You Don't Have to Abuse Drugs to be Effected by Them

You Don't Have to Abuse Drugs to be Effected by Them

Drug Users Choose Their Drug of Abuse - Innocent Children and Others Don't!!

Most people figure if they don't use or abuse illegal drugs they don't have anything to worry about as far as health effects or drug related financial issues. We all realize that taxes are higher due to the use of drugs, alcohol and other substances that are abused. Just the cleanup of seized meth labs alone costs millions of dollars a year throughout the United States.

Hospital and other health care costs associated with drug abuse for those uninsured is astronomical but in our personal lives we see no need to worry or be concerned.

Unfortunately, that's not the way it is anymore, when you least expect it you could be affected. I'm sure a couple of years ago when a couple bought their first home in California the last thing on their minds were drug related issues with their new home. Shortly after buying their beautiful home problems began to emerge. Much to the couples surprise these problems included wiring issues, mold, and leaking gas. They were never told that at one time their home was a grow house for marijuana which was believed to be responsible for the costly needed repairs.

An inspection of the house disclosed Stachybotrys mold which affected most of their home and sometime later there was an electrical fire. Twice they had to leave their new home until repairs were done, the repairs were more than $42 thousand dollars. This just goes to show you that you don't have to abuse marijuana (cannabis) to be affected by the consequences this drug use entails.

Marijuana is one of the most abused drugs throughout the United States and many users are as young as 12 years old and possibly younger. Stachybotrys chartarum is a black and green colored mold that grows in conditions that are continuously moist with excessive humidity. This type of mold is very common when growing marijuana especially indoors. This form of mold can be very dangerous to infants because their lungs are still developing. This is disturbing because it's very common for anyone running a drug operation like indoor marijuana grows or meth labs to have children around to avoid suspicion.

Muffin Man Could Do 10 Years

The above story isn't the only way people suffer effects from marijuana innocently. 19 high school faculty and staff members became ill after eating muffins that were delivered to their school. The Health Department in Dallas confirmed that the muffins were laced with marijuana and food poisoning wasn't the problem. A young man delivered muffins to Highland High School that made many people sick. It was later confirmed that the muffins contained high levels of THC which is found in marijuana plants.

It appears that the incident was meant to be a prank but this unbelievable behavior could cost those involved 10 years in prison. Several people were affected by drug related behavior because of the effects of THC.

Marijuana Effects That Could Have Been Avoided

It's one thing when our poor choices just affect us but that's not always the case. Innocent people suffer the effects and consequences associated with drug use more than you think. Accidents do happen but when it comes to drugs there's a price to pay. Two girls aged 10 and 11 were hospitalized after sharing a chocolate chip cookie they found on their kitchen counter after coming home from junior high school. Innocently they found the cookie in a bag sitting on the counter and split it. Sometime later they began to experience numbness and their skin became clammy and pale. Toxicology test confirmed the two girls were under the influence of marijuana. Even though this was accidental, these poor children still suffered very uncomfortable effects that could have been avoided due to carelessness.

It's important for those who choose to use drugs and other substances to remember others are affected by your choices. Young children are affected many times accidentally and in some cases it ends up being fatal. A few years back an 8 month old baby boy died from an apparent overdose of cocaine. The father had cut up cocaine earlier and later the baby was teething and sucking on his father's fingers. The baby ingested enough cocaine which was responsible for the overdose.

Seek professional treatment if you're dependent on alcohol or drugs; don't let this happen to your child, Death is Final!!

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