Trading Your Life for One Last Ecstasy Trip

Trading Your Life for One Last Ecstasy Trip

Let's Hope This Rave Isn't YOUR Last 'Ecstasy Rave'

For some reason we're not getting the point across to teens and young adults about how serious drug abuse is, especially ecstasy (MDMA). It's just so unfortunate that young people don't realize what they're doing to themselves let alone their families when they use these drugs while partying or hanging out with their friends.

With winter over and spring and summer on its way news reports about ecstasy and other drug use is going to continue to rise and we're going to lose more adolescents, teenagers and young adults to drug overdose.

I'm not sure what it's going to take to get them to understand just how serious and dangerous using drugs like ecstasy, crystal meth and other street drugs is. I can't imagine being 15, looking forward to a weekend filled with friends and music and that being the last time I was able to open my eyes, see my family or hang out with my friends. Nor can I imagine being the parent that had to make the decision to remove their 15 year old from life support.

Sasha Rodriguez attended a music rave in Los Angeles last year and it was the last time she was able to enjoy her friends and family, according to a news report the water she was drinking was laced with ecstasy. Young people as well as parents and caregivers need to understand these drugs can shut down your vital organs. There are serious consequences when using drugs like ecstasy; hyperthermia, liver failure, kidney failure, and cardiovascular failure are serious and death is final.

MDMA is also called ecstasy and it's a man-made psychoactive drug that closely resembles methamphetamine and the hallucinogen mescaline. A Psychoactive drug contains chemicals that change the way your brain normally functions. They change your mood and the way you perceive or recognize things. The reason many young people like ecstasy is because it's a type of euphoria that's combined with lots of energy, distortion of time and perception along with increased emotional and sensual warmth.

There's always a down side but people who use drugs like ecstasy or meth ignore those facts. Using ecstasy (MDMA) over time causes depression, confusion, problems with sleep, intense anxiety and drug cravings. Ecstasy also causes blurry vision, raises your blood pressure, can cause heat stroke and cramping of the muscles. Not to mention the fact that since ecstasy is a man-made drug you don't really know what's in it or if it's even really ecstasy. Each time you use ecstasy there could be a chemical added you're unaware of until it's too late. Mix ecstasy with other street drugs or alcohol and no telling what could happen, many people have ended up in the ER comatose and later died.

Attending parties, all night raves and some concerts can be dangerous even if you don't use drugs yourself. Anyone at any time can spike your drink without your knowledge and you would never know. Many of these drugs are colorless and odorless so therefore you have no clue your beverage has been laced.

Just because a person was fortunate when they used a drug like ecstasy in the past doesn't mean it won't dangerously affect you next time. I think that's part of the reason young people don't take the dangers of drug abuse serious. Either they themselves have used a drug like ecstasy in the past and it didn't send them to the ER or they know plenty of friends that have. Eventually drugs like ecstasy, crystal meth and other street drugs are going to catch up with you though.

Emergency room visits spike during spring break, young college students attend parties and music festivals during this time and the ERs tend to fill up. How sad to think that may be the last time your family or friends see you due to drug use and overdose. These drugs are even more dangerous because so many teens and young adults mix them with alcohol or other substances; this just increases the serious effects and consequences./p

All we can do is hope that users of ecstasy will take the information seriously and think twice before they use this drug or any other substance again. Because the effects of drug use can be so unpredictable sometimes, if you do intend to use ecstasy or any other drugs again, make sure you tell your family and friends goodbye; it may be the last time they see your smile.

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