I thought was a god send. Before pain managment no doctor believed me. I was done. My sucide plan was finished. Then I got a call the day before i was to kill myself saying i was accepted to the program and my appointment was in 2 weeks. I fugured that i had lived this long a couple more weeks wouldnt hurt. so i went and liked what the doctor said but still ahd little faith. I told him "you have 3 weeks until i put myself out of my misery" He looked at me for a long time and gave me a hug and thanked me for giving him the chance to help me even though i didn't have faith in him or his profession. with in 2 weeks i felt better. But it wasnt all good. In his effort to make my life livable he gave me more and more drugs which almost killed me twice. the last time my children were with me. that was when i had enough. I told him to take all his drugs and shove them. you name the drug and id been on it. at one point i was on 14 pills 2-3 times a day. the last was methadone. I took one pill and slept for 3 days.I stayed on the vicoden which has been 5 years now. i am trying to get off of it currently. but i relize that i will be cursed for the rest of my life with chronic pain and will have to take something. I just dont want a liver transplant at the age of 45. I know that it seems impossible to be of what your taking but there are other ways of medicating your pain. Unfortunally it is a trial and error process and sometimes a lot of pain but from my experience it is worth it and can be done. there is much more to my story but i dont have the time to share it all here with you. but i know that you are here for a reason. there is a reason that you didnt die in that accident even though you wish you had. we dont get to know why things happen just that they do and we have to live with it and make the best of what we are given weather it is cronic pain , addiction or what ever your affliction is try to to do the best you can and make the best impact on the workd and the people around you. Jsuy of you ever need to talk to someone who knows what it is like i am willing to listen and help in whatever way i can.

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    Listen, whichever moronic fool who composed this disinforming article, I realize your intentions are good, however, when you write thise drivel that is not founded in the facts, you often harm more than you hurt. Witness the instance where you write, "There will come a point wherein someone has to go through withdrawal from methadone. Although this is difficult, it is not as difficult as the withdrawal from the opiate...", you mistake two crucial facts in one sentence, namely, you fail to grasp that methadone is indeed an opiate, or opioid rather, as it is synthesized rather than derived naturally from the sp. papaver sominferum (actually even naturally occurring true opiates like morphine are produced synthetically these days as it is more economical than derivation processes), and additionally, the withdrawal syndrom with methadone is much worse in the sense that it lasts much longer than withdrawal from shorter-acting opiates like heroin, hydrocodone, etc. Often, when an opiate addict switches to methadone, he does so with the knowledge that he may be on it for life. it is possible to kick the methadone too, but it takes a soul not bent on cowardly self-indulgence and weakness founded on a million excuses to oneself pertaining to why they just CAN'T go on without their little cruch. Hope this insignificant little fact clears up any confusion possibly resulting from the prior obfuscation. Good luck to the brave ones. There is hope for those who deserve it... Those who believe they have a "disease" will most likely be a lost cause. If it is to be analogous to a disease (I emphasize "analogy" since the definiton is so equivocatingly and deliberately vague, and it could never be truly categorized as such), perhaps it should be compared to an infection of the mind and soul which needs purging in the feverish fires of self-discovery and attention to bigger problems in the world than a coward's fears.

    • Addict

      Well said Dr. K. I am not as convinced as you about disease/non-disease however, the amount of unfounded, poorly researched garbage in this article is mind-boggling. We can debate back and fourth forever and indulge ourselves in the justification of long-term Methadone treatment but at the end of the day it really comes down to one common denominator. Has this really made your life better? I am not so interested in the answer from the patient actively taking methadone (even, if as prescribed since your mind is not clear). Rather ask the previous question to your loved ones.....spouse, best friend, mom, dad, childhood friend (anyone close to you NOT on methadone)... etc...

      In my experience as a patient, I have noticed that the overwhelming majority of our lives has gradually become worse and worse(after the initial pink cloud phenomenon). Someone mentioned earlier that we are the living dead. I couldn't agree more. Liquid handcuffs.

      I am not some mean, evil, uneducated cynic, who is misinformed or ignorant about Methadone either. Since I know some of you reading this will dismiss my comments as someone who believes the stigmas associated with the drug or as someone who is uneducated. No, that is not me. I am a methadone patient (surrendered) and a physician who has spent years researching, learning and studying this affliction from the standpoint of doc and patient.

      So what do I want? Nothing...I have only to keep my side of the street clean. Nobody can tell you how to live. But, you came to this site for a reason and I do want to share what I have noticed about this as MY TRUTH about Methadone.

      My life has slowly deteriorated. In the beginning I spent so much time trying to convince everyone around me including myself how without this drug I would be jailed, institutionalized or dead, that I didn't take a look at what has happened to me. I became a depressed zombie, with no capacity to finish anything I started other than a pint of Ben and Jerry's.

      To those of you considering starting Methadone.......please consider a different alternative.
      To those of you considering coming off of luck.... exercise during the day and hot baths at night.

      Feel free to email me if you are struggling........... [email protected]

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    Josh, I would have to agree. I had stage 4 liver cancer and a bone marrow transplant. First it was the morphine pump every 5 minutes in the fetal postion for a week. Next dilaudid, then came the 100mg of oxycotin a day, to the 100mg percocet a day, and finally the suggestion of methadone. oopps. I am now 100% cancer free, but this methadone withdrawl redefines what a nightmare it is to get off something. And I have news for those 5mg people and what a peice of cake after that. All I can say is fasten your seatbelt. Find a bunch of Klonipin, and Zanax, and Libroderm patches, cause it feels like there is some caustic acid eating its way out through your bone marrow and tailbone. Make sure you have some Catapress patches also. My trouble is I had so many side effects from such massive does of chemo for so long, I've never been completely drug free, and as a result, just might be so screwed up from it all, that my choices might be limited. I know that even a life time of methadone, at least in my case will be a dream killer. Despite what they say about returning to a productive life. I think it makes you a sloth and a slave. Sorry for the buzz kill. No pun intended. People that have been mangaled in car wrecks and cancer people, its ok if its that or mind boogleing pain forever, but please make a well informed choice cause this methadone is a life sentence.

  36. Addict

    I have read most of the above, and everyone makes a valid point somewhere. What I would like to have seen are qualifications other than; "user" "addict" "in recovery" or a friend/family member of the same. I have 7 years of college and 3 of those are in substance abuse studies. I also have been addicted to alcohol, abusive relationships and have been at the methadone clinic to get off methadone. My story is not a success yet, but I can confirm that clinics do increase your dose, need it or not. People who are serious can still go there get and remain clean. Addiction is a disease, dozens of studies have demonstrated this. Some of the best are the genetic ones. Where children born to addicts at birth, are taken away at birth and raised by families with no addiction history, yet these kids still become addicted. These were "blind" studies, which means the adoptive parents did not know the genetics, so as to not treat them differently. Do allot of research, and pray for them (addicted loved ones), I know they are hell. My little sister was like that and so was I. Methadone is one hell of a hard drug to get off of. I spoke with people who quit herion, alcohol, cigerattes and explosive anger (2 of these had all those addictions). All said methadone was harder to quit, so be aware of the demons people are dealing with. It is too easy to say fuck it, they had their chance. Don't let them in your house to steal from you, get kids away from them, but love them if they want help,. take them to meetings and/or treatment. Go work with a family doctor and a therapist. If they don't want your help leave it alone and ask God. He can change anyones' mind, loaded or not. I am going to a subutex treatment program in Seattle for a year. It will help me come off the methadone slowly and then off of the subutex. It is a good program that can be paid for by the State for up to a year (including medicine), and you absolutely cannot mess around with any other drug (like you can with Methadone), if you do it will put you into a immediate withdrawal, you will wish you hadn't. If you are serious about quitting it will help you keep your job, without laying around sick all day. You can get on with your life. By the way my use is from chronic pain from a genetic birth defect, the bones in every joint in my body have a connective tissue disorder, this causes them to ware away slowly. It also causes retinal detachment (you can go blind and deaf) I have lost all my teeth (no I've never used meth). But chronic pain is a very real reason to use this drug, and it does work, but it does cause addiction and I don't like either option. I just want to think clearly and have a love for life again. Be a mentor to my children and grandchildren. That is more important right now. I will write later and let you all know how the treatment is coming along, if anyone wants to know LOL. If you are a person who is of faith please pray for me, and I will do the same for you and your loved ones. GOD BLESS ALL OF YOU,AND THOSE YET TO COME. BJN 5/14/08

  37. Addict

    i am watching my son try to get off methadone. it is breaking my heart. he's on day five and tells me he wishes he was dead. he got down to a very low dose so hopefully it will not be as bad as some of the stories i've been reading. my older son did the same thing but had to do it cold turkey from a very high dose. he said it was the worse feeling he ever had. i wish i could do something to help him but my hands are tied. please say a prayer for my son to have the strength to make it thru just one day at a time. i have and he's made it this far. thanks

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    how much methadone is considered to be an 'addictive' amount? i know someone who has been using for 6 months, about 10-20 milligrams (she says) and when she talked to a clinic they told her that most of the people who come in there use 180+ mgs. Is that true??? Does anyone know? If she's only been using for a short time and (what seems to be) a small dose is there more hope??? She truly wants to get free and with the help of God believes that is possible. I just feel so in the dark - never done any drugs in my life and it's so mysterious. thanks.

  39. Addict

    i enjoyed reading all the responces. its inresting that 1 in 10 talk good about methadome well im not part of the one wheres the democurcy in that its clear that every where i go the negative hevily out ways the good whats wrong with that. i will tell you, is called domocurcy the fornt word for goverment terreny "ellected for the people by the people" ha get those basterds out of the buisness of helping people the resrict and regulate eveything (one size fits all)docters that do care will tell you whats wrong, there powerles to big buisenes including goverment (the biggest group of corparations around the globe) and what do corparations do best at the expence of every one else? you got it its all about money I say get the go9verment out and let the docters that care do things there way for the people not for the corparation.not all docters are good but the bad ones wouldn't take long to be noticed and have a bad rep and acutualy be accountable instead of hiding behind the sovernty of goverment. bassicly goverment out accountability in. realy its only common scence

    • Addict

      Do you think maybe the reason when you look around on TV and internet and see mainly negative responses to methadone is that the ones who are happy or it worked out well for aren't spending their days typing methadone into search engines to post responses on random pages? Maybe? Those that have any Anger / Frustration / Sadness at methadone and clinics in general are much more motivated to go out and preach about it than those people who are agreeing with / been successful using it to get off opiate addiction people. So this page on the downside of methadone addiction or any methadone internet page is not a very true way to get a "democratic" sampling of America's feeling on it. Just saying. Also while there are many heartbreaking cases due to methadone no one talks about that methadone clinics and needle exchange programs DRASTICALLY hinder the spread of infectious diseases such as Hepatitis C and HIV (that benefits drug users and non drug users alike), and also have been shown to lower the yearly percentage of drug related crimes such as home robbery, and violence. Clinics don't admit people (other than those with chronic illness or pain) who aren't already drug addicts, they aren't out there pulling young people off campus and saying "hey come get some methadone!! It's great for you!!" Mostly these are people who are gonna get it illegally anyway and have been for quite some time. It would be much better for them to just stop but for the most part that's just not gonna happen, i mean lets be realistic here. I would much rather have the drug addicts in my town paying for methadone at a clinic than robbing me to pay the high price of street drugs, getting infected with and spreading HIV, or ending up in jail costing my tax dollars. If you wanna make someone into a villain in all this let's not blame the clinics but the illegal street dealers or irresponsible doctors who got these folks addicted in the first place. As I stated earlier even though its underrepresented in this anti-methadone page these clinics do in many cases save lives believe it or not.

      • Addict

        thank you ,good to read some knowledge and wisdom.I truly agree with your statements,great job.

  40. Addict

    People are not told that Methodone can become so life long when they first get on it. Perhaps if they were told the cold hard truth from the get go they would never go down this nightmare of a road for life.
    There is always a different road to go down, probably the road less traveled but still there is that road that will lead to a better life. So, for all those people thank you for the cold hard truth that it is hard and scarey to withdraw from this chain binding drug. But, lets remember the endless runs and wether it is methodone or heroin it can still be conquered, plain and simple YOU JUST HAVE TO WANT IT BAD ENOUGH

  41. Addict

    I live in Detroit, MI I have been in a methadone clinic since August, 2007. My clinic has a 90 day recovery house where they administer suboxone while you are there and at the end of the 90 days when you leave the program you will be (hopefully) drug free. I was being dosed at 50 mg of methadone when I entered the recovery house. My detox was as follows 45mg one day, the next day 40mg, next day 35mg, next day 30mg, one day of abstinence (approximately 24 hours) and then suboxone administered after the 1 day of abstinence. I went into sever withdrawals and requested to be taken to the emergency room. I was not allowed to complete the program unless I admitted to using some type of opiate prior to taking the suboxone. Unfortunately I elected to leave the program. I did this because I know that I had not taken anything prior to being dosed the suboxone and that the only thing in my system was methadone. I was truly hurt that the clinic would not give me the benefit of the doubt and would only let me stay if I admitted to doing something that I did not do. My question is, "How long does it take for methadone to leave your system?" After explaining how my detox went, should I had more days of abstinence. Also, at first the clinic would give the clients approximately 3 days of subutex prior to starting them on suboxone, they did not follow this protocol with me stating subutex was too expensive and the clinic would not pay for it.

    • Addict

      I had the same experience as you Ms. Jordan. While on methadone, I elected to try and switch to Suboxone for the freedom. They explained to me that I should get to 30mg or less, then take 24 hours off (miss one dose) and then take the first dose of Suboxone. After taking the Suboxone I entered the worst withdrawals of my life. Worse than the pain of breaking my collar bone, worse than when I went cold turkey from Vicodins. The program accused me of taking other medications despite the fact that my urine was clean. So they thought I was taking extra methadone, which I wasn't.

      I am so happy to hear that someone else had this experience. This tells me that it will probably happen to someone else in my program and the nurses will see that maybe I WAS telling the truth.

      Thx for sharing your story and if anyone else experienced terrible withdrawals when trying to switch to Suboxone from methadone please share.

  42. Addict

    I am a nurse, mother of 3, and an opiate addict. I am a vey functioning member of society and no one knows of my dark secret. I spend over $100 a day on pills and I can NOT stop. I feel like the biggest loser and such a failure as a mother. I have a good job and income but barely survive fiancially. I have just been able to acquire some methadone from my friend's sister and I drank about 60 mg and did NOT have any craving for opiates ALL DAY LONG! To me it was a miracle. I read all these posts plus I have many family members on methadone and I am a nurse as I stated so I understand the risks. I guess my qestion is the same as Jan's. Is there a dose low enough to avoid addiction or Is there a way I can possibly do the methadone every other day until I can get the pills out of my system?? I understand that methadone is also an opiate but wondering if any one has kicked like this. I have to get control of my life again before I am dead.

  43. Addict

    Myhusband was a heroin addict for years. When I met him he was on methadone maintenace and attending school. It took years to stop taking methadone- he would revert back to heroin and have to start all over again. We had very little time without it, when he became sick with HepC, had a transplant and then needed pain meds. That was five years ago and he is still on it. It is stealing what quality time my daughter and I could have with him because he abuses it and just isn't there for us. My husband won't be around long and I am angry that we have to remember him like this! Just today I found out he got into his monthly supply and has to go down for it to last. I can't take much more and it's sad but I hate our life.

  44. Addict

    That is SOOOOOO Correct!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Currently down to 14ml

    • Addict

      You hit the nail right on the head.... I was on 400mg from a Methadone clinic......I was on it for almost 4 years then one day they said a person came in and said I sold a take home dose 2 1/2 years earlier so they detoxed me from 400mg down to ZERO in 27 days.... I felt and went through the same for over 3 weeks till I could find a doc to write me a script (80 mg) for it for my chronic pain. Well now the doc that wrote me it left the practice and a NEW doctor stepped in, she decided NOT to keep me on it. But I KNOW what I'm going to look forward to and I'm weaning myself down. I just started taking only 5 mg; I started today Aug. 6th... I'm already feeling slight withdrawals but man..... I hope it's not even close to kicking 400mg. I can't believe the Methadone clinic even had me up that HIGH of a DOSE.... crazy

  45. Addict

    I am commenting to the November 7th comment of Jessica's. She apparently does not know what she is talking about at all.... You have a very bad attitude my friend and it is not as easy as you apparently think it is. I had a perfect life and never ever did or thought about doing drugs of any type EVER!!! I worked and paid my bills and went through my TRIALS ( by the way you spelled that word wrong, thought I would let you know that since you appeared so perfect)and tribulations ect. I was well in my 30's. I had to have a very life threatening surgery and I was put on strong pain killers which took me a few days of suffering before I would even take them at home. I then went through 3 years of surgery following that one, 2 every month due to complications from the first one and was kept on pain killers for 3 years. Finally they got everything right and sent me home with nothing. I thought nothing of it until I went through withdrawl and I thought it was just infection setting in. I returned to the doctor not knowing it was withdrawl and that she should have weaned me. She informed me I was going through alittle withdrawl, but I would be fine and sent me home. I was not fine the withdrawls got more then I could stand and there and then I was a drug addict not through my own choosing. I ended up at a treatment center for methadone and led to believe they would get me free of the opiates and I would be drug free and not telling me I would just be addicted to methadone, well here I am 4 years later and have tryed to detox out of the clinic many times to only go through congestive heart failure and breathing difficulty and all kinds of health problems. The withdrawls are horrific and not my fault, so before you start mouthing about how we should all be forced to go through withdrawl, get a life and learn what your talking about.

  46. Addict

    I am responding to most of the letters I have just read. Now I have been in treatment for 5 years, and I have many friends quit methadone with hard work and effort and would not have a bad thing to say about the drug. Now not to use you as a target deanna but I to got addicted to pain killers under my docters care without my knowledge or understanding. I admit it's not fair and upsetting, but I also know that at any time in the end it is my fault I am here just like every other addict. When you start playing the victim it just proves you are at fault more and is where every addict goes first, it's not my fault. The only way I could except it not being your fault is if you can honestly say you are a idiot, I don't believe you can and I don't believe you are. Also most congestive heart problems are from your genes not from drug treatment. It is obvious that the people who have written these letters are addicts themselves or have been affected by one. I say this because almost every letter is seeking pity, placing blame or spreading fear, which everyone knows are the 3 favorite past times of addicts!! There is great need for self responsibility in the addicted community that most likely wont happen. Methadone is not evil,also it was not made by hitler get your facts straight, although that is a great boogie man story. Most people who complain about methadone as an excuse to not get clean. I mean look at john doe he is bascally saying it's better to do herion and sounds like he is still at it! The thing is is that recovery will never be a walk in the park, it will be hard and painful, long and upsetting,frustrating and overwhelming. It will always be easier to blame something or someone else for our addictions.but when it comes down to it we all make our own choices good and bad and I'm just as much a [email protected]#$up as any addict and am no where near were I wanna be! But I do know if I every want to get completly clean I have to accept what I did how I got here and instead of complaining,blaming and crying just focus on getting to the end of it!Methadone does work for some of us and for those of you spewing B.S. because you don't like methadone or because you think helping addicts get clean doesn't belong in your neck of the woods, just remember that everything negative you say about methadone just helps a junkie stay a junkie longer!

  47. Addict

    I have been taking Methadone for four years, and I have this to say: Methadone is a great drug to relieve pain, though it wasn't actually invented for that purpose-it was initially made to treat Heroin addiction. And while I don't pretend to know all there is to know about it, I DO know, from firsthand experience, that it is one of the hardest (if not THE hardest) drug to come off of. As long as one has a steady supply-fine. But if they have to go more than a few days with out it, it's almost a fate worse than death. The only other drug I would say is harder to go with out is Oxycontin-which I will NEVER take again as long as I live. I literally felt like I was DYING coming off of it, but the Methadone withdrawal is not much better. I suppose it all depends on the person, but I just have to give a warning here. USE CAUTION!

  48. Addict

    Everyone has an opinion on how methadone had/has affected a person they know. Like all medications it effects different people in different ways. You cannot honestly voice your opinion with one subject. There are both pros and cons to methadone, methadone clinics etc. If an addict is honest with his dr. or clinic, methadone can help. But so many addicts are on meth because of the courts,so they are not trying to stay clean they look at the court ordered clinic as "a free get high man" That person is probably still using, or not telling his pc dr. he takes meth so the dr still provides xanax, ativan, or whatever. I was on both sides of the fence. I looked at it as a free get high. Until I tired of the drug lifestyle. Before you decide whether it is good or bad, do some research and talk to several people.
    And to Jessica you mention " they don't feel a little withdrawal" Sometimes this little withdrawal you talk of, has killed people. It is very hard on the body, it can kill you. I guess that's why they have detox facilities at hospitols. Detox effects families, imagine the one year old who's had the same dirty diaper on for hours, because mom can't get out of bed. What about the 6 year old who can't go to school because she has no clean clothes and won't leave her baby brother at home with no milk for his bottle. Or the mother or wife who is so upset with her self for becoming a junkie and being a lousy wife, she is so angry at herself for screwing up her family, she goes and steals from the neighbor so she can get something to sell so she can get her drugs so she can function as a mom or wife. Or the dad who hates what he's doing to his family, so he shoots himself in the head. That is some of the minor discomfort of withdrawl

  49. Addict

    I was wondering if one could answer something for me? My husband has been taking Methadone for the last 4 months to treat Opiate addiction..
    He is in a Rehab program along with it, they supervise by giving urine tests.
    My question is this...
    Does this mean they would know if he was taking anything else while taking the methadone? I suspect sometimes he is not acting right and i could swear he is on something but can\'t be sure.

  50. Addict

    kate i read what u wrote ur worried about ur brother i just so happens i live in central jersey too and i can help email me and i will help u the best i can to make you and our brothers lives better email me asap [email protected] looking foward to hearing from u

  51. Addict

    You must weight the advantages and disadvantages of using methadone!

    With any use of a drug, illicit or not, you must weigh the positives and the negatives. Methadone is a provided by doctors treating addicts because it is a much safer way to overcome addiction than quitting ?cold turkey.? It lessens some of the harsh withdrawal symptoms; however it has some symptoms of its own. Some patients may have minor symptoms such as constipation, water retention, drowsiness, skin rash, excessive sweating, and changes in libido. The good part is once it is adjusted for the individuals the symptoms usually subside. Methadone is only safe when used under a physician?s care.
    Taking Methadone improperly can increase your risk of serious side effects and death. For this reason it is important that the drug be administered by a medical professional. There is also a risk for becoming dependent on Methadone while trying to get clean from another drug. However, it is much better to be dependent on Methadone than on an opiate. When a person goes through withdrawal of Methadone, it is much easier than withdrawal of opiates. It is rarer to become addicted to Methadone because it is administered under a physician. However, if a patient does not follow the medicine?s directions properly addiction can occur. To conclude, there is a much better outcome for Methadone addiction than opiate addiction.

  52. Addict

    I\'m just as much a [email protected]#$up as any addict and am no where near were I wanna be! But I do know if I every want to get completly clean I have to accept what I did how I got here and instead of complaining,blaming and crying just focus on getting to the end of it!Methadone does work for some of us and for those of you spewing B.S. because you don\'t like methadone or because you think helping addicts get clean doesn\'t belong in your neck of the woods, just remember that everything negative you say about methadone just helps a junkie stay a junkie longer!

    Sorry Nick...your the one that sounds like the junkie to me. Just one on methadone. I\'m in my 39th day off methadone. I was on it 10 years. I had an overdose and almost died. 39 days later I\'m still in pretty bad withdrawals. Nothing like a state sponsored cold turkey withdrawal. The muscle spasms, bone pain, depression and aggitation are still bad. No drive, exhaustion, runny nose still evident as hell. When you\'ve done a methadone detox, people, then and only then should you give out your opinion. It\'s pure evil, no doubt. I\'m wondering if this is ever going yo end. But, no I would rather die than go thru the last 39 days again. I won\'t be using heroin or any other opiate again. So no excuses here. Just serious warnings to anyone who is considering taking this drug. Other opiates are way easier to get off of than this @#%&.

  53. Addict

    He was a 25 year old, young man full of life with hopes and dreams of his future. He loved to play basketball ,and guitar. He was a larger than life guy with a great personality. He was funny and very athletic. L.J was my first born son. died from an overdose of methadone ,xanaax ,and somas all prescribed by his doctor. My world stopped revolving at that point . I wondered how could this happen. I have no idea, His death could have been prevented. I am still waiting for justice . I find that what I say about losing my son changes with the stage of grief I am in. It\'s been four months now and still yet it seems like yesterday. However I am going through so much pain and greif, My feelings go out to all you mothers who have lost your child to this drug ? We as parents have tried to protect our children all their lives and now a dollar bill has become more important than saving lives. My heart is broken and all I am left with is a hole where my heart used to be.The last words from my son were \"I love you mom\" My son was a very beautiful loving child. He was as beautiful on the inside as on the outside. he believed in helping people and giving them another chance. he trusted freely. he wanted to always see the good in everyone. he had big beautiful bronw eyes and a smile that never ended. He knew that the most important thing was family and letting them know how much they meant to him. I miss you terribly. Son you have touched all of us with your compassion, sense of humor, music and love. And your beautiful white smile. Son you will foever remain in my thoughts, my prayers and in my heart. My life, as well as others\', has forever changed .

    I continued to read the stories on the website and see the pictures it all became very clear. When will this stop? How many children do we have to lose before something is done? My only wish is for this drug to be taken off of the market where no one will ever have to endure the pain that my family and I are going through, this is sad I lost my son to methadone. I can only pray that God will intervine and this drug be taken off the Market. I am sure that until the company who is puting this killer out there loses their child or loved ones then they will intervine, However I do believe That God will bring justice And the BLOOD will be on their hands. Everyone\'s life now has been changed some how. Some have come to know God and his love and changed there way of life knowing how young and fast we can die. God be with us all as we come together and believe that there is hope in trying to get this drug off the market, around the world It\'s not just our country but other country\'s are suffering too. One by one I read their pages for each of their loss, I sadly feel their pain, Though our stories are different, they are still quite the same, As I read their stories and look at their pictures, tears flood my eyes until I am blind. My sad heart leaves me feeling so helpless, I pray for those that are left behind.Together we must stand strong and put an end to this drug, not allow one more person to die. It would be a blessing to have this drug banned, prevent one more death, give me one less reason to cry.


  54. Addict

    I took a 40mg.methadone about 6 days ago,And I still can not feel the affects from my lorbabs.WHY!!!!

  55. Addict

    My son(19 yrs old) has been on methadone for 5 weeks now. I'm not sure of the dosage but he acts hyper and whacked out..Talks all the time and says stupid stuff that a 9 yr. would say. I had him at the store this weekend and he got on one of the motorized buggies and took off down the eisle. He looked at a box of frozen food and wasn't sure what it was so he opened the box. He talks for other people and says how it's funny when his friend kills a squirrel and the animal tumbles backwards. My son(under normal circumstances) would not ven kill a bug . What is going on here?

  56. Addict

    My first comment was blocked, i hope this one makes it to the public. I had written a long write up about my problems with methadone and its drain on my energy, drain on my once fabulous ability to think, invent and run a 30 mil., dollar company and how that was destroyed by a battle with cancer and because of a divorce, false information from my ex., to gain control of 875,000, children a 300,000 home. My switch to Methadone destroyed my energy level, destroyed my over ability to work 70 hours per week invent etc.. I was not only destroyed mentally by a Liberal womens group that gladly support women in courts without cause to move their own agendas but I was destroyed by a medication that leaves me Lethargic even at the lowest levels. Destroyed by a system that prefers the sale of this drug over the reality of what I report. I now search to find something to offset my loss of energy and focus which the doctors see as a better fit to changing the medications. I see its benefit for many but even with proof of my ex wifes financial and divorce goals including messages caught on tape for the police, our Drug lords must get a much greater benefit from this drug than others.

    I have tried to reach my original level of 105,000.00 per year and 3 offices in CA., 2 in NJ all ended because of my cancer but never re-started because I am a lethargic mess with no one to help me. With out pain meds I can\'t sit up, walk long distances, stand or bend. My life is relagated to sitting in a reclined position unless medicated.Prior to being put on Methadone I was still running my 30 million dollar per year company from home, working 60 hours per week and although I still could not travel, I had the energy and thought process to run a company and communicate. This has been blocked and no one will look at how the blocking of my senses is a negative and for others it saves their life. Help please I would love to be a lab rat if it will help me.

  57. Addict

    My dad has been on methadone for about 6 years now! He would tell you he isn\'t addicted to it. But they all lie. I once lied about being addicted to drugs. I don\'t know what to do for my dad anymore, I just pray and go on with my everyday life! He is a great man!

  58. Addict

    Well im on methadone just a year now and only for it i'd be lost..I'm only on 50 mil daily and that does me..i dont do n e other drug well smoked hash here and there but sure thats nothing to heroin.. i'm clean off heroin for 7 months now but at the start i had the odd slip..Some ppl say its the most dangerous drug around..but thats only if u abuse it wit opiats etc. but i wouldn't go on a long meth prog... n e 1 need n e help wit n e thing just give me a bell.

  59. Addict

    im a 25 yr old man...who now for 11 years solid.. give or take 10 months, has been addicted to opiates... now currently on 60mg, i started at 180mg of methadone, it is THE WORST DRUG OUT THERE ! IT RUINED MY LIFE, IT RUINED MY RELATIONSHIP !!!!!!!... IT RUINED MY WHOLE OUTLOOK ON LIFE... now that i see what damage has been done, i am going to clean myself up.. it is probably going to be the hardest thing i have ever had to do. but im with the challenge, to get my life back to normal, and finally stop hurting those who really love me and only want the best for me.

  60. Addict

    I am a 24 year old woman and i have been in methadone treatment since august of 2004. I hear these debates all the time, at the clinic, with my husband, and my family. And to be honest I am all for stricter regulations on methadone and take homes. I bring home 2 weeks of methadone, I have NEVER lost my take homes since I have got them, and I actually have the option of going up to where I can bring a month home, I could have done that over a year ago, but I see no reason why anyone needs that many bottles of methadone in their home. Methadone has really helped me. I was 18 when I got hooked on pain meds, and they were prescribed for a dr that i had seen since i was a kid. I got hooked on them about 5 months after my 2nd child was born. I really believe that methadone can help people if they really want to use it to help themselves. But if someone isn't really ready to help themselves there is nothing that anyone can do until they have came to that realization for themselves. Me and my husband both started mmt in aug and sept of 2004 and in that time have managed to rebuild our lives, we have a new home, new cars, 4- wheelers, and it is because my husband works his butt off everyday underground in the coal mines at the age of 24 to take care of his family. Since we started the clinic neither of us have ever lost our takehomes, or failed even 1 drug screen. But as with any other drug there are pro's and con's to it. At least with going to the clinic (which is over an hour away from our home) twice a month we are able to live a normal productive life. When you have to go everyday, it is extremely hard to keep a job because you can NEVER get to work on time. But I whole heartedly believe that when people enter methadone maintence treatment they should NOT be given chance after chance, when people keep failing drug tests, kick them out!!! When you find out people are selling or shooting up their take homes, Kick them out!!!! There are a lot of people that methadone has helped and people like that make me sick and make those of us who want to get better look bad! Methadone is not the best choice, but when faced with driving around all day everyday looking for drugs and blowing all of you money when you find them and possibly going to jail It does al least allow you to live a normal productive life.And I don't know why it is never mentioned that most methadone that kills people is 1 either mixed with benzo's, or 2 comes from a pain management clinic or a dr's office. I understand stricter regulations, ,but there is no reason to punish the people that have been model patients for the other people that don't care about their recovery.

  61. Addict

    my daughter and myself was in a very bad head on collision back in 1998 that almost killed me it crushed both my feet along with breaking almost everyother bone in my body and i have been on every pain pill u can think of.with little to no relife..the back 3 years ago i was sent to a pain managemet doctor that started out like all the rest,and just as i was about to give up hope of ever being able to live any kinda of normal life he said he had a mec.that he wanted to try me on and at that time i thought what the hell i felt like a test dummy anyway ..sitting around feeling sorry formyself waiting for them to remove my right foot ..he put me on Methadone..and i was able to sleep night better then before i was up on my feet more not always in a wheel gave me back my time and joy with my kids and grandkids i will tell u tho i have to lock them away and not tell anyone you are on em becuase i had everything i had takin once because they was lookin for the pills and found them..but now i lock them away if they are takin with your doctors help and really watch what you do they really help....alot!

  62. Addict

    I am 27. I have been addicted to opiates for 8 years. In high school I was a honor student. I even said I'd never smoke pot. Then I met my boyfriend of 6 years. I can't put the blame on him as much as I want to I put the drugs in my nose. I was what you call a functioning drug addict. I held a steady job no one outside of my boyfriend and people that I bought off from knew of my habit. But I was depressed I wasn't the person that I used to be. I ended up doing somethings that I never thought I would do in my life. 5 months ago I decided to try the methadone clinic I think that was the best decision I have ever made in my life. I had a couple slip ups because its hard that was my way of life that how I dealt with stress so the first time I experienced stress on methadone I went back to the pills just once though. In my clinic you have to do counseling along with methadone. Also I got up to a dose that I was getting sick on and falling asleep during the day. I talked to my clinician and the next day I was back down to a tolerable level. You have to want to be clean. I see people that are knodding out standing in line thats not what I want I'm there to stay off opiates and get my life back on track. Thats what I've done since being in the clinic. I honestly think its the best thing thats happended to me in 8 years.

  63. Addict

    I have been addicted to methadone for 6 yrs. First getting it off the streets. I started what is so called methadone treatment 2 yrs ago and had my doubts about them really helping me. Which I was so right. Ive experenced withdrawls once before and told myself id never go any higher than what I always took. And that was 60mgs they wanted me to go higher until I was "stabilized" which is such bullshit. I had to make them wean me to 5mgs. I have been off of it now for 2 wks. though its not easy its much better to wean off. And my advice is dont let these clinics higher your dose its not worth it...and you do have to want it bad enough cause these clinics are making money and trying to keep you there..which most patients of these clinics are there to simply get their drugs legally and usually sell their takehome doses. METHADONE IS THE DEVIL!

  64. Addict

    I have just left my job at a methadone treatment center in detroit. the treatment that those at that facility receive is horrible and should be addressed. the clients are made to wait outside in the cold and are often talked to in a rude and demeaning manner. I'm ashamed that my govt would allow something like this to continue to happen in america. those that do audits at the agency are wined and dined and ignore what is really happening at these type of programs.

  65. Addict

    I'm on 70mg and i live in a shelter. I'm 27 years old and regret getting on methadone. There are no detoxes from it, its impossible to find any programs that take u on it. I'm thinking about going to the hospital (Bellvue) and telling them i want to kill myself, just to see if that gets me any help. I'm all alone everyday, i hate my life... I hate beening on methadone...

  66. Addict

    I have been on methadone for over 5 years. I honestly don\\\'t like how I have felt since day one. But, it is the one and only thing that got me off of oxycontins. I have been coming down for 6 moths and am at 18 mg. How low should I go before letting go? I am just so tired of everything that goes with the treatment. The travel,all of the bull**** paperwork,etc. What state do you live in to get two-weeks or a month supply of takehome? No way its PA. Thay absolutely fight me on a weeks worth. Well, just thought I would vent a little.

  67. Addict


  68. Addict

    wow overwhealming is what i have to say at some of these letters i have been an opiate head for five years and on methadone for 14 months and it is a life saver. My life is so much more productive now than ever. Yes it is a pain in the ass to go to the clinic every day but once you are in the car you go on automatic pilot and its over befor you no it. Not only that the harder you work at your addiction the benefits are greater by earning your take homes its like a blessing when you dont have to go to the clinic a few times a week methadone is what you make of it either you do or you dont want it when i say want it i mean the good life the productive life the life where you can wake up and say that im happy to be alive. some of these people are very bitter because of some real tuff losses and yes it is ashame but everyone is entitled to there own opinion. My opinion is that it works if you work it and if it is something that takes a lifetime than so be it at least we dont have a life time of heartache but have a lifetime of happiness. Please if you are reading these stories for the first time realize that some of these people are just venting and r hurt for there loss some are hurting because they did not work hard at it. For those of you who methadone did not work for im very sorry for those of you who i does right on and keep up the good work

  69. Addict

    ive been on pain pills for over 8 yrs and im finally getting off of them. due to 3 back surgerys. i need help what do i need to do to come off of them. i was going to try methadone but now im scared to. after reading all of the comments please respond.*

  70. Addict

    Methadone..Hmm.were to start,well i got hurt about 7 yrs ago,fall off a ryder truck that was moving,i got Little vics from my doctor he was a insurence doctor,my laywer sent me to.So he was not a pain pill pusher in an means,but i was in pain(alot of pain)My freind sold Vics i mean alot(1000+) a week,so i was out of work,waiting for my work comp.i was hurt,broke and just pissed,no excuse for what i did.I started selling them as well,we got big selling them for $5 while we were getting them for $1.50,we were making so much money and getting HIGH for high,but the pain was going away while i was high,so we started getting more clientell (adicts) (none addicts),we were selling no joke 3000 vics a week 7.5 mgs,But at the same time we were getting SO addicted,we didnt relize it.Didnt know any better 20yrs old,making thousand of dollars,getting high,waiting for a hugh settlement(I had big plans for that money),Me and my freind got soo deep into opites it was bad,we still were selling the v's but needed something stronger and my doctor wouldnt give me nothing but lil vics or 800 ib,we were taking 20-30 ES a day easy still making plenty of my story goes,i went to perks oc's,the dealer we got them from disspapered so now we got so many people on the v's most of the people were allready on them we just made it easy for them to get them,we had an endless supplie. But we became addicts ourselfs,iv been to 3 detoxs,couple of Meth clincs,rehab.Nothing worked except Methadone did,i still took a couple pills at night due to the methadone wearing off it seemed,but i knew i was going from one drug to another,its just safer,easier and i could lead a life without chasing,before i got to the clincs i had blown my whole $15,000 settlment to oxys,taking 4 80's a day,then i started to do bags when i coundt get oc's,but i finally smarted up well i thought,i got pretty clean,went to the clinc everyday.worked a 50+ hr job as a manager,wee i got payed good money,i always had problems sleeping so i took zanex from time to time another addiction to pile on,i got detoxed off the program due to dirty urine, i went to see a doctor the whole reson i am on these damn pills or liquid is becasue i got hurt at work and still have so much back pain and knee pain it will never go away,at the end i did get a doctor to prescibe me methadone,which i take 90mg a da 3 am 3noon 3 pm,he started me at 30mg and i got up to 70mg were i was doing great,my life HAS NEVER been better EVER!! then i got 2 yes 2 hugh kidney stones,needed operations,stents,so much pain,got back to taken pills got back on the clinc this is b4 doctor,back on methadone,lost license middle of winter,no rides to the 15 mile away clinc,detoxed off 80 mg,in my now fiances bed in a small house it was the WORST experince i will never do it again,but got stones got back on clinc,benzos kicked off like i said,then got the doctor i have today,i am stable,i have the best job i have Ever had in my 11 yrs of working,there is sooo much more to this storey and i know i told it all fu4ked up by jumping around,but my point is i detoxed with Nothing at all of 80mg,it was worst the death by anything anywere any way,but i did it,then got them stones,so it was like god was telling me u need to be on something,even if it wasnt it was deff.a quwinkie dink then,anyways 2 yrs on the dona,also get 5mg perks for break through pain,and it really works,i kn ow to myself i will probley be on the methadone for the next 40 yrs,hopefully my doctoe stays in good health also,or im screwed! but if you are really bad in pills and dont know wre to is so bad you wanna die,go get methadone,it works if you do it the way its meant,dont let anyone put your dose up,u put ur own dose up! aqny questions please fell free to contact me at anytime thru this site or my yahoo mail,[email protected] go back to using it just for this puropose!
    L!l Br0

  71. Addict

    k you guys...i was a heroin addict for 4 years...i destroyed my family...but what i want to say is both good and bad. my doctor at the clinic was the best. although i was on a really high dose of methadone...80 mg liquid. i was really trying...i even went to rehab onn my doctors suggestion. 28 can't kick a habit in 28 days (yes i was allowed my methadone in treatment). however..i started shooting it and that went on for a while until one day i visited my younger sister and realized what an awesome life she had. i went to my doctor that week and told him i wanted to come off the done. he was reluctant. i got accepted to college and insisted that i was NOT going to college hooked on ANY drug. i came off of it in 4 months. the withdrawals wern't that bad. I survived. you have to WANT TO. now im worried about the effects the methadone has had on my teeth are all breaking...i have costochondritis...i think i also have candiasis albican and im scared..can anyone give me advice? im scared to talk to my doctor.

  72. Addict

    Please help me! I don't know for sure, but I suspect m sister is using methadone. She nods off all the time and grabs on to my arm when she's walking because she gets dizzy. She seems to always have a hard time finishing her sentences. I'm so worried about her and love her so much. She had a pain pill addiction for several years and swears she doesn't do that anymore. She's a thirty-seven year old beautiful woman, but for a while now she has a hard time just putting on her make-up. She's ALWAYS tired! Sometimes she'll be doing something and you'll look at her and her eyes will be rolling back and she'll be faling asleep. Is this the cause of methadone? Please someone help me! About a month ago she had to go to the hospital for what they thought was a sinus infection. Her whole face was very swollen, especially her eyes, they were swollen almost completely shut. We still don't really know why, but it happened a few more times after that. I wondered if this was the cause of "snorting" pills. I'm so afraid for her. Something tells me she's using. Any advise would be soooo greatly appreciated! I don't know what to do to help her, except to pray hard!

  73. Addict

    First this nonsense that methadone is a wonder drug is simply that..nonsense. It is a strong narcotic opiate you are only substituting one for the other, don't kid yourself. Methadone withdrawal is one of the hardest for 95% of patients. Mentally and physically most can't complete the tampering. It is simply awful to go thru. DO NOT tell yourself that because a DR is giving you methadone for pain or addiction that it is's not. You may feel as if you're wearing silk PJ's right now, but wait until you have to taper off of it. You will wish for death. I was on Methadone and Subutex and I couldn't wean off of either of them. I'm a bodybuilder and I have chronic pain, I'm very strong mentally and extremely strong physically and I am very hralthy..I couldn't get thru the withdrawals. I'm down to 2 mg'd a day of methadone and I am in hell,I am taking other things to help me get thru this..but that's not the answer. They do NOT care about you in a methadone clinic, only the money. I have excellent health insurance but my Dr sent me to a clinic instead of tapering me off the subutex himself, he is a lazy no good loser! I'm worse off now. Subutex was a dream for me, it made everything just felt normal and good, but coming off of that was HELL also. If you're on methadone or subutex be prepared for when you're tapered..I'm telling you right now, it's so bad you won't want to shower, brush your teeth, you don't want to talk to people, no appetite, anxiety and insomnia. depression is overwhelming and I have asked to not wake up some mornings, just let me die...I know it will end but it's shit right now..Oh I am NOT venting by the way, I am telling it like it is, the only way to be safe is to not take anything at all. Trust me I've been taking pain meds for chronic pain for almost 20 yrs, I've been thru every programme and have had every detox med there is..Nothing makes it better..NOTHING. I'm not a drug user, I've never had alcohol and I don't abuse my pain meds, I take them on schedule the amount I am told to take..Doctors suck, they give you the meds no problem but if you ask for help coming off, you are treated like dog crap and are labeled something negative. I do not get a high from my medication nor do I enjoy that feeling at all. I just want to be out of pain.

  74. Addict

    I think everyone needs to sit back and think about some things. I have read that methadone is good, bad, evil and so on. Methadone and methadone treatment is different for everyone. No one case is the same at all. Methadone has been both good and bad in my life. Before I start let me say I\'m not here to put anyone down for anything. Rather you are the one hooked or rather you are the family member. Everyone handles everything different. Some people have gone through methadone treatment and it has worked for them, it has failed for some and others do use it as a crutch. No matter if your the taker or the family/friend everyone suffers and no body is looking at it like that. The taker says that we don\'t understand how hard it is. We are not the ones that have to suffer. We are not the ones that hurt and don\'t get any sleep and want to die. The family/friend says I know what you are going through, that is bull unless you have been where they are. I\'m the family member and I will tell you. I have never been there with the methadone and every drug is different for everyone. I was at the point of no return with drinking, smoking pot and crystal meth. Right before I took the last step I turned away because I didn\'t want to live my life that way. Now talk about cigarettes, I have watched 2 of my family members die of cancer and still have not been able to put them down. Why? Because I\'m scared. I listen to people say they got fat when they quit, I\'m scared of my mental health and my family. I get very mean every time I try to quit. So what does that mean. It means I find every excuse I can not to quit. And I blame everyone around me. But me telling someone on methadone that I know what they are going through is just plan bull. It is two different things. No matter what it is, if you have not been there you don\'t know so don\'t try to pretend and don\'t judge. Now for the taker, you say we don\'t understand and we are not the one suffering well let me tell you something. You don\'t understand if you think for a minute that we don\'t suffer. We suffer in different ways for the same reason. Well think about it for a minute. Sleepless nights- you can\'t sleep because of the drug, we can\'t sleep because you toss and turn and are up and down all night. The pain you suffer from- your pain is physicall, ours is emotional, we hurt inside because there is nothing we can do to make you stop hurting. There is nothing we can do to make your pain go away. Your sex drive- doesn\'t really bother you to much because you have no desire for sex, we know that it is the methadone but we still feel that there should be something that we can do and then when we fail we feel like it is us. In some cases that is where cheating comes in and then there are even more problems in the family. You see we do suffer with you we just suffer in different ways for the same reason.
    Now as far as the clinic- It has helped in so many ways and it has hurt in so many ways and again the clinic controlls us just as much as it controlls you the taker. My husband started going to the clinic and they raised him to a higher dose to get him stable. I don\'t understand this for the simple fact, why would they take you up just to turn around and bring you back down. But my husband got off the street drugs and is now only on methadone, so that is the good thing. However, he is on a higher dose now and it has changed him. He stays ill most of the time and he sleeps alot more than he did when he was on the lower dose. He has no energy at all and has to take energy pills which also make him ill. But when I talk to him about his problem he gets mad at me. This goes back to what I said about them not understanding what we as family/friends go through. I know that we are not the ones hooked on methadone but it does affect us and we do suffer also.
    The taker suffers because they can\'t hold down a job. The family/friend suffers because they don\'t make enough money to pay all the bills. Every one suffers different ways for the same reasons. Yes I know I keep saying that over and over but everyone needs to think about that. Just because your the taker doesn\'t mean that you suffer any more than the friend or family member. And for the friend/family, just because you think you know how they feel and what they are going through remember if you have not been where they are you have no idea and even if you have been there it is different for everyone it doesn\'t matter which end your on or if you have been there before think about the one you love. If they want help no matter how hard it is, stand by them. If they don\'t want help well then you have to decide what to do. You can\'t help those who do not help themselves. If you walk out on someone that truly wants and needs your help then you have turned your back on them. If you stay in a relationship with someone that does not want your help then you have turned your back on yourself. And to the taker. If you are on methadone and have decided that detox is more than you can handle and decide pick the drug over life don\'t get mad if the one you are with decides methadone is more than they can handle and decides that they want a life without methadone as you have decided that you want a life with methadone. It is not going to be an easy road no matter what. To the taker and the family/friend don\'t be so quick to judge each other. It is hard on both sides and don\'t think for a minute that one suffers more than the other. Don\'t blame each other if they can or can\'t handle things. Everyone is different.

  75. Addict

    To suggest that methadone is evil without condemning every other opiate on the market is just asinine. However, to insinuate that it is a safe alternative to other opiates is ignorant as well. I have seen the two faces of this drug and have contended that it is no different than any other addictive substance that has medical value. If you are addicted to an opiate that you have aquired illegally, how is taking a legal and socially acceptable version any different?
    For instance: Say you have kicked your habit(heroin,oxycontin, etc.)by entering a methadone program. A few years later methadone is taken off the market. What will you do? Anyone who has been on a 50mg+ dose for more than a year knows how horrible cold turkey withdrawls are. If you couldn\\\'t deal with the 21 days of of withdrawl from your original addiction, how are you going to deal with 60-90+ days of methadone withdrawl? Will you just shrug it off like its nothing or will you angrily get on the most readily available opiate and blame it on the system? My money\\\'s on the latter. You see, you\\\'re still addicted to opiates regardless of where you acquire them. Think about it. Would you really get off junk if there was a heroin clinic as well as a methadone clinic?
    With all of the advancements in opiate addiction therapy, I believe opiate replacement should be retired. Instead of spending tax dollars on state sponsored addiction, the government should be funding new, more effective treatments such as the Waismann Method(you all should research this). Don\\\'t get me wrong. i do believe that methadone has its uses. I just don\\\'t believe it should include the the treatment of addiction. Hmm. An opioid pain killer to get you off of opioid pain killers. It just sounds wierd doesn\\\'t it?

  76. Addict

    I'm not going to use fancy words or try to write a book like some folks do. I will say from over 10 yrs experience of Methadone and using as much as 240 milligrams a day, that this drug will kill.

    People, this is a very hard drug to overcome and the side effects are worse than any addiction Ive ever had. If you are healthy and on this drug you better find a way to quit or you will have chronic illnesses throughout your lifetime.

    Ive kicked it twice, once while on my way to prison and believe me if a pencil or pen could kill with one jab I'd be dead because suicide does cross your mind when kicking methadone.

    It isn't worth it. If you want to live a long joyful life, then take it from a person that has been there. I used it for chronic pain from a shotgun wound and to get high.

  77. Addict

    I am writing mainly because of the lack of knowledge I have to the drug (methadone). My girlfriend has had a severe pain pill addiction and recently went to a Methadone clinic for help. I was at a loss when I heard not only will they give her Methadone to ward off the withdrawal symptoms, but everyday she goes they up her dose.

    I mean every day it goes up 5 milligrams. Someone please tell me how this will help her to get clean. Seems to me the clinic is getting her hooked on their drug, and I am viewing them as a legalized dealer. Since being at the clinic, in less than a week she has fallen asleep with a cigarette, caught a blanket on fire, and fallen asleep while sitting in the driveway getting ready to leave. I just worry how they can justify upping the dose when it's basically making her a zombi now.

    Will they take responsibility when she hits a family driving home from the clinic ? I really don't understand how this is helping her.

  78. Addict

    When I met my husband 8 years ago he was addicted to pain pills. He couldn't support his habit so he found a doctor that gives him Methadone. He has been on this drug for about 4 years now and he takes about 200 milligrams a day.

    Since taking Methadone, my husband is very mentally and physically abusive. His personality is getting worse and when I try to convince him to detox, he says no. Does Methadone affect a person's personality?

  79. Addict

    Well, everyone has a lot to say here. I'm 24 years old and have battled drug addiction for the last 6 years including, but not limited too, Herion, Cocaine, Oxycotin, Xanax, LSD, Morphine, and good ole' METHADONE.

    Of those 6 years I spent at least 4 of them dependent upon Methadone (the "wonder drug"). All I have to say is Methadone in my opinion, is the worst drug related to addiction, dependency and withdrawal duration.

    I have attempted to kick Methdone and estimated 7 times or so, and this time around I have been clean for 2 weeks today, subsequently I am still feeling severe to moderate withdrawals.

    The other problem I have with Methadone is its wide availability on the streets, at least where I live in West Texas. There is not a given day that I can't find my Methadone fix from at least 3 different dealers.

    My point is the so called detrimentally ill patients that are prescribed the Methadone, obviously don't need it if they're able to flood the street market for abusers like myself. Dealers are making a killing off this drug, who supposedly need it and recipients are killing themselves.

    I guess I'm not saying Methadone should be all together illegal, however should be investigated to control the amounts hitting the streets. It may help some people who can't afford medically assisted Treatment within a hospital, but it's hurting others.

  80. Addict

    M name is Jim, and I was extremely addicted to Heroin. At the suggestion of a friend, I went to a 3 week Methadone Detox Treatment Center. They start you off at 40 mg and eventually start to ween you off 5mg at a time. I had never taken the Methadone before so I had no idea how much coming off of even only a 3 week program sucks.

    After about day 3, I began getting the shakes, extreme cold sweats, muscle spasms, and can not sleep more then an hour at a time.

    My suggestion is to not take Methadone, use Saboxin. My freind is using Saboxin and I use Methadone. He is feeling much better now but I would almost feel better using again.

    My suggestion is to 'Stay Away From Methadone!

  81. Addict

    All I want to say is this:
    I have read so many lines here before mine, some good some bad. I have been on Methadone Maintenance for many months now and it has saved my life.

    How dare anyone tell me that I need to be off of it or that the clinics need to be shut down. We live in the land of the FREE and I fought in the Army for my right to have Treatment for any sickness. Only God can judge me.

    The clinic got me clean and sober enough for God to speak to my heart and and to help change me for the better. So many adicts take their own life due to being powerless over their sickness, if only they had a program like Methadone to help them regain themselves. I know it seems it's trading one for the other but that's not all true until you have put on my shoes and dealt with my Demons everyday.

    You need to think about the hate you have for a program that has saved so many lives and families that were destroyed because of the power of addiction to drugs.

    All of you that wrote and are against the Methadone Program, how many of you smoke, dip, chew tobacco, and/or drink caffeine? Go a few days without caffeine and see how bad your head will ache. We are all addicted to something, porn, TV, sports etc, so don't judge my clinic that has saved my life and helped me to find myself again.

    Good day and God Bless all the addicts that found the strength to be true to themselves today!!

  82. Addict

    Like a lot of chemicals, Methadone is neither good or bad. It depends on the individual. We make the drug bad and abuse it. It saved me, and I am a success story.

  83. Addict

    My brother has been on methadone for about 10 to 15 yrs. (130mg). Over the last year he has began collapsing etc.

    Some people say it's his liver and toxic build up. I know nothing about methadone. Is this true? I have looked on the net for side effects associated with methadone and am surprised to find very little negatives to its side effects. I believe this to be the case. If any one knows where I can get some unbiased research on this please let met know.

    Thank you.

  84. Addict

    I was reading all these comments that people have written, for and against methadone. I got on this website, looking for answers.

    I am addicted to methadone and wanting to become sober. It started out with loratabs and pain pills like that and I kept having to take more and more at a time. And then I found methadone, I loved it, because I could spend less money and get a better high.

    After awhile I realized it was taking over my life, I couldn't let myself withdrawal, it was way to painful. I couldn't afford it anymore, I have no job, I have kids that I have to buy diapers for, I have bills that have to be paid, I have a life that I don't wanna deal with sober.

    Today I am looking for answers. I want to be sober. I am low income and have no insurance. What do I do? I bet your saying , can't you just stop taking it? I wish it was that easy! I wish that years ago I wouldn't have took that 1st pill, knowing what I know now, I wouldn't have. I have got 1 more dose for tomorrow, after that there is no more methadone or money. All I will be able to do is curl up in a ball, cry, and throw up. There will be no sleeping, no eating, no more being high. Can I do it? I will have to, I have no other choice.........

  85. Addict

    Methadone stories like the ones above have some interesting points. However, I know for a fact that if you want to get off of your meds then do it with the help of a doctor.

    Dose down slowly and it will work ..the hard part is sticking to your commitment. Like anything in life worth having it takes effort, commitment and a sound realistic plan. I did hear a lot of people on the pity pot, co dependency issues and naming and blaming for this and that. Come on folks if I can do it anyone can.

    4 years ago I started for an injury switching up from the usual Vicodin etc. to methadone. 100mgs dose it down ..took me a long time and I am sticking to it. I wanted my life back and that means, energy, fun, sex, interest in others and making plans spending time with friends and family. It is so worth it...get past the self defeating bs and make a plan ...I did.

  86. Addict

    My mom has multiple sclerosis and fibromyalgia and has been prescribed Methadone. I know she needs something for her pain but I feel she has become addicted to the methadone. She runs out frequently and it seems all she can think and talk about is when she is going to get some more. She hasn't tried getting it illegally but I feel that step may be closer than I think.

    Her husband (who is also on methadone because of a horrible Army injury but doesn't seem to have a dependency like she does) has to hide it from her and give her, her prescribed amount daily so she doesn't take to much and run out before its time to refill. But she always find a way to get to it.

    I know she is in pain but I feel the methadone addiction makes it seem worse than it is, though it is still severe. Does anyone know of another medication she could be on that helps with her pain but doesn't have the mental and physical addiction that methadone has? Any advise will be greatly appreciated. I would really love to have my mom back.

  87. Addict

    I just found out that my 30 year old daughter is addicted to methadone and I am desperate to find out if there are other options other then a rehab for treatment?

    • Addict

      en tell her to start taking 5 and half a day for a week---- because 6 pill last for 3days in your system there half life ....then cut that down to 5 pills for a week and so on if she as a lot of discomfort go back your daughter can easily take her self down by cutting her dose by half a pill what i mean is if she is taking 6 10mg a day, then 5 and half for another week then cut down to 5 and quarter and so on , k..... i did this same thing and now i'm down to 1 --10mg per day and it was hard don't get me wrong but i did it

  88. Addict

    I call my treatment program the liquid handcuffs. I take a liquid dose of methadone once a day in order to function and provide for my family with any sense of normalcy at all. Without it, I am confined to bed with uncontrollable stomach cramps, vomiting, 100 to 103 fever, diarrhea, and an overall sense of dread and depression. What started as vicodin prescription, due to a herniated disc in my lower back, ended with me selling any of my belongings that I could, for money to buy Oxycontin on the street.

    I was one of those types of people that would say, look at that loser all strung out. I was the operations manager of a large fabricating company making close to a hundred grand a year at the age of 21 and had the world by its small hairs or so I thought. Call it God or karma or whatever but its funny how some are knocked from there peda-stool. Know at 38 I earn half that.I would love to deal with the withdrawal off Oxycontin compared to the methadone any day of the week.

    That age old saying out of the frying pan and into the fire is a great analogy. My advise to anyone considering methadone treatment is to avoid it at all cost. It is a never ending cycle of weaning down to almost off of it, relapsing, and then starting the process again.

  89. Addict

    My daughter has been on Methadone for about 3 years. She had a problem with pills and crystal meth. I had to take custody of her daughter.

    Child Protective Services told her to go to a Drug Rehab Program and then gave her a list of them. The methadone clinic was on that list.

    At first I thought it was going to help her but I soon realized that now she just has another addiction. It was only going to be 28 days, Right!

    I tell her that she needs to get off of it but she gets very agitated. Her counselor tells her that she can get custody while on it. I just want my daughter to be drug free. She is 27 years old and it is sad to think that this is never going to end. I don't know what to do.

  90. Addict

    If done properly a MMT can help you overcome the "addictive behavior" that got us into this mess. I've been in MMT for 7 years and am now down from 115mg to 8mg and doing GREAT. I will complete my MMT in mid November and owe my recovery to MMT. I relapsed after 2 in-patient and 3 out patient abstinence programs. So, if you follow the MMT program to the letter and do counseling with it, IT WORKS!!!!!!!

  91. Addict

    I came here researching a drug I knew little about, but have been forced to learn about because of my mother. Years ago she devoloped RSD and/or fibromyalga(sp) and was treated with a steadily growing potency of pain killers, eventually ending up with methadone. She's been on it for years now, and recently she had an episode where her blood pressure dropped so low that the nurse was amazed she hadn't passed out. She was also on Xanax, or however you spell that, and her doctor had just prescribed some blood pressure medication because her bp had been high.
    This scared my brother and sister and I quite a bit, especially since she was watching my brother's kids at the time. My brother deals with her the most, and is convinced she is an addict. We met with her and confronted her about this, expressing our concerns. She agreed to enter a treatment program we'd researched. The next day she immediately started to wriggle out of her agreement. She claimed that she'd called the treatment center and done their screening interview, but when I called them the next day, they had no record of it. Now she's claiming that the drop in bp had been the result of being dehydrated, and that she's not addicted, and that her doctor says she doesn't have to go into treatment.

    I don't want to believe my mother's an addict, but it's becoming harder and harder not to. She's lying to me, she's lied to my brother, she's trying to blame everyone but herself or the drugs, and I'm worried that she will kill herself, even if by mistake, and soon. From what I've read here, it seems to me she is in danger. I have no doubt that methandone can be beneficial to those in need, but it seems to me that it's something that required 'daily' monitoring by someone who's not on it.

    I don't know what to do now.

  92. Addict

    I have been trying to make my boyfriend admitt that he has and opiate addiction for about a year now. he always gets really offended and mad. Well last night I found a bag of 20 + methadone pillls. I dont know what to do anymore. Any suggestions?

  93. Addict

    I have a friend that use to be on crystal myth and use to scratch herself often

  94. Addict

    ive only been taking the methadone for 3 months or so would i have the same withdrawls as a longterm user?

  95. Addict

    I was on 50mg pf Methadone then just got off and started taking the same 50mg but instead i bought the Methadone in Pill Form...and tried to Detox myself at Home...i got Down to 1. 10mg Methadone Pill to Last me the Whole Day...But Then i Had to go Back to my Program ...and Wanted to Start and be on 10mg from the same amount that i was taken Everyday,,,But i Noticed and this is NO B/S ,,THAT'S WHY I AM ASKING BECAUSE I DON'T KNOW WHAT TO DO!.it Felt like the 10mg @My Program was Weaker and Didn't Hold Me Over,,,,Why is That?? the Liquid Methadone WEAKER?? if Anyone has a Chance ...And Can Give Me Some Advice ,,,I Would Truly From the Bottom of My Heart REALLY APPRECIATE IT!!
    THANK YOU =)

    • Addict

      My daughter has been on methadone for six years. Whenever she tries to get "weened" by lower doses, she begins to have awful withdrawal symptoms. She wants out badly, however fearful of the consequences. I found a reputable clinic in SE Michigan called RDD.Rapid Drug Detox. Of all the ones I have called this seems like a very professional organization. BBB approved and accredited. I am going to send her there shortly. Good luck to you, I really hope you get through this.

      • Addict

        Aaron, did your daughter go to RDD and have the treatment done? I'm wondering how it went?

        Thank you

  96. Addict

    I feel so sad reading all these stories. I was on and off methadone for years until I was referred to a suboxone doctor. I have been on suboxone for 5 years, drug free from any other substance. Suboxone is like methadone in the fact that it blocks the use of other opiates but it does not get you high like methadone does. It gave me my life back and I function like a normal human being again. Of course I could not function this well without the help of AA and NA meetings and support groups of other recovering addicts and alcoholics. Meetings are a must!! Another benefit to suboxone is that the doctors that are able to prescribe it have gone through major and ongoing training. It is much easier to detox from but it has no side effects that they have been able to find. My depression is managed through psychiatric care and any meds I take are not impeded by the subs. It is well worth checking into if you have struggled with maintaining sobriety. I would recommend it to anyone who wants a better quality of life without going through the terrible withdrawals that come with opiate addiction. Again, I have my life back and can watch my children grow up without being in a fog or nodding out like methadone used to do to me.


  97. Addict

    Heroin and pain pill addicts do best with structured opioid maintenance treatment, not medical withdrawal or monthly Suboxone prescriptions. Many patients withdraw, then relapse; overdoses are frequent, accidental, suicidal or para suicidal. Many ‘rehab’ survivors function poorly and become hopeless.
    There is hardly another treatment in psychiatry that decreases a pathological behavior and thought patterns more successfully than methadone maintenance decreases abuse-addiction behaviors, particularly if combined with cognitive therapy groups and other psychiatric treatment.
    People still misunderstand the treatment – it may be compared with nicotine patches for smoking. Physiological dependence and psychological addiction are not the same: many medications lead to withdrawal on discontinuation without taper, while stopping many addictions behaviors does not lead to withdrawal symptoms. On a proper methadone dosage, which may be below 40mg or above 100mg, the person feels healthy and functions normally, with much decreased craving, always feeling like “I do not need the drug, or at least not yet”. If there are lapsing thoughts during maintenance treatment, the patient rarely relapses. After one to a few years of treatment, many patients taper off safely and do well.
    Heinz Aeschbach, MD,
    Addiction and Psychotherapy Services

    • Addict

      spoken from a person that clearly has never been addicted personally to a drug......just sayin'

  98. Addict

    I am thinking about getting on the Methodone program due to an opiate addiction of 20 years. I have been able to get my hands on some Methodone on the streets but would like to get on the program so I can be monitored and work the program properly. I have noticed that I have gained weight in the little while I have taken the methodone and read that is the number one side effect. Have those of you on the program for a long period of time noticed a substantial amount of weight gain. In the past I had to take Serequel for anxiety and gained 150 pounds and as soon as I stopped taking the drug I lost the weight instantly. Within 9 or ten months I was back down to 130 pounds. I have never had a weight problem so when the Serequel took me up to 260 pounds I was severely depressed. I don't want the Methodone to have the same effect. Can someone please give me some feedback to this concern asap so I can make a decision. I am also considering Suboxone for the opiate withdrawal and would like to know which method would be the best way to go. Please let me know I am desperate.

    • Addict

      for the love of God, stay away from Methadone. try suboxone FIRST. Methadone is the f#%&*(g devil. I have been on it for a decade for back pain surgery and pain. i am now trying to detox off of it slowly as you can imagine and it is painful as hell. i am also taking ultra clear ph and turmeric force and gingerforce but this still hurts and is miserable. try ANYTHING else (legal) first. Methadone is hell.

  99. Addict

    Methadone is not for people that are looking for something to get high on (you do not after your body stabilizes) or think that you can take it and not have to buy as many drugs. It works for people that are serious about getting out of the street life and living normal. I have been on methadone for over 20 years. I got on it on a Friday, did some dope on Saturday, and have not touched anything else since. I have lived in the same place for over 15years (a miracle for a junkie), just earned a Bachelor degree in psychology and am now working towards a graduate degree. I was a heroin addict for 19 years before I found methadone and it has saved my life. People need to stop presenting their experiences as the only way it can be - everyone is different and every body is different. If you have not been using drugs for very long, less than 5 years,, then something else might be better for you. Myself, I tried everything and nothing worked until methadone. I participated in a research study and found out that I have an endorphin deficiency. My brain cannot make enough of the chemicals that are needed for someone to function normally. I self-medicated myself for 19 years but now the methadone balances out the neurochemical makeup of my brain. This is not true for everyone. In my case, I was told that I should stay on methadone forever or until another drug is found that works on the same brain chemicals which has not happened yet. This came from addiction experts that had no connection to any methadone clinic and oppose methadone for people that are just wanting a way to avoid withdrawals. I have known people over the years that detoxed off methadone without any problems and others that went through hell. The ones that had no problems followed the clinic's detox program to the letter and it was done very slowly. No two people are going to experience it quite the same. One thing I do know is a fact and applies to everyone - you cannot keep getting high on pills while on methadone. The two do not mix. Everyone that I have known over the years that overdosed while on a methadone clinic was also in to xanax, Valium, and other pills or they were drunks. I have researched drug addiction and treatment options for over 10 years now while earning my degrees. Do not listen to all of the stories floating around but research it for yourself. Most of these stories you are reading are not telling the whole story and you are an individual. Start living like one and let this be your first step out of the junkie mentality.

  100. Addict

    Methadone hydrochloride is an opioid (a synthetic opiate) that was originally synthesized by German pharmaceutical companies during the second world war. It was first marketed as âDolophineâ and was used as an analgesic (a painkiller) for the treatment of severe pain. It is still occasionally used for pain relief.
    As an opiate, regular use of methadone causes physical dependency â if youâve been using it regularly (prescribed or not) once you stop you will experience a withdrawal. The physical changes due to the drug are similar to other opiates (like heroin); suppressed cough reflex, contracted pupils, drowsiness and constipation. Some methadone users feel sick when they first use the drug. If you are a woman using methadone you may not have regular periods â but you are still able to conceive. Methadone is a long-acting opioid; it has an effect for up to 36 hours (if you are using methadone you will not withdraw for this period) and can remain in your body for several days.

  101. Addict

    I am truly sorry to hear about some of your friends and family members who have died from not taking their methadone properly / mixing other drugs with it. Its a very sad tragedy but i feel i have to say they were most definitely warned about the dangers of mixing (ANY) other drug with methadone. LICENSED methadone clinics make u bring any prescription you are prescribed in to be approved by the nurses there before u even are supposed to fill it. Their are monthly drug tests administered to all patients as well as surprise drug tests once every three months required by law. You literally can get a call any morning and have to be at the clinic the next morning to be tested and also to make sure u still have the right amount of methadone left that you should. Before any clinic doctor starts someone on a methadone maintenance program the dangers and risks are discussed and the patient signs paperwork stating they understand the risks and consent anyway. Obviously for a normal person methadone would be a horrible and stupid thing to get on but for someone who is severely addicted to opiates it is a lifesaving blessing. I was 23 years old and already injecting large amounts of morphine everyday, I was literally near death and finally found my way to the clinic. I was on methadone for a year and a half (dosed up to 90mg), never took any more than was prescribed and never took anything i wasn't meant to. By the end I had detoxed successfully at 10mg down every 3 weeks with no withdrawals at all and haven't had a craving since. I now have held a part-time job for 2 years and am back at college since detoxing off methadone. Even made the dean's list this semester. Methadone saved my life and gave me a future, I have no doubt i would be in a very bad place in life or dead if there weren't clinics like the one I attended. Everyone needs to remember there are many many people who have died even suddenly from most any prescription drug available today, whether its for heart disease, pain, chronic illness, anxiety, etc. That doesn't mean it isn't helping a ton more. All drugs can kill if directions are not followed or can react to a persons specific health issues, methadone clinics are now increasingly regulated by the federal government who are not going to discontinue a system that has helped millions of people because 2 percent don't follow instructions or have a reaction and kill themselves. The percentage of methadone patients who die is miniscule compared to the people who it helps. Sorry, i don't want to seem insensitive to those who have lost loved ones, i just felt i should defend something that has helped my life so greatly

  102. Addict

    Methadone is a horrible drug. It has ruined my sons life. He is in a methadone clinic and the place is a joke. Almost everyone there is jobless and sells their meds on the street to pay their clinic bill. Beating the system in a clinic is easy. They just get clean urine and take it in for testing. If you are in a clinic for methadone and you think you are in a normal state of mind.... you are just kidding yourself. Regulated my butt. All they do is cover their butt. They don't care about their patients, and the counselors are a joke. It's a legal way to make a big profit in selling drugs to addicts. My son was told by the Dr. when he went in, "You don't get free dope when you go to a dealer, and you won't get methadone here for free either!" I wish every methadone clinic in the world would burn to the ground right freaking now!

  103. Addict

    Methadone has made 20 years , that's right 20 YEARS of bad living become normal. There are abusive people connected with prescriptions. People die from Valium and alcohol. I'm on 160mg a day and work every day. People in other countries use as much as 300 mg a day . EVERYONE is different. That's the thing about being human. Don't catalog behavior.

  104. Addict

    I have tried everything from rapid detox, naltrexone, home detox but methadone is what has worked for me and allowed me to get on with life get a job and to study a degree which I am nearly finished. I am 40 and heroin has been in my life for the majority of those years. I pay 35 a week at a pharmacy in Australia private clinics usually 50 per week and then there are free public clinics. I get 5 take aways a week which I don't sell or double dose I take my dose same time every morning. Of course there are people who abuse the system it goes without saying but what of us that have worked hard to change our lives yet still looked down upon. Don't be so narrow minded and so easy to judge. There are many of us trying to change on a daily basis!!!

  105. Addict

    Thanks for giving information on various addiction treatments for drug addiction. I got lots of information on drug addiction treatments from your site. Methadone addiction is really dangerous. I know this because before some days one of my friends is also suffering from addiction problem. But now he is fine and continuing his treatment for drug addiction from rehab center. Thanks for giving informative article on drug addiction problems.

  106. Addict

    If your addicted to something and want to stop it. There are numerous natural ways to dealing with it. Opiate withdrawal is terrible and extremely scary knowing how sick you're about to get, but the freedom and self accomplishment you get from the outcome is a bigger high then you could ever get from a substance. I drank a ton a water while taking multiple hot HOT baths to help sweat out the toxins (not to mention it was my only getaway from being FREEZING). Also take vitamins like milk thistle as they will help clean out your system as well. And most importantly, make sure you have someone you trust who you can talk to and uplift you (it's IMPORTANT). Always remind yourself life is what YOU make of it! You are strong and you can prove it!

  107. Addict

    I am 56 yrs old and have been on methadone off and on for 15 years but steady now for 10 yrs. I take it like I'm suppose to take it I take 80 mgs a day, and I'm fine I work ,I am raising my grandson,I do nod out on it when I'm watching TV or trying to read a book, but other then that I'm fine , the drug saved my life , I was addicted to heroin and anything else could swallow . my husband on the other hand does abuse methadone,He is somewhat like your dad is but my husband does work everyday day , he claims that he needs so much methadone because he works all night so when he gets ready for work he takes 140 mgs and then when he gets home the next morning at 8 o'clock , he takes another 140 mgs. He nods all day he wakes up to eat and the he nods the rest of the day until he has to get up for work. He has no life what so ever , he is extremely over weight his breathing is very bad, his doctor says that if he doesn't loose weight he will mostly have a massive heart attack that will probably kill him.Nothing matters to him but methadone.He has always over did everything in his life sex, eating drinking , drugs and now its methadone.I know that he needs his methadone but he doesn't need as much as he is taking, I know that one day I'm going to go in to wake him up and hes going to be gone, and I mean dead.

  108. Addict

    I have known many, many people that were on heroin for many years and other addictive drugs and destroyed their lives, but then got on methadone and turned their lives around to the much better! Some are still on methadone for years now and have very productive lives and have never turned back to the pain and suffering of street drugs. But if someone wants to abuse methadone by taking other drugs with it that is on them but don't blame methadone for what they did wrong. Methadone can be a life saver and if you want to slowly get off by dropping your dosage through time until you're off methadone that can be easily done too but to blame methadone for others who abuse it or abuse it by doing other drugs on it, that is not the fault of methadone! That is like saying if a person stands in a garage they are a car mechanic! Methadone gives anyone a chance to take back control of their lives, stay out of jail and trouble from street drugs. What you do with the chance methadone gives you is on you! By, Addiction Specialist Wayne

  109. Addict

    My sister used to take them she stop about 2 months ago doing well and off drugs many people in her life have overdosed on methadone i want to stop this drug on Feb. 21st I will be telling senates and delegate's about this to see if they will stop this drug if you support me please reply or comment below mine thank you.

    • Addict

      I've been on methadone for almost 7 years. I have health problems and was taking several meds over the years to help with my pain. I kept hearing you should try methadone, it's not addicting like other opiates. I was told it just makes you feel "normal" but w/o being in pain. I started at a clinic and right away I didn't like how it made me feel. I'd talk weekly with my counselor and attended weekly group meetings. When I kept telling my counselor that it made me feel weird and I was just kind of brain dead and could not sleep, just basically felt like a flipping zombie, I was told I needed a higher dose. I was told when you get to the dose that's right for you and you won't feel any of that. Well my dose is 110mg now. It has caused problems with my stomach that I didn't have before, SEVERE constipation, and yes I ate a high fiber diet, drank plenty of water and also ate stool softeners and laxatives by the handfuls and still was lucky to have a BM maybe once a week and when I did-IT TORE ME UP!! I started all this bleeding from my rectum and I cannot tell you how sore I was down there. For the last 2 years I've tried to find a doctor that will help me come of this junk. The clinic reluctantly wanted to detox me at like 2 mg a month...I wanted off of it quicker than that so i tried to taper myself. When I got down to taking none I lasted for 7 days and started suffering terrible, horrendous withdraws. The doctor I was seeing then told me "I guess you just need to go back to the clinic" and would not help in any way....The way you get treated by ANY AND ALL other health professionals after you've entered a methadone treatment program alone is enough for anyone to stay clear of it. Once they see it in your records or it shows up on the methadone database, they'll let you lay and suffer rather than give you anything because mixing methadone with just about anything, narcotic or not can be dangerous so they consider you a huge liability and won't help you.. This shit has robbed me of 7 years of my life and I WANT MY LIFE BACK...Hopefully I've found a doctor that feels the same about methadone and is going to try to help me get off this stuff....I pray to my sweet MASTER and SAVIOR JESUS CHRIST that she'll find a way to help me rid my life of this poison!!!

  110. Addict

    Horribly addictive as opposed to what? Can something be pleasantly addictive? First off it's the individual that gets addicted to the feelings the drug gives not the drug addicting people. Whether a drug is horribly addictive or not depends entirely on an individual's affinity for it. I understand that a person can become physically dependent on methadone (I am) but if we are seeking help via mmt then the done is not what got us dependent in the first place. Methadone did not kill you brother, an accident killed him, of it was a car crash we would not say that "Toyota killed my brother. If you want off then start the process of getting off but don't whine and shit talk all over someone that could benefit from mmt get turned off from it and feel even more hopeless.

  111. Addict

    I have been to many sites trying to find some advise on what to do, My mother is 64 yrs old and been on the methadone clinic for 10 yrs. She is also on xanax this is horrible because she is never awake i have not had my mom in so long. she has agreed to go to detox and the rehab but i have heard terrible things about coming off both of them at the same time i dont want that to kill her but she is so bad i have to check to make sure she is still breathing everyday. Can anybody give me some advise?

  112. Addict

    I have been on methadone for 5 yrs and have been sober. I do not abuse the program nor continue to use illegal drugs. Today I have full custody of my two children pay rent I go to clinic once a month and most of all I'm part of society. I consistently feel that I have to defend myself to the jugdemental ignorance of ppl who say I traded addictions that I'm not clean or whatever. 17 yrs of destoying myself going to prison and basically being a failure compared to enjoying myself and children is worth that daily dose to me. I know what matters today and learned I don't care what ppl say.

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