There's More Than an 'Intense Rush' Experienced When Cocaine is Abused

There's More Than an 'Intense Rush' Experienced When Cocaine is Abused

A lot of people focus on how addictive cocaine is but may not realize how destructive cocaine use can be on a person physically and mentally. When a person tries cocaine for the first time they not only experience a rush of euphoria but they usually become mentally alert and feel energized at the same time.

Sometimes people try cocaine because it decreases their appetite and they're full of energy which helps them lose weight in the beginning not realizing they can eventually become malnourished. It depends on how a person administers cocaine as to how intense these effects are. Snorting, injecting and smoking cocaine are the ways this powerful stimulant is abused but it depends on the route that's taken as to how intense the rush and effects can be.

For example the rush from snorting cocaine can last around 15 minutes to a half hour and when a person smokes cocaine the high may last for somewhere around 10 minutes or less. The effects a person experiences in the beginning are usually quite intense and pleasurable no matter how cocaine is used but when their high is wearing off, many people feel an intense need to re-administer the drug again to keep their high going.

Unfortunately cocaine is extremely addictive and when a person begins to experiment with this stimulant they can become hooked pretty fast. Most people who use cocaine in the beginning are only interested in the high and surge of energy they get when using the drug and are unaware of the serious physical problems that are beginning to take place. If a person continues to abuse cocaine whether they snort, inject or smoke crack cocaine they can become tolerant and have to increase the amount abused to experience the same effects. No two people are alike but sooner or later they become addicted to the drug and are no longer using cocaine just for the rush and physical energy they experienced in the beginning.

Physical symptoms from cocaine use are starting to be felt when a person is addicted to the drug and unable to use or when they try to stop. They're unable to function normally without cocaine because they're mentally and physically craving the drug, they're irritable and agitated, becoming very restless, they're tired and fatigued, their appetite increases, they're experiencing intense dreams that are very unpleasant, experiencing feelings of depression and just not feeling good in general. These are all symptoms of withdrawal that's associated with cocaine addiction and the levels of intensity are different but debilitating none the less.

Health problems the cocaine user was unaware of in the beginning of use have begun taking place, blood pressure problems, headaches, nausea and stomach problems, weakness and malnourishment to name a few. People who snort cocaine may have already lost their sense of smell and not even realize it. Sinus problems and nosebleeds are also part of health issues a cocaine user can begin experiencing. Some people have problems swallowing and their voice can become rough and hoarse.

The health problems listed above are bad enough but there are even more serious health issues cocaine users need to be aware of. It doesn't matter how a person uses cocaine they all risk severe cardiovascular trouble which can and has resulted in heart attacks and strokes that sometimes result in death. People just don't realize when they begin using cocaine no matter what the reason is, physical, mental and emotional problems are beginning to take place. To make matters worse, many cocaine users abuse other substances at the same time intensifying their rush not realizing they're increasing their risk of mental, emotional, and physical health problems and definitely increasing their risk of death.

Socially cocaine abuse affects the families and friends of a cocaine addict and tears apart relationships. Family and friends live everyday with the fear their loved one or friend is going to overdose or die. The emotional stress families and loved ones experience in their own daily lives when someone they love or care about is destroying themselves from the use of cocaine is devastating. Many parents and family members become depressed and because of tension, anxiety, depression and worry their health is affected too.

If the addict is a parent or the one financially responsible in the household and their cocaine addiction prevents them from working and contributing, the family is not only emotionally destroyed, they're financially destroyed.

Healthcare costs increase drastically due to drug abuse throughout the United States because people end up in the emergency room over and over again due to health issues associated with cocaine and other substance use. Cocaine related illness, overdose, heart attacks, and strokes make a huge impact on healthcare because most chronic cocaine addicts don't work or have insurance. Aids and other blood-borne viruses and illnesses associated with cocaine and other drugs of abuse causes health care to skyrocket and affect the whole nation.

The amount of money spent through the legal system associated with cocaine and other drugs of abuse is astronomical. Jails and prisons are full of cocaine dealers, cocaine addicts and other drug abusers. We are all affected in one way or another because of cocaine and any other substance use or addiction. Unfortunately when a person experiments with cocaine or any other drug of abuse for the first time, they don't realize there is much more involved with their 'intense euphoric high' than they could ever imagine.

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