What's Your Excuse for Not Getting Substance Abuse Treatment?

What's Your Excuse for Not Getting Substance Abuse Treatment?

Treatment for Drug and Alcohol Abuse Is Needed NOW More Than Ever!

There are many reasons people who abuse drugs and alcohol don't seek Treatment for their substance abuse. Unfortunately the numbers continue to grow every day for those in need of treatment when it comes to:


  1. Alcohol abuse and dependency
  2. Prescription drug abuse
  3. Abusing illicit drugs
  4. Abusing over-the-counter medications
  5. Experimenting with recreational drugs like K2 and hallucinogens


We can pretty much count on the fact that someone, somewhere is going to come up with another substance or another way of abusing an existing drug. Sadly there are people of all ages in need of Substance Abuse Treatment and Drug Rehabilitation Programs.

Our young people continue to experiment with drugs not even knowing what they exist of. At one time Alcohol and Drug Addiction Treatment consisted of detoxification when needed and Treatment approaches helping drug and alcohol abusers learn to understand their addiction, make better choices, and work on their sobriety and recovery one day at a time.

Today the same successful treatment approach still exists. Substance Abuse Treatment is geared toward the individual and their specific needs. Today it is more complicated than it was in the 70's, 80's and 90's. Not only have the number of drugs being abused multiplied over and over but the ages of those abusing drugs and alcohol are getting younger and younger.

Drug users aren't just forming tolerance and dependency to 1 substance, sometimes there is multiple drugs the person is addicted to and withdrawing from. Many toxic and dangerous chemicals are combined in some of the substances that are being abused that health issues are also a major serious concern.

Overdose from combining multiple drugs in high doses happens all too often. Many times these 'all too often' overdoses result in death. Those that lose their lives this way are children as well as adults. This is not only devastating and sad but PREVENTABLE.

Substance Abuse Treatment and Drug Rehabilitation is necessary now more than ever before and many of those in need of treatment aren't getting it. There are many reasons drug users and alcoholics aren't asking for help and seeking drug treatment. Some of the reasons include:

  1. Denial is a huge reason a person that abuses drugs or alcohol doesn't go for help and treatment. They try to convince themselves that their use of these substances is under control and they can 'stop' anytime they're ready. No one wants to believe that they have 'lost' control, that their addiction is 'bigger' than they are, and that they aren't strong enough mentally to fix it themselves. I really do understand this way of thinking but the truth is they are dying a slow death one minute at a time.

  2. Treatment doesn't work; because someone they know wasn't successful while in drug treatment they feel it's a waste of money and time. This can't be further from the truth. I agree drug abuse treatment and rehabilitation doesn't work for everyone. As long as it's a reputable and experienced Drug Treatment Facility, you recognize that you have a problem, and you are committed to at least trying, you stand an excellent chance of recovering from your addiction to drugs or alcohol.

    For many of those who just aren't ready, it's just easier to blame the treatment program for their unsuccessful attempt at sobriety and recovery. Trust me; YOU'RE worth more than that and those in your life that love and care about you, WANT you back in their lives because they NEED you!

  3. Afraid of change; many people who abuse drugs or alcohol know they need help and are also aware that there's help available. They have abused substances for such a long time this is all they know. It's much easier to continue abusing drugs and alcohol than face the fears of 'change'.

    In reality though it's much harder to keep doing what they're doing. After years of abusing drugs or alcohol it would definitely be scary to change not only the abuse of the substance but your lifestyle, friends, and the whole way you look at life. I understand and respect that but nothing 'good' in life is 'easy'. Believe it or not, you're not alone and no one has a better understanding of what you're going through than an experienced professional therapist or counselor that's affiliated with a drug treatment facility.

  4. Affordability; not everyone can afford drug abuse treatment and rehabilitation. I also understand that not everyone can afford Residential Drug Treatment. Twelve Step Programs like Narcotics Anonymous and Alcoholics Anonymous is available everywhere. There are also many treatment programs that will work with the individual because they understand how imperative treatment is towards your health and happiness as well as your recovery.

There is help out there for those in need of substance abuse treatment and everyone deserves to be healthy, happy and whole. As mentioned above, I know there are many abusers of alcohol and drugs that just aren't ready for help. Sometimes a Substance Abuse Intervention done by a professional is all it takes to help a person recognize their dependency towards drugs or alcohol. They have successfully helped thousands of people recognize their addictions and work towards sobriety and recovery.

Don't be afraid to ask for help for yourself or someone you care about. Drug addiction and alcoholism is an illness NOT a weakness. It takes a strong individual to recognize their need for help, and even stronger individual to seek out and ask for help. The strongest of them all don't give up and work through their addiction no matter how long it takes. Your honesty, determination and hard work will not only benefit you but many times can save someone else.

I understand how hard it is sometimes when a person needs help, wants help, but not sure what steps to take towards getting the help you need. Call 1-800-559-9503 and let this toll free phone call be your first step towards sobriety and recovery. They will help you take it from there. Let 2011 be your year for recovery, there really is no excuse!

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  1. Addict

    Allowing yourself to become addicted to drugs or alcohol can be very costly. In addition to possible legal troubles, addiction to these substances can cost you your job, friends and family. If not prevented, addiction to these substances can even lead to death. Say no to illegal drugs. Many illegal drugs are so powerful that you can become addicted or even die after trying them just once. Never take an illegal drug under any circumstances.

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